Good Flag? Bad Flag? Orca Flag?



flag's Fab but whytf a
Killer fucking

did one once swim up the Columbia
hang a right at the Twenty-Five
and spawn in Spokane?

didn't know they did that sorta thing...
Thanks, Spokane -- it's a whale of a taile


Wut on earf


hmmm. perhaps I
shouldda Read the fucker.

still it's an Awesome flag.
put it on a sailboat sail
and look out for Orcas

(they'll chomp your
boat in two) (I think)


Spokane's flag is a bit busy. Make the water a solid blue sinuous line, the sun an unadorned yellow circle. A child, or poor artist such as I, can then replicate the image satisfyingly.


Pretty sure I voted for #10 back then which was edged out by the Orca flag, but looking back now I would have preferred the moderized Chief Sealth profile on just a solid green background - very simple. Spokane's flag? Those swooshes don't make sense to me - seem like water but where's the water in Spkane? That river? Not really what I think about when Spokane comes to mind...


@4 -- I concur.

it'll Evolve and
why Not let a kid
do the next Iteration?


The Spokane one seems fine, though I don't disagree w/ @4's critique.

There were a number of really nice designs for the Seattle contest. What strikes me as odd is that, w/ over 20k votes cast, there were two(!) submissions that didn't get a single vote! Like, not even the designer! And I recall the scandal that renders a hefty number of those 20k votes bot-generated frauds, but I'm sure there were at least a couple thousand that were legitimate.


@4 I believe the wave on the Spokane flag represents both wind and water (the river). It could be tidier but I like it.


@5 and 8 Most likely it represents the Spokane Falls, which is locally significant.


@9 That makes sense. Again, I like it.


The Spokane falls are on the Spokane river which runs through the middle of town and the enormous Riverfront Park. It is the source of power for industry and home of the worlds fair. Also farms in that area are dependent on irrigation. the Spokane River seems pretty significant to Spokane.