Jess Stein
"I Don't Want to Deal With This Right Now"
Big mood.
Big mood. JK
The ways in which this Starheadboy sticker encapsulates my very being right's uncanny.

Pacific Northwest Ballet presents: Romeo et Juliette at McCaw Hall
Romeo et Juliette returns to PNB to sweep you off your feet – just in time for Valentine’s Day!
"This Is Not New York"
Facts. JK
Spotted in Georgetown, these stickers made their way over here from the other Washington.

"Sculpture Crystallized in Amber"
Pardon the flash.
Pardon the flash. JK
Thanks Micro Protests. Pretty sure this says "Punch a Nazi in the Dick" but not 100% on that.

"Go Vegan"
Nice. JK
Did Moby make this?

"Bernie, Bro"
Spotted: On the Pony patio.
Spotted: On the Pony patio. JK
Bernie definitely would have won if he had pulled out this trick.

"The Cost Is High..."
Um. JK
Somehow that makes me feel worse.

"Let's Drink Dad's Beer"
Im game!
I'm game! JK
My dad doesn't really drink beer, but whenever my grandpa visits us from Kansas City, he always gets a six-pack of Fat Tire. So we can drink those.

"Cute Axolotl"
So delicate!
So delicate! JK
Thanks Cora Lee! Axolotls always make me think of former Stranger managing editor Leilani Polk's feature on the cute little creatures.

"Everyday Is A Great Day for Abolition"
Even a cloudy day like today!
Even a cloudy day like today! JK
A good reminder.

"Life Is Good, Take It Slow"
Weve done a 180 from first sticker to last sticker.
We've done a 180 from first sticker to last sticker. JK
I listened to this sticker and ate some perfectly sweet and cold strawberries as a reminder of how good I have it. Thank you, turtle.

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at