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Germany has gun control. A knife wielding suspect there kills 3, injures 5 (6/26). 38.0% fatality rate. Police shot the suspect and the wound didn’t kill the suspect (handguns usually don’t).

Mudede, as of June 25, reported that 14 had been shot in Seattle, month to date. 5 died. 36% fatality rate.
Keimig reports 1 of 4 shot at Alki last night died. 25% fatality rate.

Maybe The Stranger I to conform their conclusions to their own reporting and be grateful that handguns, not knives are the weapon of choice in the U.S.

Maybe it’s not the object that’s the key factor of lethality, but the fact German’s are less 1/5 as murderous to each other as Americans. Maybe we should be asking about our culture and how we value each other, not about how we regulate objects.




We survived. Here's to all the Pacific Nortwesterners who endured the past three relentlessly brutal and epically scorching days!


@3, Don't like what the information tells you, so nuke the messenger?

Or maybe you just aren't that serious about protecting life by focusing on what actually drives murder and assault in the U.S.? Maybe you like getting credit for being concerned about the issue, by focusing on a red herring, while nothing changes.


The comment @1 is further evidence that the Slog comments threads are always a great place to go if you're wondering, "What are normal, well-adjusted human beings thinking these days?"


I, too, was surprised that no mention was made on Slog yesterday of Lil Nas X gaying up the BET awards. That video is hot as fuck.


Only in America is something like "Walmart is getting in the insulin game" considered even remotely reasonable or any kind of acceptable medical care option.


@8: Nothing like the free market to fill in the gaps.


Nothing like bankruptcy court, when you've got a six figure medical debt!


We forced blacks into slavery, force fed them Christianity, and then scratch our heads and wonder why they are 95% Christian and aren't into gay stuff.



By which I assume you mean, we should look to his current/recent ruminations, then attempt to discern what the complete exact and polar opposite of whatever concept he's now contemplating might be? So if he comes on here looking for a clam chowder recipe, we can probably reasonably assume sane people are looking into recent breakthroughs in the laws of thermonuclear dynamics or something? If he posts about the potential for the interior components of the Seahawks offensive line to have a breakout season, we should be researching ancient Mayan textiles and weaving techniques or insect mating practices?

I like it.


Africans brought here to be enslaved were already Christian. Christians had to do a lot of mental gymnastics to come up with a way to justify their enslavement of other Christians.


@2: Well executed



You have absolutely no clue as to how statistical analysis works, do you?

(Helpful hint: comparing two isolated incidents and attempting to draw any sort of meaningful conclusion based on them alone, isn't it.)


1 if you were intellectually honest your "fatality rate" would take into account all of the people who could have been killed but weren't. The denominator in your "fatality rate" is only the total number of people who he managed to stab, when it should be the total at-risk population, which is much smaller for a killer with a knife (within the radius of the knifeweilder's arm-length) than one with a gun (much, much further out than the radius of his arm-length).

It should go without saying that if the knife guy had a gun he could have easily killed more than 3 people -- or at least it would go without saying if gun fanatics were intellectually honest.


I've come up with a device for you Prius owners. A microcontroller, accelerometer, small pump, canister of flammable fluid, piezo starter, servo motor, battery.
Motion is detected, give 'em a lil' singe. Just a little off the eyebrows. I guess you could go with strobe lights and an annoying horn, if that's more your style. But a lot of cars already have built-in tilt sensors. You'd be the only one on the block with a fuckin' flamethrowing Prius! Take that, Kathy from two doors down!


You're giving the Christians to much credit, Paul made it pretty clear that ones place in society was a distance second to Jesus is a coming.


There will be no student loan "relief". Pay up.


RE: student loan relief. I wonder if cancelling student loans would result in a class action lawsuit filed by people that have made significant efforts to keep up their student loan payments or those that have paid them off?


"He told KOMO that he spotted two men trying to steal a Prius's catalytic converter and stepped outside to get their license plate."

so 'he' was a license plate thief
and the catly. converter thieves
loved their vanity plate so much
they wouldda committed Murder

this Capitalism sure
has Trickled Down
to the Masses

is that a
Good thing?



Short answer: Extremely doubtful.

The Federal Tort Claims Act prevents citizens from suing the government, unless there is evidence of negligence or malfeasance on the part of a government employee or official which caused damage to the citizen in the course of them performing their work or office-related duties. I imagine that enacting legislation to provide relief to one particular group, even if it appears to be at the expense of another group (which wouldn't necessarily be the case in a situation such as this) would fall under those same protections.


@1 - I read a lot of stupid things on the internet, but this the most stupid thing in quite a while. I cannot count how many shooting deaths I responded to as a Dallas cop, but I can count the stabbing deaths on hand.

Also how many mass stabbing events with multiple deaths have occurred compared to mass shooting events? Fuck, it's as if you assume people are as stupid as you!

What's funny is I'm not even a gun control advocate, aside from supporting current gun laws and supporting more robust "red flag" laws, but I'm not a gun fetishist, all. I mean, I own guns and have friends and family that own guns, but hearing and reading these absurdist and intellectually barren observations/arguments by idiot gun fetishists is really nauseating.


@23 - AArgh, ...on one hand. Not on hand.


Britney again. I read this morning she's headed off to Maui for a few days with her boyfriend to unwind after her taxing testimony. Doesn't sound like she's in much of a financial Sing Sing, does it?

Anybody who still loses their shit when two men kiss on TV needs to seek medical help for their primitive brain.

I know poverty sucks, and these are tough times, but anyone who saws off a catalytic converter for profit (showing disdain for both personal property and the environment) must be absolutely ruthless and deserves, among other things, a big pop in the face.


College loans aren't a scam. The degrees some universities offer and the prices they charge for those degrees are the scam. Fix the price of college. Don't forgive college loans, but convert them all to zero interest loans and then apply any interest paid to date towards the principal. Just because you were stupid enough to get a degree in creative writing and to pay $30k for the honor, doesn't mean the federal government (i.e. the 56% of adults in this country who actually pay federal tax) should pay for your mistake.


@21: Just wait till a capitalist mosquito bites you.


RE: Student Loans

Restarting student loan payments at the start of the holiday buying season seems like a bad idea.

Wouldn't surprise me if Biden extended the forbearance period until next year.



Pretty solid thinking, Tempur. The college loan system has made it possible for many to attend college who wouldn't otherwise be able to because of cost - so, no - not a scam. Amd you are right thinking it should be interest-free. That, in many cases, is what kills people. A $90K loan for tuition can turn into a $150K balance in just a few years. As a progressive, I would love to see student loan debt cancelled. I think that burden that hampers so many is really messing up the economy - delays in starting a family, buying a house, savings, etc. But I've thought about people who've lived on canned beans (I know a few) to pay back in full and how they are going to react to debt forgiveness. I'm sure there will be bitterness.

You are also correct in your argument that much of the blame lies with the schools. The maximum amount one could borrow from the government was increased twice during my undergrad and graduate eras. Both times my university upped its tuition by the same exact percentage as the max increase. That's pretty telling in my book.

It is very risky to spend a fortune on a drama degree or hell, even a history degree these days. But we do need theatre and we do need historians. I, like many, chose a course of study that would hopeful earn me a living. I don't know if it was worth a hundred grand, but it wouldn't have been possible without student loans. Scholarships, it seems, are now only for people who are very poor or who have demonstrated a very superior academic performance.


@28 providing the world with literature, movies, TV shows, poetry, etc isn't stupid, but getting a $30k degree in creative writing is. I don't think anyone needs a degree to do the things you listed. In fact, there is so much access to free information that one could make the case it's easier and cheaper to become self-taught.


@15, According to, "Every day, 316 people are shot in the United States. Among those: 106 people are shot and killed; 210 survive gunshot injuries;" (34% fatality rate, some studies show it as low as 16%, but I used the highest fatality rate I could find). Knives are far less studied, but the fatality rate is on the order of 27% to 34% (

The overall issue is that the U.S. has 2x to 8x the rates of murder and assault compared to other economically developed countries depending on which country you look at, even when you take gun crimes out of both countries stats. We are more violent to each other, without guns, than other developed societies on this planet. So the whole debate over hand guns v. knives is a Straw Man. We violently attack each other more often. Unless we deal with that, gun v. knife v. _ is not relevant. We just switch modes to get the same outcomes. Everyone focused on how to regulate objects, is focusing on something that won't help, even if the regulatory goals were realized.

In @1, I focused on the narrative derived from anecdote, since that seems to be what drives points of view here. Narrative is truth. That is our modern, morally relative, postmodern, polity. I can focus on the high level data, to the extent it exists, if you prefer.


@32: Ohhhhhh and you would be wrong my lamb. It is telling just how little you know about what goes into any of those professions that you think that people could just teach themselves how to do them. You sound like one of those yokles looking at a Jackson Pollock and saying "Mah 4 year old coulda done that there"


@33: Go to bed Jr.


@33 I'll take you seriously when the Las Vegas Stabber manages to kill 60 people and wound 400 in less than a half-hour.


What I suspect is going to happen with student loans is there will be no (or at most very, very limited) outright forgiveness. A broad-based debt jubilee of the kind sought by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may well be the best social policy choice in terms of the greater good, but it would anger too many people, including strong Democrats, who've spent years paying into the system. For that reason alone I don't think it's in the cards.

But what I think Biden might try instead is to keep extending the moratorium for short periods of time (i.e, six months) over and over again, so that freedom from loan repayment gradually becomes the expected norm and even Republicans face strong political headwinds if they seek to start the payment machinery up again.


@8 xina and @10 pat L: Thank you both for beating me to it.

@9: Your epoxy has long dried out and cracked up, Elmer. See Lissa's spot on response @35 to molewacka (@33). The same applies to you.

@26 and @32 tempur-tempur: It sounds like you don't understand music and the arts very well. What a pity. Your life must one big empty void.

@34 & @35 Lissa and @36 MarciaX: Agreed, seconded, and thirded. Keep on rocking the house!
Long live the arts and music.


No other country has a 2nd amendment yet for some magical and mysterious reason, the United States has vastly more gun deaths than any other country.

You can't explain that!



I love how some people who have literally spent the past 15 months binging on content created in large part by liberal arts majors in order to stay sane and distracted in the midst of a global pandemic that brought most other forms of social activity to a screeching halt can't grasp the fundamental connection between that content they voraciously consume and the people who create of it.

Or did you just spend the past year and a half intensely devouring accounting spreadsheets, coding instructions and legal compendia?



The reason you think all that is so easy to do that anyone can is because the people who do it and do it well trained long and hard to MAKE it look easy; and in most instances that meant learning their craft in an academic setting. Chris Paul didn't pull a 97% FT average out of his ass - he practiced incessantly, for years, to make those swishes from the line look effortless. Same goes with pretty much every writer, actor, musician or other artist who's work has any degree of quality.

If it really WERE that easy, half of the dumbasses with a Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, or Reverb Nation account would be fucking millionaires. But there's a good reason the vast, overwhelming majority of self-created content on any of those sites is complete and utterly worthless crap; because, while talent may be natural (and that's a debatable point itself), technique is a learned, acquired skill.