In Pig, Nicolas Cage Wanders Portland Searching for His Lost Hog. It’s Glorious.



This looks amazing. And totally out of the blue. And 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. I don't have much control over my time, but I'm going to make the time to go see this in the theater.


Seems like the premise is great, but probably an endurance test of in-your-face close ups of his grizzled face.


Cage's track record with his choice of roles has been pretty dismal over the past few years, but I was hearing good things about this one while shooting was still going on down in Portland in late 2019. So, it's good to see he's finally connected with a director who seems to know how to use his eccentricities to good effect.


Saw it. Loved it. Not exactly your thing if you're exclusively into fun, uplifting, escapist fare.

The moral of the story? Pigs are awesome. People suck. Or at least people in the restaurant industry.

OK, my two favorite exchanges between Wolff and Cage… These are both in the same conversation. I'm not giving the full context to appreciate these lines. You'd have to see the movie.

"I guess you could always go to Seattle." "Fuck Seattle."

"Can I ask you what we're doing?" "I'm getting my pig back."

Yes, there is a John Wick element.