You: A smart, sexy, endlessly amusing oddball looking for a creative way to make some moolah AND get low-key famous at the same time.

Annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Halloween party returns to Seattle Center October 29 –31!
A weekend of art, performance, readings, & more! Festival ends at Seattle's sexiest Halloween party.

Us: A smart, sexy, endlessly amusing media company with FOUR great film fests that are perfect for your short movies about sex, scary stuff, cannabis, or fantastical true stories!

That's right, The Stranger and YOU are a match made in heaven, because you can totally film a short flick about whatever you're interested in, and it might be just right for one (or more) of our fantastic film fests! For example....

ARE YOU INTO SEX? Then you should absolutely submit your short, five-minute dirty movie to the world's most adorable porn festival, HUMP! (Get allll the juicy details here!)

ARE YOU INTO SCARES/BLOOD/GORE? Then your horrifyingly fun, scary, tiny movie will be a creep-tastic choice for our mini-horror fest, SLAY! (Look in here for the details... if you dare!)

ARE YOU INTO CANNABIS AND/OR GETTING STONED OUT OF YOUR GOURD? You are our people. And you should definitely make a trippy, weed-inspired short film for our cannabis film festival, SPLIFF! (Take a long big rip of the details here!)

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ARE YOU INTO EXPOSING THE TRUTH OR TELLING YOUR REAL LIFE STORY TO THE WORLD? We love it, Lois Lane! Your mini, fact-based documentary will be an amazing fit with our newest short doc fest, SCOOP! (Dig deep into all the details here!)

What are you waiting for? Anyone can make a movie, we have a genre for every taste and interest, everyone who's accepted into the fests gets a cut of the profits ($$$), and you need an outlet for your sexy, scary, stoney, truth-telling vision! In short, WE'RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!

So start dreaming up your mini-magnum opus for HUMP!, SPLIFF, SLAY, and/or SCOOP today!

2021 Earshot Jazz Festival – In-Person and Livestream options through Nov 6
Presenting artists that convey the social and creative complexities of our times