Slog PM: City Council Passes Seattle Rescue Plan, COVID-19 Might Shrink Brain, "Heat Dome" Comes to the West



"$41 million for community well-being". Oh, let me guess. Housing is just $5 million more. Must be just as important.


Or wait! Could it have something to do with Votes.


Please, anyone who believes that bullshit about Amazon wanting to get rid of 6% of their employees because they under perform needs to learn some basic math and understand that churning through your entire workforce the way Amazon does IS NOT NORMAL.

Amazon has 150% turnover. 3% of their warehouse employees EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

"It’s the equivalent of having to replace the entire workforce every eight months."


@3 that’s actually pretty common in work like that. Call centers often have even higher attrition. Every company has a goal to churn out low performers whether it’s written or not. What is bad about the practice is there is rarely any truly objective criteria or guardrails so if your manager doesn’t like you there is not much you can do about it except try to change roles before they sabotage you.

The real misconception is that HR is there to protect employees from abuse. HR is f’n worthless. Their charter is to reduce risk to the company so the minute it seems like you may be a problem might as well start printing your resume.


Maybe the SRKWs are hanging out with some transient orcas learning how to eat seals and sea lions.


@3, With around 1million employees this doesn't seem unusual. You cannot make everyone happy. If people are under performing, for any number of reasons, should you be forced to employ them?


The West Seattle Blog has many sightings.


They should name the pedestrian bridge after former King County Executive Ron "Seattle is a nice place surrounded by reality" Sims.


@9, Ron Sims is one of the original architects of the Sound Transit boondoggle. Currently every Woman, Man, child and baby living in Snohomish, King and Pierce County owe the amount of around $120,000 each in Debt Taxes. And I thought student loans were outrageous. At least they were voluntary.


@10 WOW! That's 480 billion dollars! We could've built 120 Deep Bore Tunnels for that! Recall Ron Sims!


How about naming the bridge after someone with some actual connection to Seattle, like Sam Smith?


Oops my bad!!!
My bad numbers!!!
Currently we are only 100 Billion in spending, something like 50,000 per person or 200,000 in a family of four.
Don't forget Sound Transit 4!


Unlike college debt the education comes later.


Phoebe is certainly posting a lot tonight.


@12 Excellent choice.

Here is another list of people actually connected to Seattle who would be more appropriate namesakes.

Don't get me wrong John Lewis is a great American, but naming a Seattle pedestrian bridge after him seems like pandering.

Of course Pandering and Cultural Appropriation come naturally to residents of King County, considering Martin Luther King Jr. has no connection to Seattle or Washington*.

*I guess he visited here once. Hell Bernie Sanders visited Tacoma, let's rename Tacoma after Bernie!


Couldn't get past the word "intertube." Yowch.


Rufus King probably had even less of a connection to King County than MLK, and Washington had no connection to Washington, yet the state is named after him.


150% turnover is not even remotely normal.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, the average turnover rate in the U.S. is about 12% to 15% annually.

According to LinkedIn, an average annual worldwide employee turnover rate is 10.9%.


@18, the name of the state was mostly imposed from the federal level. By the late 1800s, most of the states had been named. Congress felt like it was important to name SOME state after Washington. We were one of the few unnamed territories left after Oregon split, so we got saddled with it, like it or not.


Rufus King had absolutely no connection with the Pacific Northwest. He was an early abolitionist and influential member of the Constitutional Convention. King County was not named after Rufus King.

William Rufus DeVane King was a pro-slavery politician from the State of Alabama. He served as both President Pro Tempore of the Senate and briefly as Vice President of the United States. While he had never been to the Oregon Territory, King County was named after him in 1852.

I can understand dumping William King, but I don't understand why name the county for MLK. Heck Sealth County, Duwamish County, and Puget County all make more sense.


Re Carl Nassib: I'll be interested to see how things develop with him and the NFL.

Piece of trivia: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's brother, Mike, is gay.

Mike's husband, Jack Kenny, created the TV series "The Book of Daniel."



Man, I had no idea. Roger is pretty universally hated around the league, but apparently growing up he'd "beat the crap" out of people who bullied his brother. Pretty cool (and incredibly short) little synopsis here.

Obviously didn't know that about Michael's husband either. And though I only even vaguely recall it's existence, I read the write-up on Book of Daniel on Wikipedia and it sounds pretty nuts and intriguing. I bet if it'd have been pitched today, with all the streaming platforms available to pick it up, it may have had a chance to gain a formidable audience. Kinda a bummer.

And Nassib seems great too, fuck yeah.


@21: William Rufus King, according to his Wikipedia page, was known to have a long intimate and probably homosexual affair with James Buchanan, the 15th president of the United States. A pleasant factoid for pride month as the county was named in honor our first gay vice president.


I have nothing against John Lewis, but I agree that it does seem like pandering.

Surely there's notable African-American alumnae of North Seattle College, or perhaps some trailblazer in helping break the draconian redlining of the area north of the Ship Canal that could be honored.


Steal an 18 years cat? Enjoy the vet bills, sheesh.


Thanks for the clarification about Rufus vs. William Rufus D. It was the Rufus that stood out in my memory, but I didn't know about the abolitionist Rufus.

I think it's fine to say W. R. probably had an affair with Buchanan without saying it's a "homosexual" affair.


A 150% turnover rate is not typical in any industry. Perhaps there are individual employers with similar numbers but if your workforce is turning over every 8 months it means there is something deeply wrong at your workplace. I knew amazon was terrible to its workers but that would suggest most of the people are leaving without even having another job lined up. They're just giving up.


With regard to the Seattle City Council resuce plan...How does one unclog a city toilet after flushing $128 million dollars down it?

I wish Amazon could get rid of 60% of our city council and even a modest 6% of surplus government employees. Start with City Light...its ripe for the picking.


@27: Agreed


Personally, you should all be much more worried about the observed brain effects of COVID.

Those are the 30% in denial that keep voting for fascism.

Ignore that at your peril.

Not all died. Those who survived are frequently retiring early, living off the rest of you, and they have impacted judgement and executive functions. Think of it like Man Woman Child Orca TV, but they think an Orca is Orca Island, and everything after Man is code for Serfs.


Will dear, unless one is on Social Security Disability (which is a difficult status to attain) no one who retires early is “living off the rest of us”. The earliest you can claim Social Security retirement is 62 (with a big penalty) and the youngest you can get Medicare is 65.


@23: There is lots more that's fascinating about the Goodells (in a good way). For example, Roger's and Mike's father, the late NY Senator Goodell, was what is now a vanishingly-rare person: a moderate-to-liberal Republican. He lost his reelection to conservative James Buckley, the brother of William F. Buckley. (That won't happen again in NY anytime soon. LOL.)

Another detail about Roger Goodell: in high school, Roger encouraged a fellow high school football player from a neighboring community, whose school had discontinued its football program, to come to his (public) school, to be able to keep playing football. That student is Black.