A sign of the Holocaust according to some right-wing nut jobs.
A sign of the Holocaust according to some right-wing nut jobs. skaman306/Getty Images

Another record (possibly) broken: Chelan County may have just shattered Washington's all-time heat record. Yesterday, two weather stations in the cities of Peshastin and Ardenvoir clocked temperatures of 119 degrees. The previous high heat record was 118 degrees, and it was set in 1961. Meteorologists haven't confirmed the new record yet.

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Maybe Spokane had the real record-breaking heat:

A cop from the Seattle Police Department was involved in a shooting in Puyallup: How was the cop "involved?" Why was a cop from SPD in Puyallup? We don't know the answers to those questions yet because the only source on this news is the SPD itself.

A melty Mount Rainier may cause flooding. Three days of historically high temperatures caused more snow than normal to melt on Mount Rainier. As a result, the Nisqually River is gushing with water. The rising water levels and expanding river banks could flood nearby communities, especially if more of the glaciers on Rainier start to thaw.

Former Disney star charged in King County Superior Court: Kyle Massey, who you probably don't know from Disney Channel's That's So Raven and its spin-off Corey in the House, was charged with a felony count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes. The 29-year-old allegedly sent sexually explicit text messages to a Seattle-area girl when she was 13.

Washington lawmaker invokes the Holocaust to whine about vaccine mandates: Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, wore a yellow star of David while talking to supporters in a Lacey, Washington church gym. “It’s an echo from history," Walsh wrote in a Facebook post that included a video of his speech, the Seattle Times reports. "In the current context, we’re all Jews.” Walsh said an event attendee gave him the star and that most of the attendees—people "concerned about vaccine segregation vaccine passports"—were wearing them.

Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda endorses Nikkita Oliver: Oliver is running for City Council position 9, the seat Council President Lorena Gonzalez gave up when she decided to run for mayor. Oliver's main competition in the race aside from Fremont Brewing's Sara Nelson is Brianna Thomas, Gonzalez's chief of staff and a long-time council employee. Oliver can add this Mosqueda endorsement to their quiver of significant endorsements, which includes the Martin Luther King Jr. Labor Council and the Seattle Education Association.

The California town with no water: Teviston, a town in the Central Valley with a population of 700, doesn't have any access to running water after its well broke in early June.

Washington ends COVID-19 restrictions today: It's been a long year and a half, but despite Washington not meeting its 70% vax goal, we're reopening, baby! Everything should be fine, right? All businesses can return to normal operations and full capacity starting on Wednesday. Washington's mask rules will abide by the national, Centers for Disease Control recommendations. The only restriction still officially in place is that large indoor gatherings can only be at 75% capacity unless everyone is vaccinated.

Fox News fined for sexual harassment and retaliation: The New York City Commission on Human Rights found that Fox News violated laws "protecting against sexual harassment and job retaliation." The conservative news behemoth must pay $1 million in a settlement agreement.

COVID-19 keeps killing Brazilian children: Ten times more children have died from COVID-19 in Brazil than anywhere else, researchers say. Brazil has officially reported "1,122 children under the age of 10 have died from Covid-19," but the number is likely severely underreported. Due to COVID-19, Brazil's life expectancy declined by 1.3 years.

North Korea is in "a great crisis" related to the pandemic: Previously, North Korea said it had zero virus cases. But leader Kim Jong Un announced that the country is actually in crisis and blamed the situation on mismanagement from his political party.


Fauci warns of "two Americas" amid Delta variant spike. Currently, the highly transmissible Delta variant accounts for over 26% of COVID cases. Fauci said that infections will increase amongst unvaccinated people across the country.

Florida building collapse search and rescue team finds more bodies: Overnight, the crew heading up the search and rescue effort in the Champlain Towers South collapse found more bodies and "new tunnels in the rubble," according to CNN. All of the people discovered last night were dead. The crew wouldn't say how many bodies it discovered since they hadn't notified the next of kin yet.

Trans woman crowned Miss Nevada: Kataluna Enriquez, 27, won the Miss Nevada pageant on Sunday. She will now go on to compete as the first openly trans woman in the Miss America competition.

Los Angeles's new women's soccer team gets a logo: Angel City Football Club is the newest addition to the National Women's Soccer League. The team will start playing in 2022. Check out the team's new logo and color-scheme:

Spectator involved in Tour de France crash arrested: Authorities arrested the woman who held the sign that caused cyclists to collapse like dominoes. Reports earlier this week stated she had fled after the crash and police said she was "untraceable." Apparently not. She will likely face a fine of around $1,780, but that could go up if a German cyclist files a complaint since he had to withdraw from the race due to his injuries sustained during the crash.

Today, the House will vote to create a committee to investigate the insurrection: Republicans blocked legislation that would establish an independent panel to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection. Now, Democrats are trying to make a 13-member committee to "investigate the facts, circumstances and causes relating to the Jan. 6, 2021, domestic terrorist attack," the New York Times reports. The committee would consist of eight Democrats and five Republicans.

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Iraqi chef falls in soup, dies: Issa Ismail, 25, died while preparing food for a wedding party. Ismail slipped and fell into a vat of hot chicken soup. He suffered severe burns and died at the hospital five days later.

A cooler day ahead: Compared with Monday's temperatures, today's 80-degree high will feel downright chilly.

A crossword for your Wednesday: Enjoy.