How One Seattle Park Failed During the Heatwave



So, to be clear: anyone who wanted water could get it, regardless of income or housing status.


This is a municipal bureaucracy problem, nothing to do with capitalism. Public restrooms in commie Cuba is nothing to boast about:


It seems Parks removed a diving board from the diving raft in Greenlake, presumably to discourage its use…but kids jumped off the structure anyway, their heads dangerously close to the concrete structure that a diving board would have guided them away from. WHY?


Charles, this is just one small example of what you get with over half a Century of one Party Democratic Progressive People's Rule. Enjoying it yet?

And don't forget it was too hot to open public pools.


Nothing is happening it seems at any parks. What happened to the levy we approved for more money for parks and their ability to open more? 12th Ave Viewpoint park has not been mowed for 3 months! They stopped at the beginning of Covid then mysteriously stopped again recently. 4th of July is going to be dangerous because the grass is 2 feet tall and extremely dry. Complained to Parks but no response.


Poor people indeed have water too…you ,it’s mean something else.


Derp, “must mean something else “


Public parks are not for camping. Junkies could camp on public lands but that's not where the heroin is. I just wish the city would start the sweeps again. I don't care that it doesn't work. I just want the needles, dealers, and customers the fuck away from my home.


Must be hard to be someone like Charles who holds so dearly onto an economic theory that has zero chance of ever becoming reality.


@9 -- Precisely:
hop in the Rolls
make it an


@12 -- Capitslism's
TOTALLY failed our Homeless
and should YOU 'happen to' get Sick*
there's a damn fine chance it'll Fail you too.

but that's certainly
Nothing to get
Hung [up] About

*have YOU the
Platinium Healthcare?

well then
no Worries!


say have we tried the
Democratic* Socialism, yet?
I mean, other than Fire Depts
the Military schools roads etc?

if it benefits Everyone
it cannot be Capitalism

Remember -- if ya can not Profiteer off
the Citizenry, why have a stupid Country?

*Hell-Lo Scandinavia!
etc etc etc


Having previously lived in Seattle for 12 years (not any more tho), I occasionally (masochistically) pop into Slog only to be sickened by commenters who have invaded this progressive virtual space with their deplorably anti-human, libertarian world views. Praising Rush Limbaugh, etc. [throws up in mouth]. From what I’ve witnessed, Mudede has remained consistent in his beliefs and messaging during the last 10-plus years; meanwhile, inequality and cost of living have exploded; and simultaneously, homelessness has exploded too. And then these Rand Paul’s-asshole kissing fucks have the nerve to come in here and act like socialist ideas are the cause, and not their beloved “free” market!? As though the unprecedented wealth gap, gentrification and mass disenfranchisement all coinciding with the homelessness crisis is entirely unrelated!? Entirely the fault of the poor themselves, and nothing to do with these undeniable realities?! The degree to which having a little money and believing in the good of the free market can render even apparently intelligent people into blubbering sociopaths is stunning. Reading a Mudede essay criticizing the city for reducing essential public services during a crisis, in the year 2021, and coming to the conclusion that “the poor people didn’t deserve that water anyway,” is a level of cruelty that is honestly sickening.