Death Season Begins at Lake Washington



...'effing AQUIFA!


I had a cold water experience once, not in Lake Washington, but another place in WA State. It hits so quickly and sucks you in -- it was good fortune, someone grabbed my arms, and literally hauled me out - I was otherwise like a dead immobilized weight - totally useless in getting myself out. It was scary, and I'm a strong swimmer -- and there were other people in the water who were fine.

As we approach this weekend heat, people, don't underestimate the cold water. Even if you see others swimming like it's nothing.


It doesn't help that SPD Harbor Patrol has been heavily defunded. They are operating at less than 50% of their usual staff, and are only able to operate two boats at the most at any given time. They now only respond to the most urgent calls.

Thanks, BLM.



5, don't right wing scumbags like to preach about taking responsibility of your own action? Nobody forces these people to go swimming in the lake.


I rarely see anyone wearing life jackets on either motorboats or paddleboards. Although I'm a strong swimmer, I always wear a life jacket while paddleboarding, even though it's hot and uncomfortable. If I fall or jump in the water, I float. As for the letter writer who said "no one forces these people to jump in the water," if you live in a hot room with no fan or air conditioning, why wouldn't you want to go to the lake to cool off? Most drownings happen to people who can swim.


I5, cars...and now Lake Washington. Everything in Seattle is a death trap for poor Charles. He should never leave his apartment.


7, no shower or bath tub? A fan is $30 and lasts many years.


Yeah @5 You listen to Meb.... he's spot on.

We don't need the harbor patrol on Lake Washington.....we'll send in social workers to dredge the lake bottom for bodies.

Yeb is correct, yet again, its so obvious you are a right wing scum bag... anybody who'd want the harbor patrol to be available to assist distressed persons on the lake is just super right wing.

How do you live with yourself?


Watch out for milfoil. Don’t swim near or around it, it will incapacitate your ability to swim. If you’re not a strong swimmer, don’t go over your knees. If you start swimming your body should warm up and be able to survive cold water. Just don’t swallow water, only breathe when your head is above water, exhale above water first then take a breath. Don’t swim far from shore where boats are creating wakes. Rivers are much more dangerous, but local lakes can be dangerous, particularly the milfoil. Don’t swim if you’re not a strong swimmer.