Here's What Seattle's Mayoral Candidates Want to Do for Local Artists



OK, that's nice. But what do they want to do about crime?


@1, pretend it’s all because of inequity or something, continue to ignore the massive drug problems on the streets, continue to allow many parks and public streets to act as open air psych wards. All while having the gall to imply that anyone that wants the city to be as rid of that stuff as possible is totes mean.



Maybe you don't remember or are too young to have experienced the Reagan presidency of the 1980's when conservatives essentially gutted the mental health safety net in this country. What you see on the streets today is a direct result of that legacy of privatization and de-institutionalization and leaving it up to the "invisible hand of the free market" to tackle a problem the free market is not only completely disinterested in solving, but in fact makes a great deal of money perpetuating - or did you think the billions made by the Sacklers was because they were Nth level altruists just trying to alleviate the pain and suffering of millions of your fellow citizens?


@3 I’m certainly old enough to have experienced Reagan and it’s getting ridiculous to continue to reach forty years in the past and use that as an excuse. That was a loooong time ago


Yes, Reagan was a long time ago. But the point remains that there is now little or no place for the mentally ill to go or to get treatment, partly (largely?) due to conservatives' refusal to go along with public funding for anything except the military and drug enforcement. THAT is a direct legacy of the Reagan years. And I do continue to blame him and his merry band of family-values Nazis for some of our problems.



And yet white, ultra-right-wing, neo-confederate, racist douchebags are still trying to re-fight a war they lost 156 years ago...