Tomorrow Seattle
Tomorrow Seattle narvikk/

And people are still buying cars. Still burning fossil fuels. Today. Tomorrow. The day after tomorrow. And so on. What got us here—record-breaking days of heat in Seattle—has no end in sight. And that is to be expected. Even with 500,000 dead at the time, 74 million Americans still voted for Donald Trump, the main distributor of life-destroying information. This should give you a sense of the mountain (no, mountains) of dead that will be needed for real action to be taken.

And if you think blue Seattle will be really feeling it, check out red Spokane:

For those who still take Cliff Mass seriously, go and see how bonkers his reading of the world-historical rise in regional temperatures is. Mass is on another planet. But now that his nuttiness is glaring, I want to give the biggest middle finger possible to those who, in 2016, dissed me for challenging the "scientist." But I was right. And you were as wrong as the nutritional value of a Twinkie. Admit it. Live with it. And fuck you and the can of beans you call your brain.

The future will also see I'm right about Brandi Kruse, whose middle-way dreaming is just a bunch of baloney that's been baked by the brightness of very bad thinking. And as for this idea she's pushing these days—Gov. Inslee should forgive the fines (valued at $7 million) charged to businesses that flagrantly violated the COVID-19 regulations during the worst pandemic in living memory—it can go straight to hell. These businesses only made things worse and probably killed lots of people. And there were lots of businesses that just followed the rules, and struggled to keep their doors open. In my world, which is closer to the real one, these straight-shooting businesses should be rewarded for staying alive while keeping society as safe as possible.

Some important news for all the howlers out there: Keep those paws away from the pavement during the heatwave. And, yes, I'm rapping to your dogs. I hope they can read.

Marysville can cough up a normal (even positive) news story now and then. MyNorthwest: "The Marysville School Board has voted to remove the Native American mascots at the high school and Totem Middle School, home of the Thunderbirds."

Some soul-sold conservative member of the King County Council is trying to score some satanic political points by kicking, and kicking, and kicking people who are already down. This is all this headline could ever mean: "Councilmember proposes condemning City Hall Park, citing public hazard." The story: "King County councilmember Regan Dunn proposed condemning City Hall Park on Tuesday, introducing legislation to condemn the park as a threat to public health, safety and welfare."

You know your democracy is really fucked when the generals are starting to sound more democratic than the second-largest party. Ladies and gentlemen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley on the importance of reading books and knowing a thing or two about real American history.

Seriously, what the fuck is this front page about?

As for Buffalo's mayoral race? It's rolling like this: "India Walton stuns longtime incumbent in Buffalo mayoral primary."

To those cows in LA that tried to beat fate, we are feeling you.
ABC News:
A herd of at least 34 cows ended up stampeding through a neighborhood in Los Angeles after somehow managing to escape from a slaughterhouse in the area.

The incident occurred at approximately 8:35 p.m. on Tuesday, June 22, in Pico Rivera, California, when the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department responded to calls that several cows were in the area and reportedly running down streets, cutting through neighborhood yards and trampling bushes...

Even we who eat you on the regular, we feel you. We understand and encourage your kind to keep up the fight, never lose hope. Humans will not be here forever. And one day you will mooo your own song.