Get me the fuck out of here...
"Get me the fuck out of here..." surangaw/

Orcas are done with all of this container ship congestion in the Puget Sound. The noise is just too much. They are going elsewhere to do their whale thing. When will these humans give up on global capitalism? Seriously, the warming waters, the noise, the stuff made in places with low wages. And that's what the people on the islands will hear all night while keeping their door and windows open during the heatwave. That's nothing but the sound of wage arbitrage.

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And as the temperatures rise, the dreaming city keeps on digging massive and money-burning holes for a form of transportation that has become the dinosaur of the 21st century.

Our soon-to-be-here heatwave is grabbing national headlines like Britney Spears. CNN: "All-time record triple digit heat forecast for many people that don’t have A/C." Washington Post: "Weather Service warns of ‘dangerous’ and ‘historic’ heat wave in Pacific Northwest." Buzzfeed: "The Pacific Northwest’s Upcoming Heat Wave Could Be Especially Deadly."

According to KIRO 7, "three different air conditioning companies [are] booked up until mid-August." So, scrap that idea for now. Also, air cooling machines are as hard on the environment as our cars and cows. In the age of global warming, we only know how to jump from the frying pan into the fire.

Real city people (pedestrians, cyclists, joggers) will only get Lake Washington Boulevard during the weekend this summer. That's the best SDOT could do despite, according to Urbanist, "most people [wanting] the three-mile [car-free] street seven days a week."

The number of homes in Seattle with AC was only 31 percent in 2013. Now it is 44 percent. Nevertheless, Seattle is, according to Gene Balk, "the least air-conditioned metro area" in America.

And it ain't over when it's over with the heatwave:

Coming to a future near you:

While we are still processing the social impact of the Gita robots that are appearing here and there in Seattle:

How many people shot in Seattle this month alone? 14. How many of the shot are dead? 5. How many days does June have left? 6.

Who is still dying from COVID-19 in the US? The unvaccinated, of course.

The collapsed beachside building in Miami now has 4 confirmed deaths and 159 deaths to confirm. I wonder if Marco Rubio will blame Marxism for this disaster.

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The demand for cars in the US is still huge, still growing. Indeed, all that stopped Americans from buying more and more and more of these dinosaurs in June was "supply constraints and chip shortages."

The white cop watched by the world killing George Floyd with his knee a little over a year ago, Derek Chauvin, will be sentenced today at 11:30 a.m. PST.

Today in film history:

In case you missed the iPad story of the week. It happened in the beautiful city of Cape Town and concerned a very distressed Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa's president.