This afternoon: About 130 Seattle City Light customers and a little over 2,000 Puget Sound Energy customers are dealing with power outages. Stay cool
This afternoon: About 123 Seattle City Light customers and a little over 2,000 Puget Sound Energy customers are dealing with power outages. If you're in Seattle, click here to find a cooling center near you.

Despite the run on air conditioners over the weekend, Seattle City Light continues to project “adequate resources to meet load increases associated with the heat wave," according to a spokesperson.

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At peak heat yesterday, City Light "had about 1,700 customer meters out of ~480,000 without power at one time." The latest map now shows only one outage impacting 123 customers along 35th Ave NE in Wedgwood.

The SCL spokesperson said the agency expects to see more small outages similar to the ones they've been having, "most" of which have involved "equipment failure in underground systems caused by the heat" rather than any sort of supply issues.

Today's "peak load" will reach "about 30% higher than a typical June day that hits around 70 degrees," the spokesperson added.

Though the supply of electricity seems fine for now, some local hospitals are taking extra precautions in order to conserve energy.

A spokesperson for UW Medicine said the university asked employees to work from home if they could do so without affecting patient care and services "due to the excessive heat and to reduce energy consumption."

A representative for Seattle Children's wouldn't say whether the hospital was doing the same thing, but she did say management stood up an “Incident Command team to monitor the situation” and to “proactively prepare for risks associated with extreme heat.”

A spokesperson at Swedish said the hospital's administrative staff "is still working mostly from home" anyway, and added that they'll rely on backup generators in the event of any failures.

Seattle City Light said they have not “directly asked customers to take extra conservation efforts, though conservation is always encouraged.”

Over the weekend KIRO 7 reported on thousands of Puget Sound Energy customers experiencing power outages in the Eastside burbs of Bellevue, Kirkland, and Issaquah, with nearly 12,000 people in Issaquah alone without electricity as record-breaking, climate-change-induced temperatures climbed to triple digits.

PSE reportedly resolved most of those issues early Monday morning. In an email, a spokesman for the company, which sells electricity around King County outside of Seattle, said they're still "working to fix" around 60 "small and localized outages" impacting around 2,000 customers.

On the map, PSE blamed “equipment failure" for some outages.

Though the weekend brought "7x the usual volume as we would on a typical June day with temperatures 30-40 degrees above normal," the spokesperson said, PSE thinks they'll have enough juice to ride out the wave “whether with our own generation or energy we’ve been able to secure."