Seattle housing still has got nothing good to say to the hoi polloi.
Seattle housing still has got nothing good to say to the hoi polloi. oksanaphoto/

As Brendan Kiley of the Seattle Times put it, BoltBus, which was closed by its parent company, Greyhound, this week, presented itself "as a more playful and stylish alternative to traditional intercity bus companies." Though certainly cheap, the real reason for its popularity was the frequency of its trips and its access to electrical receptacles and wifi. The whole business worked almost well until around 2018 when the company evidently reduced bus maintenance to a minimum. Also, the wifi rarely worked. Anyone who used the service in the two years before the lockdown could see (and sometimes even smell—I certainly did during a 2018 trip from Vancouver B.C.) the deterioration of the company's key constant capital. In fact, I stopped using the BoltBus because its fleet was looking more like what Zimbabweans might describe as chicken buses. The expense of taking the often slow, late, less frequent train already far outweighed the savings of a disintegrating BoltBus bus.

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Data gathered by Redfin shows that between January 1, 2020 and June 16, 2020, 580 Seattle area homes "sold for at least $300,000 above asking price." You heard me right. 300,000 bones plucked right out of the air of a long overheated housing market.

Washington State now has, according to the Seattle Times' Gene Balk, 110,700 more souls than in 2020. The state's population now stands at 7,767,000.

Sounds like Seattle's columnist Jon Talton is changing his tune. Not too long ago, Seattle was doing everything wrong and Bellevue was doing everything right. Today, Seattle is all of sudden a "rockstar" city that passed the pandemic with flying colors. Some people.

The heatwave's dead: 13 in King County. 7 in Pierce County. 5 in Snohomish County. And 4 in Thurston County.

Enough with the fireworks.

But nothing will stop people from participating in one of the last real rituals in the US. In Spain, there's the bull run. In the US, there are illegal fireworks. And what makes them so popular is precisely how dangerous they are. You can blow your fingers off or burn your face or clothes. Indeed, MyNorthwest learned from the Harborview Burn Center "that more than half of recent fireworks injuries are to the hands and face. But they also see injuries in the groin from people holding fireworks in their lap." So, your pants are on fire. That's as real as you can get in these disenchanting days. And you did it for America.

If you are a Dem, the report of 850,000 new (or renewed) jobs looks great. If you are a Republican, it looks like the sky is falling, or it looks like socialism or what have you. June's job report, however, beat expectations.

Some are thinking that the unemployment rate rose in June because people are being picky about how they want to make money in a post-pandemic world.

Yesterday, protesters in Winnipeg, Canada toppled a big old statue of Queen Victoria because anger "over the deaths of indigenous children at residential schools" is only growing. A smallish statue of Queen Elizabeth II was also brought down to the ground. This brings up an important question: Who haunts? The answer: Not the dead, but the living. Those who are alive now haunt those who were alive in the past.

Color me amazed that this is still under consideration: "Officials are considering demolishing the portion of the Surfside condo that is still standing."

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The dead only know how to leave the rubble in Surfside, Florida very slowly. We still have a long way to go before a good number of the lives lost on June 24 are found and returned to those who must remember them.

Here are the numbers for a person who was liberated from the car 13 years ago:

💰$120,665 in car expenses saved
👟18,980 miles walked (4mi/ day)
🌎60.2 metric tons of CO2 not emitted
🚲1,200 mi on [bike]
⛱️180sf resident parking space given back to the neighborhood for alternative uses.

We are still discovering ourselves because a good part of what we really are is still unknown to us. Take a look at a small sample of the human number two, and there you will find a completely new world of life down there, down at the buzzing level of microorganisms. Are we them or are they us?

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