Cruz Into My DMs



@1 the best available science indicates the vaccines aren't 100% effective, and wearing a mask is a protection multiplier. Your sardonic conflation is as dumb as it is ignorant.

@2 is correct.


Love it. The drawings and technique and intrigue is brilliant. Great art.


It's terrific!


She must be new to Seattle. Most people would just flaked on socializing.


Pretty sure I recognize some Slog posters in the background of that last panel.


@3 - The best available science indicates that the vaccines are 100 percent effective at preventing serious illness/hospitalization/death, and are extremely effective (94%+ for Pfizer/Moderna) in preventing contraction of the virus at all. I'm not going to ridicule anyone for wearing a mask after being vaccinated, but that doesn't change the fact that wearing one when vaccinated is mighty silly and not accomplishing much.


@8 - Agreed. Very valid points confirmed by the CDC. However, masking up when not feeling well is extremely easy and considered a social norm now, which is great! I had not been sick in 2 years and caught that annoying head cold a few weeks ago, it actually felt good wearing my mask and avoiding contact while I was getting over it.

And for those wondering, my cold came from my children who still wear masks. They are human snot factories; no amount of masking is going to stop colds running through them. Thank goodness they were more resistant to COVID.