Slog AM: Heat Dome Death Toll Rises, the Fight to Free Britney Continues, Washington's Reopening Slogan Sucks IMO



I remember back in the early 80's there were calls to ban cars from the Pike Place Market. Good reasons not to have delightfully stood the test of time, and elderly patrons are able to be dropped off by its famous restaurants, and customers are able to get large items into cars. So, take your incessant car bigotry somewhere else Rich.

Also, the Supreme Court decision on charity donor discloser is a win for liberty! Doubtless several left leaning charities are breathing a sigh of relief as well.


Troy Kelley finally finding his true place in our government.


Why should folks who are fully vaccinated against covid 19 have to wear a mask on a bus?


@3 why not? Flu and cold cases were almost non existent this past year. There are more reasons besides covid to protect yourself and others from fellow disgusting human beings.

With the beauty of hindsight, its kind of weird how masks were never required in hospitals in the first place. Hopefully that requirement is permanent. Wouldnt mine a permanent requirement for air travel either.


3 vaccine efficacy against the delta variant is significantly lower than previous variants, though still high (at least after after both doses), but at the population level, any reduction in efficacy by definition means more breakthrough cases.

Buses are often enclosed, esp in the summer heat, with lots of people getting on and off all the time. One contagious individual on a bus could seed new clusters of cases across the region in a very short amount of time.


Ballot harvesting has nothing to do with trying to collect invalid ballots. It is where a group goes around and collects ballots to turn them in on behalf of voters. Ballot harvesting as a practice has little to no regulation or oversight. For example, there are more rules around gathering signatures for a ballot initiative than there are for gathering up ballots to submit. If you don't see how that can lead to election issues and even voter suppression than you are not being honest.

On a side note the most interesting thing about the ruling is the justices stating laws that disproportionally impact one group are not necessarily prejudiced. That will no doubt make all the equity supporters renew their fervor for packing the court.


@4 is not wrong. One side benefit of all this mask wearing and social distancing is that I have not had a cold or been sick in any way for a year and a half. I've never been healthier. I'm perfectly happy to wear a mask anywhere anyone wants me to.


Sad about BoltBus. How was their ridership doing right before covid?

This period of "reopening" is pretty chaotic while things fully re-balance. I used to get a one-way car rental to a certain small town that has one car rental place (and no bus or train service). I can't do that now since the company has turned off all one-way rentals until the fall.


Immunization Data are for the U.S.
Percent of children vaccinated by age 24 months:

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (4+ doses DTP, DT, or DTaP): 80.7%
Polio (3+ doses): 92.6%
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) (1+ doses): 90.8%
Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) (primary series + booster dose): 79.6%
Hepatitis B (Hep B) (3+ doses): 90.6%
Chickenpox (Varicella) (1+ doses): 90.2%
Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) (4+ doses): 81.0%
Combined 7-vaccine series: 68.3%

I think we should all continue to freak the fuck out about these as well because there are variants and not everyone is vaccinated.


Idiots arguing over fireworks should be required, if not by law then by a sense of common decency, to shoot each other with said fireworks. I'd have so much more respect for the guy had he laced a flaming M-80 to a bottle rocket and then settled matters. The 2nd amendment should be re-written to stipulate this be a unique circumstantial provision of our right to bear arms.


It's really pathetic how republicans have fully embraced the understanding that they can no longer win elections based on the strength of their policies and can only cling to power by suppressing turnout and propagating conspiracy theories about non-existent voter fraud with their paranoid and ever-shrinking base. But when your party's central thesis is that the government is terrible and you don't deserve nice things, there truly is nowhere else to go. It's not like you can argue in favor of, say, a public health care option if "your government is trying to kill you" is woven into your messaging.


@4 Brent Gumbo & @7 Reverse Polarity: Spot on and bravo! Agreed, seconded, and thirded. I still carry my masks (I use two) with me when in public, as a courtesy (I would hate to be unknowingly asymptomatic and pass something on to someone else whose immune system is more vulnerable than mine) as well as my own protection around others coughing, hacking, and sneezing.

We no longer have a respectable U.S. Supreme Court anymore. Democracy has been on the death bed since Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away last year. Rest in peace, RBG.


Just as it was important to wear a mask when warranted, it is important to not wear a mask if it's not warranted. It's healthy to see people's faces and smiles. Normality is a worthy pursuit.


The fascist party spent the last four years doing what they always do: Turning over all power and authority to the wealthy.

Now we have rich men buying the national guard to become their private mercenary force and the supreme court making yet another ruling that the wealthy can buy legislation in secret.



While the Koch bros(now just bro) will always have self interests in protecting their wealth they have dumped a lot of money into the prison reform movement as well is reinstating voting rights for felons. They've been pretty straightforward and enduring on this topic. Its not a cover. Also, big proponents of gay marriage in the 1970's. It took Barack Obama until the 2010's to come around on that. They've put a lot of money towards some good fights that might surprise a few people here.


@13 " It's healthy to see people's faces and smiles" No one else is responsible for your mental well-being. Respect bodily autonomy.


15, I can find no evidence of the kocks supporing gay marriage until 2012, but more importantly, the majority of their financial support went to politicians and political groups that were explicitly anti-gay.

Even if it were true that they advocated for gay marriage in the 70s -- which, btw, wasn't even on the radar of most gay rights advocacy groups until the late-90s, so this would be quite a bold stance to take at a time when the government was actively ignoring a plague that gutted the gay community, even for an avowed libertarian -- as political financiers and kingmakers, they are judged by their actions, not their personal beliefs, and their actions were actively harmful to pro-gay politics for decades. But nice to know they didn't actually hate us I guess.


@15, if I recall correctly, the Koch brothers have also been big supporters of PBS, and David Koch was a major donor to the Metropolitan Opera.

With all this noted, it's not our job as American citizens or people interested in preserving the biosphere and human civilization to have an opinion as to whether the Koch brothers are/were people worthy of our admiration. If some madman is trying to kill me, it's not my concern that he's actually a nice dad to his kids.

Interesting though that you didn't find it worthy to mention this side of the Kochs' legacy: "How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country:"


13, "Not warranted" is being asked to do a lot more heavy lifting than it can handle. This is an active pandemic and cases are starting to climb again (about 15K/day nationwide) and as more and more new breakthrough variants emerge, the probability of a novel strain that completely evades the vaccine becomes more and more likely.

We are all active participants in a global-scale observational study. We don't know where our weak spots are until enough people get sick for them to show up in the data. If it's worth the risk to you to be "back to normal" -- which I totally get, mental health is important -- then go for it, but be fully aware of the risks.

Even if you're fully vaccinated, you're not as safe as you think. If other people want to continue to wear their mask even if you don't, you should at minimum not give a fuck, but you could also be grateful that you live amongst people who continue to do their part to help keep you safe(r), particularly when it is of no consequence to you.


@13 "It's healthy to see people's faces and smiles" ... Yes, I second that notion -- OUTDOORS. In public, enclosed spaces it's healthier for everyone to keep their mask on, vaxxed or not.



the USSC's Aleady Been packed
by McMitch KkKonnell. tis Time
to Un-pack the fucker.

or just have us some
Corporate Rule
aka Fascism.


I have never understood why cars are allowed in Pike Market. It benefits very few people and is a huge detraction from the general ambiance not to mention the exhaust fumes everybody if forced to breathe in. Let the vendors and delivery drivers in. That's fine.


@13: "It's healthy to see people's faces and smiles. Normality is a worthy pursuit."

While I agree in general, your comment tells me you have never been on a 6:30 am Sound Transit bus! Trust me - most are engaged with smart phones, tablets or books. Intense stares or deep sleep, yes. Smiles not so much; in fact most people already seated go through pains to avoid eye contact with anyone boarding the bus. God forbid one share a seat.

What do you think this is - the friendly south? I would argue riding the bus without catching the flu is the worthier pursuit.


Not sure why Raindrop's being such an over the top Pollyanna today.


@28: I said "where warranted" which certainly applies to public transportation.


@27 - yes, it is strange. It’s alway fun to see the tourists or clueless people looking shocked and annoyed in their cars thinking they were jut going to roll up and park right there at the market.


@29: Not to worry. Always outnumbered, and upstaged, by Debbie Downers.


well well well if it tisn't
debbie 'dewdrop' downer
defending the indefensible
projecting again as per Always


@27: If it was a good idea it would have been implemented decades ago.


Wow… the history professor really has her panties in a bunch today, huh? Go get a shot of whisky and a Rainier chaser, might help you chill the fuck out.

Rich: Inslee can’t ban cats from a city street… dumbass.


Ahhh Professor, I’d bet you are actually super fun to hang out with in person, but on line, you are truly an asshole. :)

Happy to say I have all the vaccinations I listed and my two Pfizer shots. You know what’s so great about that, it’s done. Old news. Pandemic is over (in the US that is). Please find something else to bitch about …. Trump, Republicans and COVID are getting boring.

On a separate note, if you ban cars from pike, where else can Seattle folks SAFELY walk in front of moving cars in pure arrogance? At least I know the idiot driving in the market is only going 1mph; I’ll take that chance. …. Now pulling a Rich and walking into a normal cross walk expecting a car to magically see you and stop … Now that’s another topic.

I love being a pedestrian and biking …. But we die, cars get dents. It’s ok to look and not ASSume. Other people have lives and priorities.


@3 why should people willing to lie about their vaccination status have to wear a mask anywhere? Just a hypothetical, because of course anti-vaxers would never lie about anything.

Say WA? Washington has the best slogans!

Poor Rep. Jim Walsh got blindsided there, how was he to know there would be a problem when it worked out so well for MTG?


Oh …. Now that we can go to bars, when can we pick a time and place to have this forum show up for a few drinks? Holy shit that would be fun. No name tags, no way to identify your online personality … Just real conversations. Jesus that would be a fucking great Stranger article. Maybe take a poll at
The end and try to match avatars to humans. I bet more of you would
Like Raindrop than you expect!!!

I’m in, malt Liquor and Cocaine should be on special.



Long, long ago they did used to do SLOG happy hours. I never went because I didn't live there but the pics were always interesting.


@3 tempur-tempur: Depending on where you live, there are communities such as mine where mask-wearing is still mandatory on public transit.

@13, @30, @32, and @34: Well, for my own health's sake I'm still masking up in indoor spaces (it's still mandatory on public transit where I live) whether you or anyone else think it's warranted or not, Elmer. Professor_Hiztory and others have cited the benefits of mask wearing. I, too, haven't had a cold, bronchitis, blocked sinuses, or other respiratory illness in over a year and a half. And whatever gave you the impression that I was "normal"?

@29 Urgurtha Forka re @13: Methinks ol' Elmer's sugar monitor is flying off the scale from too many mixer bowlfuls of Cocoa Puffs and Yoohoos. He must finally be cracking up from all the gluten and high fructose corn syrup.


@40, 41


Blip (@21) explains it far better than the prof's tiresome showboating. Wearing masks totally up to individual, business owner, homeowner, and government ascertaining risk. Just don't throw shade to those not wearing them outside or in un-crowded indoor areas. We should all respect each others' evaluation of risk.


@44: Because everyone in America has a PhD in virology and epidemiology, and can therefore accurately evaluate such risks. God, it's like you get off on lowering everyone else's opinion of you DAILY.