Slog PM: Recall Sawant Says They Have 9,000 Signatures, Sha'Carri Richardson Won't Compete in Tokyo, Succession's Season 3 Trailer Is Here!



Succession's Shiv spitting in book at USA Track and Field for barring Runner Sha'Carri Richardson, Jan 6 Insurrection LARPers, Idiots whose unleashed dogs cause Seal pup deaths, the UnVaxxed, focusing on Chef Eduardo Jordan while ignoring Blaine Wetzel, Britney Spears incompetent Lawyers & her dad, recall Sawant signature collectors, violent and abusive ex-spouses, and anybody who doesn't like Succession

Did I miss anyone?


""No sit, no lie" ordinance goes into effect in Everett today: The controversial and cruel law gives police more power to sweep encampments as it makes it illegal to sit or lie down in a 10-block stretch in the city,"

This sounds awesome, can we have this in Ballard?


Breaking News from the New York Times

"Eric Adams Wins Democratic Primary for New York City Mayor
"Eric L. Adams, who rose from poverty to become an iconoclastic police captain and the borough president of Brooklyn, declared victory in the Democratic nomination for mayor of New York City on Tuesday, putting him on track to become the second Black mayor in the history of the nation’s largest city.""

Hopefully this is just the start and Seattle elects Lance Randall, Ann Davison, and Sara Nelson.

If that happens I might start having hope that the Democrats can hold the House and the Senate in the midterms.


Man, you could probably fill a stadium, or 10, with idiots on social media saying stuff like "pot may be legal in America, but the Olympic rules are international." Sorry puritans, the US Anti doping agency does not make up rules for the world. At Richardson's expense, it may hopefully lead to more acceptance of pot in the mainstream. Fuck off with all that olympic roll model shit.


@2: And on the other side of the State is Buffalo they elected their first socialist mayor:

Now fuck off slaver.



By beating a five term mayor.

Good Lord Man Buffalo only has 250,000 people in it. It's smaller than Lincoln, Lubbock, and Reno. Do you really think anyone cares what happens in Buffalo?




@6 Seattle's only got 724k people in it, so if Buffalo is piddly diddly, then Seattle is less than three diddly piddlies.

Buffalo's mayor represents 256k people, but one districted Seattle city council member represents less than half that, at only 103k-- so we can all just relax and stop caring about Sawant, too, right?


No one outside of nyc actually cares what happens in nyc either, but because so many national media outlets are based there, their tedious local politics are treated like a national concern.

Nyc is the most provincial megacity on earth & their mayoral elections are testament to that. Every few years we are introduced to a clown car full of idiots & one of them gets the honor of being a national punchline for a few years until they fade into obscurity, with the possible exception of rudy g, who went on to become an international punchline. 18 million people and these are the only ones you can find to run it? It’s so pathetic.


@9 NYC is vain and politically dysfunctional and aggressively myopic, absolutely, but damn man have you ever dipped into London's local news?

I mean yeah of course NYC media is insular but the idea that America's cultural capital city is further up its own butt than the rest of the world's cultural capital cities is, well, kinda provincial.


New York City has never elected any radicals or serious leftists. It never will. Shit even old David Dinkin’s was a god mainstream old school machine Democrat. NYC political caste is tightly controlled by billionaire developer interests. Nobody is getting in and rocking the boat that hard.

To see the NYC mayoral election as a national bellwether betrays a stunning abundance of ignorance. Not that the Right isn’t making miraculous propaganda hay creating a perceived backlash against the Defund movement. They are. And it was inevitable. But NYC isn’t The Sign from above.

All I know is we should listen to the people that want to give police — who literally JUST attempted a coup against a free and fair election — more of our tax dollars. That seems super wise.


@10 when the valuation of any city’s real estate starts hitting the hundreds of billions to trillions you’re rarely getting a revolutionary political class taking charge. Not without some of it getting burned down.


@10. Oh. And Blip is right in that NYC borough politics is very unique. Almost medieval or feudal… or… I don’t know the word. Very much of another time.


@13 The politics of Chicago's aldermen is unique, and very much of another age.

Paris didn't have an elected Mayor, or municipal autonomy at all, until the 1970s. Tokyo has 23 wards, 26 cities, 5 towns, and 8 villages, each with their own independent local government-- a patchwork of fifedoms comprising a nation, except for a city. London is governed by the Lord Mayor and the Court of Common Council. Does any of this sound modern to you?

NYC's political structure is very unique. The political structure of every large city that's been around for more than a century or so is "very unique." All you have to do to see the absurdity of NYC exceptionalism is to turn around and ask: "OK, then what do you think is the standard or 'normal' form of government for a large, historic city?"

Big-city politics, worldwide, is weird. and broadly speaking, it's weird precisely because it's entrenched-- NYC's got nothing on its peers there, either.


@14 which is why you can't generalize a political trend from just looking at municipal races in NYC or Chicago. (Paris and London are not very relevant in a thread about US politics). That was his point. But pedantic gotta pedantic I guess.


@15 I'd like to think it's OK to divert a conversation out of the debate-club etiquette of direct responses to main points found in topic sentences, and instead get struck by throwaway hyperbole like "the most provincial megacity on earth" and see where the thought takes you, but killjoys gonna kill joy I guess.


The banning of Sha'Carri Richardson is not a national travesty, its an international one. Fuck the gold medal. Just a dynamic, explosive, fun athlete that got banned for smoking pot.