Slog AM: Third Vaccine Dose Coming to a Future Near You, Heatwave Fucked Shit Up for Shellfish, Amazon's War On Workers Intensifies



"Amazon instructs managers not to tell office employees that they are on a formal performance-management plan that puts their job in jeopardy unless the employee explicitly asks..."

Amazon previously called these 'Performance Improvement Plans', and it was the Amazon way of trying to get you to quit and/or gather any reasons to fire you. If you got PIP'ed by your manager at Amazon you knew trouble was coming at you.


Your "parable" retelling of the plane incident doesn't seem to agree with what actually happened, with regard to the "pilot regain[ing] his senses"...


Lol a giant spelling error in the headline. The Stranger does not even attempt to make it appear they are trying anymore.


No Charles, the world values all hues of raceness.


Right, Chuck. Because communist countries did so much to help the environment.


While a booster shot is becoming widely anticipated it should be warned that a third dose should not be sought until clearly instructed. The vaccines are only approved to be used in specific ways that have been tested and reviewed, any attempts to violate those terms will bring regulatory repercussions.


@5 despite the Soviet’s anemic attempts at being a developed world industrial power and casual disregard for the natural world, the west — America in particular — polluted orders of magnitude more than all the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War. First and foremost just out of sheer productive momentum of capitalist GDP.

And American industry has fought tooth and nail against every meager regulatory attempt (fights to this day to undo the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts) and have over the last fifty years spent more lobbying against pollution regulations than most former communist nations entire yearly GDP combined.

China only being a relatively recent exception most do to its own momentum becoming capitalist behemoth itself. But China is also doing more, faster, to prepare for a post hydrocarbon economy. Even as it builds coal plants.

We now know that oil companies like Exxon have reams of documented scientific studies and internal communication betraying their knowledge and acceptance of anthropcene climate change driven by carbon pollution going back nearly fifty years. They knew and hid their research while simultaneously spending hundreds of millions on anti-climate crisis propaganda and lobbying. For profit.

So my whataboutism little buddy, pollution and the climate crisis is most certainly driven by the Shakespearean flaw of capitalism. Your stupid derails and idiot distractions cannot deflect reality.


Looking forward to Charles' reaction piece to Cliff Mass' "It wasn't ACC" piece on the Heat Dome.

"...human-caused global warming played a very small role in the extreme heat event that we just experienced here in the Pacific Northwest."


It's not the politics and economics that need to change to protect the planet, it's the human condition. Doesn't really make a difference whether it's for capitalist profit or for communist power.


@3, I believe the current thinking is that being persnickety about spelling and grammar is just another form of Western cultural imperialism that needs to be overthrown. Goodness knows, The Stranger has done its best to weed out any remaining spelling and grammar nitpickers.

Having said that, I am looking forward to Mr. Mudede's take on a black girl from Louisiana winning the National Spelling Bee, ending the many consecutive years of Indian-American kids winning the competition.

@5, you're right. It's the laziest, easiest thing in the world to blame our devastation of the environment on capitalism. Is capitalism as we practice it today a contributing factor? Of course. But anyone who cares deeply about these things and cares to think about these things knows it runs so much deeper.

Of course, the broader takeaway from the reasonable rebuttals @3 and @5 is that we the commenters provide perverse incentives ourselves for the Slog writers. The more we gripe about their sloppiness and bias, the more we demand more sloppiness and bias.


Max Solomon @8, actually I'm curious to hear your take on the Cliff Mass blog post which we knew as this heat wave was bearing down upon us was inevitably coming.



Most companies have PIPs by one name or another and no one ever survives being placed on one. they are all designed to create a paper trail to justify firing a person without risking a lawsuit.

No matter who your employer, if you get PIPed, you've got 4-6 weeks to find another job.

Since the Times article about double secret probation PIPs at Amazon is not about their $15.00/hour employees but about their $150,000+/year employees I feel little sympathy.

If a company that pays extravagant wages (to HQ Employees) wants to set an incredibly high bar for those employees to keep their job, so be it.

While I make a comfortable living it's nowhere near Amazon levels, but then I don't have near the stress an Amazon coder has either.


Boeing's leaving Bellevue? Sounds like Bellevue is dying.


@11: not sure why you're interested, but my take is that Mass is admitting ACC contributed, but is quibbling about the degree to which it contributed: 1 or 2 degrees.

I guess that's progress for him.


CDC states no one needs booster shots right now if they are fully vaccinated. What pisses me off is there are numerous conversations happening about if Pfizer and Moderna made their vaccines "too good" (meaning they won't be able to make money on giving the population booster shots every year). Fuck them. How about we stop viewing serious medical problems as endless sources of revenue and END SHIT. One and done. Seriously. I don't want a fucking COVID booster shot every year. I want every person in this country to get vaccinated and for it to be done with thank you very much.


@15: Ideally, the COVID booster would be incorporated into the annual flu shot.


I don't mind getting annual Covid booster shots - after all I've had flu shots over the last 30 years!


@16 or scheduled at the same time. It depends on the formulation and methods used.


Regarding Toyota having changed its position. That's great, but they are not the only ones.

The problem, if a journalist were savvy enough to research it, is cash now, instead, flows through PACs instead of directly to the objectors, and not just Toyota:

For instance:
Google breaks its pledge
Corporate PACS, 6 months later
Corporations that pledged, then broke their promises

These are all articles by Judd Legum, who's a great writer.


Yeah, socialist and communist countries don’t drive cars or have factories or burn coal. Sure, Chuckles.


@12: Just think of the brain drain and talent that Amazon is letting slip away because of their toxic backstabbing internal nastiness.

@18 - formulation - the word I was looking for


I don't get a flu shot and I have never gotten the flu. Why do I not get a flu shot? Because it's a GUESS. And having to get one every year based on a GUESS is fucking bullshit. They are (and have been long before COVID) working on a universal flu shot - a one and done shot. If and when that comes to fruition, I'll get a flu shot. COVID vaccines were created to stop a specific, extremely contagious, deadly virus that has killed over 4 million people (who knows what the actual numbers are since so many places have under reported the deaths on purpose, so let's say instead it's closer to 10 million people).

Yes people die of the flu every year. People who have received the flu shot die, too, because the flu shot does not in any way at all guarantee you won't get the flu or die from the flu. It is a huge money maker. I have a serious neuromuscular disease and am told to get the flu each year. NOPE. Again, never had the flu shot, haven't had the flu since I was a child.

I once sat on a patient/provider advisory board for my primary care provider organization. They fully admitted doctors are financially compensated for every shot they get into someone's arm. That makes for a patient vs. doctor hostility. People who refuse to do as told are labeled noncompliant. I am noncompliant with bullshit. Know what else I was noncompliant about? Shooting myself up with Copaxone on a daily basis when I was threatened by the Seattle neurologist who told me I had MS (I don't) and that I would get much much sicker, very fast, if I refused (I did not). Copaxone cost approximately $12,000 a year at the time and was not covered by any insurance, so fuck the people who think making a buck is more important than anything else.

I trust science. Period. I do NOT trust anyone using science to profit off of people indefinitely, keeping them sick and helping them, ultimately, die.


If you are still banking with WF in any way, do yourself a favor and just stahp. They're shit-tier.
What else. Woo woo, Friday?


@12: "No matter who your employer, if you get PIPed, you've got 4-6 weeks to find another job."

Nope. Know of a couple of people at my BigLawFirm that were on similar programs due to behavior/attitude. Both were very valuable in terms of skill set and hard to replace paralegals. The firm bent over backwards to help both. Being a law firm, maybe more concerned with liability?


if bezoz’s any indication tomorrow’s Workers are gonna be machines and he’s just getting us ready for it. what will the Moralizers Do when there’s no more mindless ‘work’ for the peonage, ruffians and the drugs and alcohol-fueled to do? shall we have them pick up brooms? Pay them and let ‘em find something they Enjoy?

some’ll say
oh you’ll just make ‘em Lazy
perhaps they’re projecting
what do the scion of our
Billionaires do to keep
from becoming lazy
soft and/or krazy?

Did I read somewhere recently that Bellevue was gonna Die? No one couldda seen that coming…. kemper freeman’s not gonna bolt too is he?


@5, 20,

At least people like are finally admitting that humans are causing climate change.

I guess that's something?


I would like to challenge Charles Mudede to another debate on global warming. He calls folks names but has no idea whatsoever of what he is talking about. So Charles, let's debate this issue, including the latest heatwave. Looking forward to it....cliff mass


thee HOTTEST June EVER Recorded!!

Big Oil moving on to Plastics
with microplastics inside us
after decades of Denials
and now the lawsuits
just like Big Tobacco

it's just

warm enough for ya?


@28: Yes, we know. You hate capitalism.



'tis the UN-Bridled
Free Marketeering
for ONE* that I despise.

your absolutely UN-
Critical adoration of all
things Capital I also despise



30 For good reason people hate capitalism dearie. Its burning up our environment for example.
Its killing the poor and working class. Its a demented economy based on class and exploitation and ruthless greed demanding constant growth of using up the resources which are finite.

There are no real communist and socialist nation states. There are nation states that have some socialist practices. To have real socialism or real communism the means of production has to be controlled by the working class (i.e.ordinary people). Other than some areas on the planet such as in Spain and Mexico we don't have it. Nation states would cease to exist.

Marx was a believer in human liberation and that was what he worked for first. Anarchist syndicalist philosophy practices worker liberation e.g. the IWW which incorporated people of all colors and included women. They helped bring worker's rights into play such as reducing work hours and eliminating child labor here. Many were murdered by company thugs.

Now we have Amazon and its allies destroying union efforts and killing workers and our environment. They will probably fail because there is fight back. Join the fight back.


A UBI would help people now to not be in poverty and take care of basic needs. All the talents that people have could be discovered and bloom. To be able to rest more and read more is so much better for us.

There is no reason with so much wealth that we can't do it.


thank you Ivy.
you're a Blessing

sure hope ol' dewey
osmosissies some or
All of your Comment.

sure save
us some


@9 rainy is exactly right. We have been fucking up the environment since the first caveman figured out how to light fire and started cutting trees down to feed it.

Capitalists and communists alike use resources and generate pollution. So long as there are way way too many of us, even the best environmental laws won't prevent serious damage. We can do our best to do things in a less damaging way, but the sorry fact is that the panet just can't deal with 8 billion of us.


you mean
9 B. cannot live
Sustainfully? not with
Profiteers running the Show.

we cild switch to Solar *OVERNIGHT

*seemingly esp. when compared to Big Fossil's reactions to (Koch's! [et al's]) Katastrophic Klimate Apocolypse cum Meltdown. not to worry -- they've
paid Attention to the Mine Shaft Gap -- and now WE get to
PAY for Them cum be Sacrificed for them.

I'm not Happy about this.