Seattle Sticker Patrol: Drink Pee Pee



drink pee on ice? is this what today's Youth are doing? cannot really Blame them -- Fake 'prez' used to bathe in it, so as shit flows downhill so does #1. btw they Say he's Coming Back, soon.

another Insurrection
for the Ages?
yay trumpf!

Putin Lover
pee tape maker
Individual # ONE.

in he End he'd throw
Humanity under the Bus.


Have Dr. Pee Pee as a nightcap. Collected from morning urine. Its naturally high in melatonin, straight from the pineal glands of milkbox children to a liqueur cabinet near you.


@2: Semen is also naturally high in melatonin. More palatable as well.


The insecurity of people who complain about Bros is off the fucking charts.


Real Photoshop know-how with "Drink Pee Pee" which made pollysexual want some fresh urine on the rocks in this stultifying heat.

Interesting counter-opinion to the prevailing progressive thought regarding "Bro Culture". Could there be social conservatives lurking on "Sticker Patrol"?

"Bezos=Greed" is a truthful assessment, although all these capitalists are obsessed with money to the point where it drives them bananas. Look at Bill Gates with his clunky software offerings and domineering attitude, which may have even cost him his marriage.

We may have indeed gotten "Joe Exotic for President" after that bizarre "drunken uncle" press conference where he whispered to the audience that “I got them $1.9 trillion in relief so far.” At least President Biden didn’t fall over and soil himself.

Yes, thank John the Baptist for Georgetown and her earthy delights. Also, Renton and White Center are nice, unpretentious destinations, full of beer and love.

"Inside You There Are Two Wolves" should be plastered on my employer’s door, just to make their anti-gay asses fidgety. Nice to see a spiritual explanation for the joys of gayness.