Yes, that is a full moon over the Ebey Slough Interstate 5 bridge in Marysville, Washington.
Yes, that is a full moon over the Ebey Slough Interstate 5 bridge in Marysville, Washington. AdamDColeman/

Tonight, runners in Seattle's mayoral race (including the big names—Jessyn Farrell, M. Lorena González, Bruce Harrell) will face issues of the greatest importance to our urbanists ("transportation, equity, the environment") in a forum moderated by Publicola's Erica C. Barnett.

Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair returns in August 2021
A month-long event celebrating the resilience of Seattle's visual arts with over 40 galleries.

As for the mayor on the way out? She's blaming the BLM movement for all that went wrong during her time in power. The protesters were meaner than her. This is how Durkan's super-sappy story is told by the right-wing rag Politico: "‘It was exhaustion, it was sadness, it was fatigue’: America’s mayors call it quits". Durkan is leaving Seattle in the selfsame stream as the SPD exodus.

If your whiteness is so important to you, if you just love it to bits, then, for the maintenance of legal order in our society, you must pay an arm and a leg for it: "Newspaper carrier who was confronted by Sheriff Ed Troyer files $5 million legal claim against Pierce County."

After the UK virus, the most prevalent Covid version in the US today, we will experience the rise and certain dominance of the Delta version, which got its start in India. All of this is predictable. And what is even more predictable is this: The large number of unvaccinated people will deliver a big blow to the present recovery.

Guess where the first giant hornet of 2021 was found? In Marysville. MyNorthwest reports that a "dead, dried male hornet was observed laying in a yard in Marysville on June 4." And here, we enter the twilight zone.

This also happens to be the city where officers exhumed from a backyard a Seattle Police Department rifle lost during the BLM protests. It was buried there for over a year.

What else is in the yards of this city (population 70,000) on the edge of the Seattle metropolitan area (population 4 million)?

What to make of this new "adaptogenic mushroom coffee" that you can soon buy at the Cupcake Royale spot on Capitol Hill? For those not in the know, the key feature of this brew is that it "reduces stress." Meaning, it takes the sting (zing) out of coffee. Instead of becoming alert, you become alert and mellow. This kind of thing does sound familiar, if you are familiar with the work of the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek. Being alert and mellow is a contradictory state. You get the coffee (alertness) without being just alert. You can be calm as well. And so, the product is one that undoes itself (coffee) in the Žižekian sense. (For Žižek, Diet Coke, decaffeinated coffee, and chocolate laxatives are undone products.) But adaptogenic mushroom coffee undoes and re-does. This is something new. I will give it a try.

We need to stop calling it road rage. It's not the road that's making people crazy. It's the cars. They cost too much; they are constantly running into costly mechanical problems; they spend most of their time not moving at all, and much of their time moving slowly. Roads have got nothing to do with this craziness. Roads were all the way back in the dusty days of Rome. Cars were not. Romans did not have road rage. Read all of Cicero—nothing about Roman road rage.

But today? Cars. Today? Car rage. Seattle Times reports:

An apparent road rage incident resulted in a shooting Wednesday morning after one of the participants broke out a window and tried to get inside the other motorist’s vehicle, according to Kent police.

Kent police officers were dispatched to the 27000 block of 124th Avenue Southeast a little after 7 a.m. and, while en route, learned the shooter, a 43-year-old Auburn man, and the 33-year-old Shelton man who had been shot had both called 911 and were still at the scene...

Nobody shot and killed enough people to make the news today.

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After the fall of Trump, the best thing going for the right is hysteria about something called critical race theory. It has become the holy ghost in the trinity of 21st century white supremacy. (The father of this moment is still Trump; the son is yet to come.)

What's come back to life? An ABC interview with James Baldwin that was buried (but not, as you would expect, in a yard in Marysville) for a long 40 years. Adrienne Westenfeld of Esquire says that it is as "blisteringly relevant today as it was in 1979."
Never Aired: Profile on James Baldwin ABC’s 20/20, 1979 from A Closer Look on Vimeo.

Indeed: "Back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now..."