A Brief History of Jojos, Which Are from the Pacific Northwest and Not the Midwest, Okay?!

Probably Portland. But we can horn in on the glory a little.



The Shell station is just north of Beacon Ave S and 15th Ave S intersection.
Charles has written about the fried catfish also available at that Shell.


It’s pronounced “ho-ho’s,” say it like a local


@2 it is not



I've lived in the PNW my entire life and the only two things locals pronounce like that are Hostess brand chocolate cake and cream filling rolls and twin sex workers...


City Market on Bellevue used to have excellent Jo-jos. I take it that is no longer the case?


One thing for responsible journalism,
you need to warn folks hot flippin' hot
they tend to get served, or they'll get
a mouthful of lava.
Best possible affordable food flavors
but that comes out at 375F and it all
holds heat. 'Hot potato' wasn't a term
out of the blue.
Marco Polo rocks, that is the nearest
to me. But if you need to eat fast, they
servie it fast but you need 10 minutes
of patience with that amazing smell.


7 For real! I've lost my sense of taste for days after chowing down on them before they cool off enough!


Oh man! I need to get some!


Decades ago, the Chesaw Tavern had the best jojos. No more.


I'm 71 yrs old. I lived in Chicago till I was 65 when I moved to WA. I drove delivery trucks since I was 21 and I knew every hot dog stand, burger joint, taco stand, & beef/sausage joint from the Wisc border to Rte 30 (Joliet), and from the lake to Geneva IL.......and I never heard of Jojos until last month in Bremerton. Jojos are great. In IL, potato wedges are called potato wedges or steak fries & they're among the least tasty version of fried potatoes.....no seasoning & neither very crisp outside, nor fluffy inside, nor spiced on the outside. They're served by cooks who have little appreciation of really excellent fried potatoes. TheShop@2712 in Bremerton does a bang up job of Jojos.



And that's why a 3 way gets confused with Santa Claus.


They call them “mojos” in Vancouver BC


Marco Polo is fantastic. The 'jos and chicken are both fantastic.