A bi woman wants to try threeways with her boyfriend. He enthusiastically agrees. But it's been a while since she's been with a woman, and wants to have a trial run with just her unicorn. Now, he's getting a little nervous...

A woman with a 12-year-old son has been toying with the idea of starting an Only Fans account. The problem? Her son might see some of her content. How can she have this very difficult parental conversation?

In one of our favorite interviews of all time, Dan brings on linguist and literature professor John McWhorter, author of Nine Nasty Words: English in the Gutter: Then, Now, and Forever. They gab about the origins of the word "fuck" and "faggot," how the nature of profanity has changed over the years, and why some words are both sexy and unutterable.

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And, a man planning a hook-up hears that they can go to the other guy's home, but only if the dog watches. Is this innocent and ok or so, so far from innocent and ok?

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