The moratorium-extender.
The moratorium-extender. NATE GOWDY

Local candidates and orgs pull out of Capitol Hill Pride: Mayoral candidates Andrew Grant Houston, Lorena Gonzalez, Jessyn Farrell, Colleen Echohawk, and city attorney candidate Nicole Thomas-Kennedy pulled out of plans to table at Capitol Hill Pride. Malcontent News has also pulled out. Probably others will pull out as well.

Why? Basically because they're not down with the bullshit contained in a letter Capitol Hill Pride organizers Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson sent to the city. In the letter, those organizers urged the city to "investigate... as a ethics and elections violation" a June 26 event in Jimi Hendrix Park called "Take B(l)ack Pride," which aims to center Black and brown queer trans people. Why investigate? Because they claim Nikkita Oliver's “campaign manager” allegedly pulled out of a Capitol Hill Pride event after LeFevre and Lipson expressed "non-support" of Take B(l)ack Pride for planning to charge white people between $10-$50 if they wanted to attend. LeFevre and Lipson called the event "reverse discrimination in its worse form," since the event would be free for the people the event planned to center. But the person who they say pulled out of the event isn’t part of Oliver’s campaign.

Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair returns in August 2021
A month-long event celebrating the resilience of Seattle's visual arts with over 40 galleries.

In their reply, the Seattle Human Rights Commission and the NAACP told LeFevre and Lipson to "advance on this issue" without their help, and to educate themselves on the issue of human rights.

Juneteenth celebrations: They're happening all over town tomorrow. Everout has a good list.

Katrina Johnson, Jesse Hagopian, and Michael Bennett reflect on Charleena Lyles, who police killed four years ago today.

Cops arrested 10 protesters attempting to block a cargo ship owned by an Israeli shipping company: KOMO reported that 150 people showed up in solidarity with the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Union to block roadways leading to Terminal 18, where longshore workers unloaded cargo from the "ZIM San Diego." Protesters have been demonstrating at the terminal since June 2, when the ship was originally set to dock, according to the Seattle Times. Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant counted herself among yesterday's "block the boat" demonstrators but not among those arrested.

A spokesperson for the Northwest Seaport Alliance said the "vessel was worked last night by longshore and is expected to be fully unloaded this weekend." On Monday, local longshore union president Rich Austin Jr said, "Our members are eager to work the Port of Seattle's backlog of ships safely and efficiently, and we also respect the 1st Amendment rights of those peacefully and non violently assembled near the Terminal 18 gates." He added, "We are also encouraging all public agencies to conduct themselves responsibly as they engage the people in this situation."

A little more background: In the heat of an 11-day bombing campaign of Gaza, Palestinian trade unions asked for support from unions across the globe: "Boycott the Israeli occupation and its institutions, and refuse to deal in any way with them including: not buying any of their products, refusing to unload their ships and goods from sea and airports, and pressure them to stop their racist practices." The Seattle Times reports that Palestinian feminist group Falastiniyat partnered with Oakland's Arab Resource and Organizing Center to help build support for blocking the ZIM. In a statement, the Northwest Seaport Alliance said the ZIM "is part of a regular service that calls Terminal 18, carrying routine import cargo from Asia, including medical and PPE equipment and picking up export cargo from our Washington exporters."

Meanwhile, over in the levant: The Palestinian Authority called off a deal to give Israel over a million vaccine doses later if Israel would give Palestine a million doses now after the introductory shipment of Israeli vaccines "did not conform to the agreement, and... were too close to their expiry date to be administered in time," according to the New York Times. An unnamed Israeli source told the Times "the authority had been aware of their expiry date before agreeing to their delivery, and said the authority had only scrapped the deal because they had been criticized by Palestinians for agreeing to receive vaccines perceived to be of poor quality."

Durkan extends the eviction moratorium through September: Hooray! Now the state and the counties will have more time to set up newly approved tenant protection programs and to dole out rental assistance to help save from eviction many of the "estimated 86,500 people" in the Seattle metro area who fell behind on rent! Why Jenny Durkan and Governor Jay Inslee—two politicians who have nothing left to lose as far as their political careers are concerned—continue to wait until the last goddamned minute to extend the moratoria is beyond me. Housing and homelessness advocates have enough going on without having to launch campaign after campaign to beg state and local governments to protect tenants from a landlord's boot partly because those same local governments have failed quickly to hire more eviction attorneys and get money out the door.

PSA for struggling renters: If your landlord has tried to evict you for doing anything other than posing an "imminent threat to the health and safety of the community," then file a complaint here.

Dillon T is an icon: The Yakima man who won the state's second $250,000 COVID-19 vaccine lottery prize told KING 5 he didn't even know we were doing a lottery. "I’m not really on social media, so I honestly didn’t even know that this COVID lottery was going on here in Washington, but it’s a nice thing that it’s happening and drawing attention to getting vaccinated. For me, getting this prize is a big stress reliever, especially given all that’s been happening in life and the world these past few years." Love that for you, Dillon T.

We're not on the "two-yard line" of the vaccination Super Bowl, as Governor Inslee said in his statement on when the state will finally really actually totally super-reopen for real based on a vaccination percentage threshold of 70%. Gutman gives it to us straight: "...Unlike in football there is great benefit to going past the goal line and through the end zone, and running, like Forrest Gump, down the tunnel and out of the stadium. 75% vaccinated is better than 70%; 80% is better still; you get the idea."

Catch Dr. Duchin's presser for the latest COVID trends: "We are in a much better place today than at any time since the pandemic started thanks to these highly effective vaccines and thanks to everyone who’s come to be vaccinated...But it’s important to understand that COVID isn’t over. COVID-19 has been suppressed but not eliminated. More contagious variants are spreading and we need to take them seriously," he said.

Trump's coming for Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski: The former President of the United States threw his support behind some living nightmare running a primary challenge against the slightly less nightmarish Republican Senator, Roll Call reports. But why? Because Murkowski voted to confirm Deb Haaland as Interior Secretary, the first Native American to fill that roll.

Incidentally, Secretary Haaland has been hanging out in Maine's Acadia National Park touting "park improvements and investments," according to the Press Herald. One of those improvements includes "$7.6 million in Great American Outdoors Act funding to rehabilitate water systems in Acadia’s Schoodic District, which she said are beyond their useful lives." That's what's going on in Maine right now, people.

If you're a family member of Biden's aides: Then you probably have a cushy government job. The Washington Post reports on the Biden administration's once-removed nepotism: "The pattern — which continued this week with the Treasury Department's announcement that it was hiring J.J. Ricchetti, son of Biden counselor Steve Ricchetti — has drawn concerns from ethics experts, diversity advocates and others."

Turns out those teen "boot camps" that daytime talkshow host sent kids to traumatized the fuck out of those kids: Fuckin' wild story over at the BBC about those "tough love" programs parents who didn't know how to parent sent their kids to. A 21-year-old mentioned in the story said, "My parents got me kidnapped and dropped off in the middle of the mountains."

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Texas is now just keeping detained migrants in actual prisons: The state "is transferring inmates from a state prison to make room for detained migrants," reports Al Jazeera. In case you're wondering, the cruelty is, in fact, still the point.

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