Sad to hear about The Lumberyard. I have friends who have been seriously affected as a result of this fire - shows there have been cancelled, the boxing gym next door where some of my Westies workout has been closed, and the new FAAAABULOUS Bizzarro down the street had a close call - so, I hope they catch the limp-dicked perp and throw the book at him (cuz you KNOW it was a cis-het HIM), preferably after dousing it in jet fuel and lighting it on fire with a smoldering copy of Obergefell v. Hodges...


Also, re: the PPM wedding photo party. This is a typically passive-aggressive Seattle move: when at The Market, amble down the center of the the street sooooooo slooooooowly that an arthritic nonagenarian with a walker could out-pace you, because fuck the privileged touristas - regardless of whether or not they're locals - they shouldn't be encouraged to think they can find free parking down there in the first place; at least not before about 7:00 p.m.


"Hate crime" arsonist had access to the basement, raises questions.

"Though I do not normally concern myself with the affairs of heterosexuals"
what a line


Why would a cis-het HIM go down to the basement to commit arson for a hate crime by jiggering the wiring? Faulty wiring in the basement was the initial cause, they probably weren't completely wrong about that. They may have determined that it wasn't installed that way and would have ignited prior to the power outage had it been. We'll have to see what comes out in the wash.


As I said earlier: Can you say arson? I knew you could!


It wouldn't surprise me if it is arson, but it would surprise me if it is a hate crime. It is very similar to the Lake City fire. My guess is they are unrelated, and have everything to do with money. Fairly low rent place that has good potential if you can cancel all the leases, and build something else. Either that, or we have another crazy serial arsonist on our hands (like the one that hit up Greenwood). No matter what, it sucks. I hope they catch the asshole that did this. If only the cops were doing their job, instead of running off attending insurrections. (Sorry, I know that isn't fair, and I know there are good cops that hate all the stupid/asshole cops, but y'all have to ... um, what's the word ... police your own a little bit better).


I don’t think any of the climate models adequately understood how much extreme warming would feel. A standard deviation in temperature may not seem like much, but when its 100+ for a week, it feels like the world is ending, and that may not be scientific but that doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. Very unnerving. ,


Looks like an insurance job probably done by an LGBTQer owner. Why not sweeten the deal with a little GoFundMe hate crime scam.


Take out their own business early in the summer when business is booming? That makes sense only to you.
North Beacon Hill/ Rainier valley had a string of fires last year that (among other things) destroyed townhouses, and a produce stand. It seems arson is a pastime for the bored and schizophrenic.


Couple months back an arsonist was going around that area, some dude's food truck got torched and his family lost their livelihood; not that anyone cared about them, because not gay, I guess?


There’s NO WAY the Lumberyard fire could be arson. Everyone knows that ^ALL^ fires and accidents within a week of July 4th are the result of fireworks.


"it feels like the world is ending"

this unique Planet
can shake us off like
water off a duck's arse &
Never regret it for a moment

kinda Sad we had to
lay it all to Waste
for Ourselves

at least the Kochs'll
make it out Alive in
their $uper subter-
ranean well-ap-

koff koff


It's Koch now, singular


In my experience, arsons such as this one are usually bored arsonists not interested in hate crimes, someone who had a beef with owners/employees of the business or the owners themselves for insurance scam. I'll say it's number 2, just for the sake of staking out a position on the matter. It's possible it's a hate crime, but I realllly doubt it.

Now, if this had happened here in white supremacist/nationalist N. Idaho, on the other hand, I would say hate crime for sure...and by a very wide margin over any other possibility.


I'm sorry to read about what happened to the Lumberyard. I hope the perp gets caught and true justice is served.

115 to 120 + degrees Fahrenheit in California and Nevada this weekend?? Jesus wept.
We're supposed (according to meteorologists) to have another La Nina fall & winter again for 2021-2022 (translation: more likely to be colder and wetter).

@15 kristofarian: I'm ready to fire off ALL RepubliKKKans into outer space, provided they never return to what's left of the Earth. Good riddance! sez Griz.


@16 -- fuck off. just like the trumpf crime fambly*
they're a fucking [Coaligarch] Dynasty

*did I mention the Sacklers?
and the Waltons who WE
Subsidize by paying their
Employees' costs and
then there's the

@auntine Gee
sadly too many are
ill- mis- and mal-



Fuck you. As a cis-white male who often went to the Lumberyard over the course of the last year, the owners are wonderful people. As are the workers. Why the fuck are you even reading The Stranger?


Also, not surprised that Sawant is playing petty politics again. That's all she's done since she came into power.


@21: Of course they're wonderful people. And such possibilities will be ruled out in the investigation, we hope.


An arson electrical fire? It could be something so simple as someone innocently putting something flammable on a piece of equipment (say, a stove), that was off because of the outage, and when the power was restored it started smoldering.

Or it could be someone doing the same thing for a sinister purpose.


@19 kristofarian: Yep. Those that are ill-, mis-, and mal- 'informed' are Trumpwashed, and have been conditioned into rabid stupidity marching in lockstep. And not even Washington Governor Jay Inslee's statewide lottery, A Shot of a Lifetime, offering prizes up to $1 million to those who have gotten vaccinated and are in the state's CDC database will change the MAGA-addled minds of stubborn anti-vaxxers.
Like an aptly put cartoon says, posted on Facebook:
A concerned woman: "You can't fix stupid."
A COVID-19 viral germ:. "I can fix stupid."


yeah auntie Gee
is the disease the cure?

perhaps if we Paid them
they Do fancy having their
Pocketbooks jingled or we
just let Attrition have its way

their 'FREEDOM' to Inflict's
NOT in the Constitution
but OUR Lives's
Safety IS.

if they gotta Die
to own the Libs
well . . .

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