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71.7% of adults over 16 are now fully vaccinated in King County: Meaning that the county can officially drop its mask mandate, allowing fully vaxxed individuals to raw dog the air outside and in almost every indoor setting. Now the state's mask policy—directing everyone to continue wearing masks in "high-risk crowded places" regardless of vaccination status—takes the reins, but just until tomorrow when it's expected to lift COVID restrictions, reports KING 5. Then it's time for Washingtonians to get buck wild.

Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair returns in August 2021
A month-long event celebrating the resilience of Seattle's visual arts with over 40 galleries.

But don't get TOO excited: The Delta variant threat is still very real. As is the gamma! Still keep that thang (your mask) on you at all times.

I know you're here for heat-related posts: And reader, I'm here to deliver. Just after 6 pm yesterday, the National Weather Service reported that the temperature went up to 108 degrees at Sea-Tac airport. It's an all-time record high and hotter than it's ever been in more famously-warm places like New York, D.C., and Atlanta.

But good news: We will see a lot of relief today as a marine push off the big and beautiful Pacific Ocean cools down the Puget Sound area significantly. It'll still be very hot by regular Pacific Northwestern standards—we can expect temps in the 80 to 90 degree range. But it's nothing compared to the hot mama of a three-day run we all just experienced.

Thousands in northwest and southeast Seattle experienced power outages last night: Seattle City Light managed to get power back to most affected customers within a span of a few hours, but being without A/C or fans for even a second during the still very hot evening must have been a nightmare.

This is a call to action to bully Biden into canceling student loan debt: As federal student loan payments, interest, and collections are set to resume on October 1, borrowers, advocates and members of Congress are putting their foot on Biden's throat to extend the payment pause, reports MarketWatch. Partially because student loans are a fucking scam, but also because many believe the system "isn't ready logistically for payments to resume." Where's Mr. Robot when you need him?

Top court in Mexico decriminalizes the private use of recreational weed: After a bill legalizing the tiny green plant stalled in Congress earlier this year, the nation's Supreme Court ruled 8-3 that adults can grow and consume their own cannabis, reports the BBC. Some contend that the ruling isn't enough, however, as possession and transportation have not yet been decriminalized.

Sentient thumb and GOP candidate for New York governor Andrew Giuliani received ZERO votes in a Republican gubernatorial straw poll, reports Salon. Even "Abstain" did better than the idiot son of an idiot father, clocking in at 10%.

ICYMI: I can't believe no one has put this on Slog yet. But at the BET Awards on Sunday, Lil Nas X made out with one of his backup dancers at the end of his performance of "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)." It made a lot of people big mad—fuck 'em! Happy Pride, everyone :)

Local blood banks are thirsty for your blood during this heat wave: Bloodworks Northwest says they are down to emergency levels as supply dropped 25% over the past few days after hundreds of cancellations due to the heat, reports the Seattle Times. You can make an appointment at one of their 12 air-conditioned donation centers here—but not if you're a man who has had sex with another man recently, as our blood donation system is still homophobic as fuck.

We love it when queens support other queens: Christina Aguilera came out in support of Britney Spears's efforts to end her unjust conservatorship. In a Twitter thread, Aguilera wrote, "It is unacceptable that any woman, or human, wanting to be in control of their own destiny might not be allowed to live life as they wish." The Mouseketeer bond runs deep!

A shooting at Alki Beach leaves one dead, three injured: Police say they received reports of a shooting just before midnight on Monday, reports KOMO. One man who'd been shot died at the scene, while three others were transported to the hospital. Two groups were arguing just before the shooting happened, say witnesses, but according to police, the two groups did not know each other.

If you've been wondering if smoke is causing those hazy-looking sunrises and sunsets: The Washington Department of Ecology clears up a few things. The haze isn't due to wildfire smoke, but "'secondary biogenic aerosols' that are producing particulate pollution and ozone"—mmmMMMMMMMM yummy. Air quality suffers because of these bad boys, but the Ecology Department says it should improve as temperatures cool down today.

Walmart gets into the insulin game: Starting this week, the retail behemoth will offer an "exclusive private-label version of analog insulin, ReliOn NovoLog," reports CNBC. This comes as the cost of insulin remains at an unethically high price among manufacturers and as Walmart is eyeing a slide into health care. I'm glad people are getting access to a medical necessity, but outraged at how our healthcare system fails every single one of us DAILY.

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Seattle-area home prices: Really suck.

A Chevy Suburban saved Seattle mayoral candidate Lance Randall's life: Early on Saturday morning, Randall heard "scrapping and sawing" outside his Rainier Valley home. He told KOMO that he spotted two men trying to steal a Prius's catalytic converter and stepped outside to get their license plate. The alleged thieves saw him, got back into their truck, and fired a gun twice through their sunroof, says Randall. He dove for cover behind his Chevy Suburban and heard three more gunshots before the pair drove off. After, Randall discovered the suspects had fired one into the Suburban's rear window towards where he had been crouching. Luckily, a headrest slowed the bullet down and he was able to walk away safely.

For your listening pleasure: COBRAH'S "GOOD PUSS" is the soundtrack to my Hot Girl Summer.