Hot in the city...
"Hot in the city..." iStockphoto / GETTY IMAGES

Get ready, baby; this Monday, darling; the weather is going to make this a day to remember. The Seattle Times warns that "it's going to get [really, really,] hot around here [the 206, as some rappers call it]. And by hot, we’re talking a whole week of a [sky-roasting] sun and a potentially record-breaking 90-degree day on Monday."

Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair returns in August 2021
A month-long event celebrating the resilience of Seattle's visual arts with over 40 galleries.

Not long in the world is this business of Seattle having the smallest percentage (33.7, according to Gene Balk) of air-conditioned households among major American metropolises. With local temperatures breaking records all of the time, with people still burning fossil fuels like there's no tomorrow, we will soon have enough of just getting by with fans during the summer. The AC percentage will rise to Phoenix levels.

We are not going to see Vancouver BC any time soon. When will I be with the most beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest again? Really, July 27? I do not believe you. I miss you so much.

Uber and Lyft are not playing with Seattle anymore. The cost of a ride is up "50% to 60%." Why? Not because "Fare Share requires drivers to be paid a minimum compensation, plus benefits and expenses." Always quick to blame labor. That comes naturally in the top-down kind of society we are in. But the fact is those at the top (those who essentially do nothing, and don't even own Uber's/Lyft's fixed capital, which is supplied by what Marx called the consumption-fund) refuse to claim less (meaning, a realistic share) of revenues from their apps.

Meanwhile in Marysville: "An overnight domestic violence incident with gunfire and a police chase ended after the suspect shot himself in the head late Thursday in Marysville, police said." And, yes, I am becoming obsessed with this place, which, in a way, is the twilight of Seattle. The buried police rifle. The dead male Murder Hornet. The gun in your hand that's pointed at your head.

What do five runners in Seattle's mostly uninteresting mayoral race think about the use of cameras "for automated traffic enforcement"? They promised to expand their use if elected. Seattle Times reports that "González said she would guard against disparate impacts of traffic tickets on low-income motorists and motorists of color, while Farrell, Harrell and Houston stressed the city shouldn’t rely on cameras over street-safety changes." By "street-safety changes" they mean things that do not work but never fail to look good on paper. Harrell even believes we can "'evangelize' the need for motorists to slow down."

Of course Portland, Oregon is exchanging free passes to the zoo for vaccinations. The deal is happening this weekend. Get the jab and you get to see, among other creatures great and small in the Oregon Zoo, African bullfrogs, African crested porcupines, and African painted dogs.

The ghost of Evel Knievel has become a ghost. And at such a young age (28). An attempt to set a new motorcycle jump record killed him in Moses Lake, Washington.

A controversial ban on stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is suspended on the Little Spokane River. The ban was imposed because, according to The Spokesman-Review, "SUP users have been more likely to fall in the river than those who use canoes, rowboats, kayaks and rafts." SUP lovers are fighting for the right to fall into rivers.

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Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka now says no to Wimbledon. She wants to take “some personal time with friends and family.” In the words of the local soul singer Choklate: You do you, Osaka, because nobody can do you better than you.

The GOP's vampirish war on voting continues. Senate Republicans are now giving Manchin’s compromise on the voting bill the middle finger. For this party, which is stuck with a shrinking white base, any kind of law that protects the right to vote is just like daylight on Dracula.

In case you missed the weirdest story of the week, which involves that "audit" of urban votes in Arizona by a company called Cyber Ninjas: After looking for the phantom of election fraud for months, the company loaded the votes in a truck and transported them to a cabin in Montana. There is supposed to be a "secure powerful laboratory" at this cyber cabin in the sticks. The votes will be examined forensically forever. This is how the whole GOP will do democracy in the future. Alone in a darkened room, the count.