hot as hell
thnx exxon
mobil & shell
kochs're in Deep too
here's lookin' atchyoo re-
publicants & 'free market' profiteerers

your Denials
bought you some time &
now your funds are quite Prime
cruisin down our hot little highway to Hell.

warm enough for ya yet?
there's More in store
oh and don't forget:



@1: projecting again


Diving off a boat in the middle of Lake Washington is fun. I push down maybe 20 feet max. Stop take a look around, the sun's rays enter the lake golden and disappear bronze into the dark abyss. The only thing keeping me from following the sun rays is the chest of air and a half a lick of sense, could I really make it back to the surface if I blew it. I can see how some guys would want to push further. There's more beer in the boat bro, what you go and do that for.


"We will certainly leave this blasted dome with a much deeper love for beings made of wood, evolution's second-greatest production. "

Is Charles claiming in an article describing the horrors of climate change that we are 'evolution's greatest production'? I am so beyond sick of the humanist lens that needlessly blows smoke up the asshole of our species. If anything we are evolution's greatest mistake: a creature that believes we are better than the planet that birthed us and wantonly destroys it.

The obsession with human greatness is nothing more than an unrestrained confirmation bias loop. Please contribute no more to it. Thanks.


I can't help myself from continuing... I am going to be cringing thinking of the overly-romantic drivel of "evolution's second-greatest production" for weeks at minimum. To continue the thought: Is an octopus or a dolphin or an orca not evolution's Second Greatest Production? The top 3 'Evolution's Greatest Productions' are determined by Mudede by virtue of his own humanity and extremely limited perception of the scope of the matter, to judge? The casual narcissism of a blogger's summer afternoon, reflecting the worst of all of us. We should be so lucky to get scorched into cinders.


4) only humans have brains?


@6 No, of course not, but certainly it read to me as the implication. If you meant to leave it a mystery what you are referring to, my mistake. I actually came back to delete the comments (guess I can't on here) because I felt like I was making too much of an assumption as to your intent with your statement. I also am of the opinion that it should be fine to leave such things ambiguous, so I do regret going in hard without there being an explicit sentiment to be responded to. I guess I should drink some water and remember the internet is not my personal ranting grounds.

p.s. I should say, I generally appreciate your work in the Stranger even when I disagree. Thanks


Consumerism is to blame. So all the young folks who are so concerned about climate change but still have all the electric gadgets and latest clothes and have your food delivered to your door, you are a big part of the problem. When you point your finger at someone, don't forget you have three other fingers pointing back at you.


@1 kristofarian for the WIN! Agreed and seconded, and perfectly summarized. Bravo! :)

@2: ....said the reigning King of Projecting, himself. What's your next exercise in futility--barfing up a lung defending your daily spewed smokescreens?


"We need trees growing wherever they grow in this city. "

Charles does this mean you are going to reconsider your support of turning over all the residential neighborhoods in Seattle to developers so they can accelerate the cutting down of trees and the building of million dollar townhomes?


@11 Sir Toby II: Good question. I'm ready to be like the Lorax and speak for the trees.
The insanely rich already have enough mega-mansions.


A crow landed on a transformer in front of our house. A loud explosion, a dead crow and the power out. City Light efficiently came out within the hour. The senior crew member (not the guy in the bucket near the wattage) said “Not the smartest of the crows”. I’m not so sure.


Gratuitously poor behavior, as observed at the lake, now seems a lifestyle choice. Makes me think also of the suspected incels and permanent 14-year-olds roaring through neighborhoods with their modified exhaust systems. There's just something particularly pathetic about an obnoxious solipsist (looking at you, America!) who gives off the vibe of consulting a checklist for how best to maximally irritate those around them. For the love of pete, at least be a spontaneous redneck or douche.


@8 -- "Consumerism is to blame."

the unrestrained Capitalists
have turned We the people
from Citizens into consumers
commodities cannon fodder or
the collaterally damaged but yeah
ALWAYS blame the Victims. it's your Right.

@9a -- thanks auntie Gee!
b -- dewey's here to distract disrupt derail and
deny and to be deftly Ignored when humanly possible.

Good luck.

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