"Light headed from all the lead in the air"? More like lightheaded from being a Sawant gasseous windbag promoter.


Because nothing says "this is TOTALLY just a lil' ole' citizen lead, grassroots recall campaign" quite like paying several thousand dollars for a flying banner...


Funny how Seattle of centuries from now looks the same as Seattle of today.

Cause ~8 feet of sea level rise by 2100 (worst projections) isn't gonna inundate the Space Needle, which sits comfortably more than 100' above sea level.

But silly me, I always forget how TRUST THE SCIENCE Seattle is...


(though, come to think of it, I guess it doesn't look the same, since Queen Anne has disappeared)


Yeah cheesy COMTE - and they don't have Sawant's solid morals in using her own public office inappropriately - from the Seattle Ethics and Elections Comission "$2000 [inappropriately] spent by Sawant’s office to advertise meetings on January 25 and February 9 to organize a “ballot initiative”

But that doesn't matter right? Try getting upset by a real abuse of power rather than your own bizarre mental rants.


Why are trans rights activists protesting a spa that services trans people?


Also, they dont pull banners with jets matt, they use Cessnas, which are basically gliders and sound like a muffled small lawnmower to anyone on the ground. Imagine something a little closer to a flying prius.


@6: The fact that that doesn't make sense should have tipped you off that they aren't and that you should have looked up any information about the situation before commenting


I believe climate change is real and man made and even I'm mildly surprised that matt didn't try to blame the demolition mishap on climate change or cars somehow. Let me try to help: maybe if we abolished roads the building couldn't have fallen on the road? Idk


@3: Unfortunately, I don't live in the top of the Space Needle.


Matt has some serious outrage this morning. He should smoke a bowl before aggregating news items in the a.m. Might chill him out.


Wasn't the spa protest thing mainly about the counterprotesters? Your description makes it sounds like they shot at one of the TERF protestors.


@6: As counter protesters against anti-trans protesters. Missing details:



Sure, jump right to the ad hominems, because you haven't got anything better to dispute my point have you?


Wow, the trolly-troll is certainly triggered today, isn't he?
Perhaps his meds need to adjusted


Matt - Does it get tiring being so perfect all of the time?


LOL. Matt Baume doesn't know the difference between a jet and piston driven aircraft engine. See that propeller, Matt? A pretty sure sign it's not a jet.


Matt, next time you are in District 3, look up. You'll see a non-stop parade of large, multi-engine jets. It turns out District 3 is directly in the flight path for two major airports!


Wouldn't "servicing" trans people involve happy endings? I'm guessing the spa (at least officially) "served" them.


I was curious what the carbon footprint of single-engine prop plane is:

We can estimate C02 from an assumed fuel consumption for the Cessna 172 of 8.6 US gallons per hour, producing 2.3kg CO2 per litre, equating to 75kg CO2 per hour.,to%2075kg%20CO2%20per%20hour.


@17 Excellent job sharing your pearls of aerospace wisdom. I'll make a note of it--all propeller planes are piston driven. Never mind all of those turboprops out there...

(Yes, I know that most likely a single engine plane towing a banner is going to be a piston-engine plane. But if you're going to go all absolutist, you should take care to be actually, you know, right.)


probably going to be a piston-engine plane


Eight lanes on the waterfront? Really? Eek and oh shit! Because Elliott Avenue W works so well for pedestrians?

Sooo....they haven't really torn down the viaduct. They've merely lowered it to ground level?



Don't forget they've also disconnected it from Hwy 99/Aurora, so basically it'll be eight lanes that only go from Pioneer Square to the north end of Belltown...


They should build a pedestrian overpass directly accessible from walking down from the Pike Place Market.


"... a car-choked megaboulevard to replace it [the Senic Rout]'. 9 lanes at its widest near the ferry terminal." and forever a Monument* to our utter & insidious Gluttony for the Big Fawking Fossil teat.

my oh My, how truly Happy our Oilgarchs
and The Koch* must be. how's the Wall St?

you were

*all your’n


COMTE - do you know what "ad hominem" mean? My post had the fact that Sawant used her office and funds to do unethical things. How is that ad hominem? Get a dicitionary and look up corrupt populist = Sawant.


@24 Bear in mind that the "EIGHT LANES!!!!" count includes transit-only lanes and parking, plus turn-only lanes for the ferry terminal.




I know what "ad hominem" means:

"ad ho·mi·nem
/ˌad ˈhämənəm/
(of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining."

And this:

"Try getting upset by a real abuse of power rather than your own bizarre mental rants."



I'd laugh at the absurdity of Matt's faux outrage over things except for the fact so many people still read this tripe and take it as fact. Here is the truth about the waterfront from the actual project website:

The new surface street will span a total of 17 blocks from Pioneer Square to Belltown, with two lanes of traffic in either direction for the majority of the street.

The southern section will include dedicated lanes for transit in and out of downtown, as well as lanes for ferry queuing onto Colman Dock. Intersections and sidewalks have been carefully designed to support pedestrian accessibility. The new park promenade and two-way bike path will run along the west side of Alaskan Way.

So let's see. The majority of the street is 4 lanes. There are dedicated lanes for transit and protected bike lanes. The street is wider at the southern end to account for the ferry queue. It checks every urbanist wet dream fantasy but that's still not good enough for Matt.

I'd also add describing the shit heads in LA as LGBQT supporters is also pure bullshit. They were black bloc assholes who were going around destroying things and attacking media and other protestors. The only reason they care about that spa is its just another excuse to attack the police and continue their game of propaganda by strategically editing videos of the police response. The Stranger platforming that nonsense is weak but I guess it gets the clicks to keep the benjamin's rolling in.


So you ignored everything about her abuse of power and got all butthurt about me calling your statements "bizarre mental rants"? You really are brain washed aren't you? You doubted the veracity of the recall campaign because they spent some money on a plane with a flyer? But conveniently over look her own corruption. Nice mental gymnastics.


Thank you @34.



You used ad hominem attacks, denied you did, said you knew what "ad hominem" meant, were shown that in fact you DIDN'T know what it meant, and even after being corrected you continue to use ad hominem attacks in your "defense". Need we say more?


Well, it's comforting that not all of those eight lanes are going to be roaring, freeway-speed traffic (which you know all stretches of road become unless there are frequent traffic lights), but still, four lanes of traffic can be a real shit sandwich for people on foot who want to cross the street. You either have to walk a half-mile in either direction to get to an intersection or take your life into your own hands by trusting traffic at mid-block crosswalk with a flashing yellow light - the source of a lot of hit-and-runs here in Los Angeles. And what's up with that? There's one or two of those daily here. When I lived here in the 70s, not stopping at a crosswalk was a huge offense that carried a large fine. Now, no one gets a ticket for that (maybe there aren't enough traffic cops to go around?).

I used to think that the majority of hit-and-run offenders were either drunk or perhaps undocumented people - both of whom wanted to avoid police scrutiny, but maybe it's an ambient lack of compassion and respect for life. I don't know the remedy for that. You know, unless there are other incriminating aspects, you don't get in trouble by stopping to help or calling for help. The second you drive off, you're a felon.

Anyway, they seem to be proliferating, and that's why we need - really need - to make our streets more pedestrian-friendly. And if you are going to the trouble and expense of planning and building a new road, especially an inner-city road, why not make it pleasant for people on foot?


Thanks. I was going to post something along those lines but didn’t have the time.


@38 it literally says in the project description I posted they have designed intersections to support pedestrian accessibility. I don't honestly know what more you can ask for unless you're Matt who will soon be arguing to put a lid of this after we are done with I-5.

@39 No problem. It used to be The Stranger had an alternative viewpoint on something that was interesting and worth considering but now more and more it seems they are just interested in printing bullshit propaganda full of half truths to promote their preferred narratives and I guess appeal to their progressive donors. It's sad.


Matt just so you know jets engines and turboprops use A-1 which is basically kerosene. Piston engine planes use AvGas which is high-octane leaded gasoline.
A1 burns at a higher temperature than AvGas so probably puts out fewer particulants. Which puts out more CO2 I don’t know.
NASA uses RP-1 which is basically kerosene in the first stage of rockets like the Atlas and even the Saturn V.

The real question for the recall campaign is why they chose an ineffective advertising medium, mostly used by strip joints to advertise over sportsball arenas.


Seattle should take a page from the book of Paris and plant trees along the waterfront like the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Imagine a vast green space on the waterfront to keep citizens and visitors cool in the summertime rather than this concrete jungle we have built to replace a previous concrete contraption.

Folks in West Seattle would have to use canoes to get to work, just like our Native American forbears, but this is the Pacific Northwest and the land of adventure after all, so this is no great sacrifice.

One relevant concrete structure would be an elevated sea wall such as they have in Denmark to keep the frigid sea waters in their appropriate place.

This should have been addressed when the sea wall on the waterfront was rebuilt.

This hullabaloo over the recall Sawant movement is pure fiddle-faddle emanating from the right. Is it not typical of these hairy, hoary, Trump-Troglodytes to toodle around in an airplane using prehistoric advertising technology to proclaim their hatred for progressivism.

We need more progressives in Seattle city government like Sawant. Hopefully González can produce some real social progress in the socialist tradition like a corporate wealth tax and housing for the homeless. Also, we need some sort of moratorium on roadway expansion before we all expire from permanent cement poisoning.

Hands-off Sawant and we should get more leftists in city government who can coordinate socially conscientious policy with the mostly progressive City Council.

It would be nice to expand the monorail system so we have a user-friendly rail option in the downtown core. This was considered some years back and should be brought to the table once again, even more so in these challenging days of climate change.


Next week, Matt's going to hand-wring and hyperbolize about the air pollution from aerosols after he sees some "Recall Sawant" graffiti.


Anyway, it's hilarious how Matt's entire argument -- and phony "lightheadedness" -- rests on his failing to understand how airplanes work. Matt apparently thinks the Recall Sawant banner was being flown around Capitol Hill by a 747.

FWIW a Cessna uses about 6 gallons of gas an hour.


Al Gore said I'd have beach front by now!


Ad hominen:



A turboprop is not a jet, idiot.


if Matt
had a Jetpack
how Far could he fly?


@48 bout tree fiddy


"I'm light
headed from
all the lead in the air"

lead's not Light
it's fawking Heavy

have your tried Tinfoil?


Wake up sheeple Sawant ran off a bunch of personal flyers on the office photocopier without asking and then fully compensated her employer for it, how can you not see the grave threat to democracy here.

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