Jeez. I hope I am still allowed to refuse to rent to Dr. Nelson Salim.


@2 -- looks like
tS allows 'doktor'
Nelson the Free Rent


As new regulations prevent more reliable sources of information. Tenant screening will rely on others sources like Social media interaction and internet tracing services. This will be a shit show.


@4 - I think you are right. Credit score is still a great predictor of whether a tenant will be a problem, and making it less available is going to be a disaster. It's going to be difficult to draft a "satisfactory social media presence" part of rental requirements, but someone is surely going to try.

IMO telling a landlord who is considering entering into a contract with someone that they can't get a reliable read on a score that tells you whether or not someone pays their bills is not a good idea. The undocumented immigrants that this is designed to protect likely have no real credit history in any case, so it is not going to help them anyway.


Awesome. Let’s make it harder for small landlords so they’ll sell their properties to international corporate developers, who evict at higher rates than independent landlords.


Well, Prof, I DID read the article. And I agree that using things like social media presence are not barred by this legislation. They are surely less fair and objective than an actual credit check, though. An undocumented immigrant who is just trying to make a living and is (reasonably) trying not to attract a lot of attention is not likely to even HAVE some of that other information available.

Like so many other laws that make it harder to be sure that you are renting to trustworthy people, this is going to hurt the very people it is designed to help. They keep piling on incentives not to operate affordable rentals. At some point the effort is going to pay off.

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