Supreme Court: No to gay dads, yes to gay cakes.
Supreme Court: No to gay dads, yes to gay cakes. Joel Carillet / Getty Images

Supreme Court bans gay rights. The court has ruled in favor of a Catholic charity that wants to stop foster kids from going to homes with same-sex parents. The ruling’s unanimous, so happy Pride! The silver lining here, and it’s a thin one, is that it’s a fairly narrow ruling — it could have swung open the door to dismantling other protections, and instead it just cracks the door open halfway.

Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair returns in August 2021
A month-long event celebrating the resilience of Seattle's visual arts with over 40 galleries.

Portland cops resign en masse from protest duty. Fifty cops on Portland's Rapid Response Team, which responds to protests, have all left the team (they’re still employed by the department). The move comes after one cop was indicted for whacking a photojournalist on the head with a baton. They say that the resignations aren’t a response to that, but a general year-long feeling of being unsupported by leadership.

Not a great day to be Andrew Mackie’s publicist. Can anybody figure out what the hell Andrew Mackie, Marvel's bird guy/new Captain America, is trying to say here? I thiiiiiiink it’s an elaborate “no homo”??? Anyway thank you for calling homosexuality beautiful, it is, you should try putting it in a movie sometime.

WashDOT resumes its attack on Seattle next weekend. The state is hell-bent on this “Revive I-5” campaign, which will replace a whole bunch of freeway joints over the next few weeks — rather than what they should be doing, which is dynamiting the whole thing and replacing all the houses they destroyed to build the freeway. I-5 will be shut down for the entire weekend from June 25 to June 28, so don’t plan on making any trips in that neck of the woods — especially on Saturday, when the Sounders have a match.

Queer cakes are now mandatory. Jesus, are we still talking about bakers making LGBTQ+ wedding cakes? That was like fifty outrage cycles ago. Anyway, the Colorado baker who refused to make cakes for a trans woman just lost his case, after bouncing around various courts since 2017. The news, from Tuesday of this week, barely made a splash because conservatives have moved on to pretending they care about Critical Race Theory. Speaking of which…

Juneteenth is a holiday now. Biden signed the bill today. As Jasmyne noted this morning, it feels a bit baffling as a response to how conservatives are using “Critical Race Theory” as an excuse to prohibit schools from teaching about America’s racist past.

Japanese Cultural & Community Center party tonight! It’s virtual, and maybe we’re all beyond the limits of virtual-event-fatigue, but if not the JCCC’s Tomodachi Gala sounds like a charming celebration of springtime and friendship. I have no idea what that actually means because all of the information about the event is just like "HEY IT'S HAPPENING" but everyone involved seems very pleasant.

Why so stolid? A new trailer for Picard reveals that Q will return in the upcoming season (sometime in 2022). Looks fine, okay, whatever. Call me when you bring back Ardra.

There’s a queer heist podcast. You could not drag my dead body to listen to a narrative podcast, or at least that’s what I thought until I learned that Bowen Yang stars in a new Audible-exclusive show called White Hot Heist that’s queer queer queer. Okay, fine.

Alaska airlines has gay airplanes. They’ve unveiled a selection of “Pride-themed” planes that will be in the air for the next year. You can also buy a pin with a rainbow logo for $4, but instead of doing that you should just give the money to a queer person.

Check out the restoration of the Pink Elephant sign. They’re sprucing it up and preparing it to be installed as a permanent art installation. The effort’s being paid for by Amazon, which KING 5 describes as “once a small local business,” ughhhhh, blow me to Bermuda.

MLK Labor endorses Nikkita Oliver for city council. This is a big one — MLK Labor represents 100,000 workers and 100 unions, and they highlighted Oliver's commitment to racial and economic justice.

NASA wants you to name a mannequin on the moon. Well, I think we’ve just found the plot for Mannequin 3. NASA is sending a mannequin outfitted with radiation sensors to the moon, and they’d like your thoughts on what it should be named. Alas, they’ve already narrowed it to eight options, among them “Wargo,” “Ace,” and “Shackleton,” so you cannot write-in “Hollywood Montrose.”

Love Slog AM/PM?

Has anyone seen Nicolas Cage’s pig? Many years ago, I was writing an article about weird pets, and I interviewed a herpetologist at a home FILLED with reptiles. At one point he held up what I thought was a piece of driftwood and said, “and this is what’s left of Nicolas Cage’s lizard.” Anyway, that’s what I thought of when I saw this trailer for a movie in which Cage is on the hunt for his missing pig.