Seattle Commentator Wants Dems to Learn How to Talk to Anti-Vax Trump Supporters



It’s insane that this is even a discussion. It’d be one thing if the goobers refusing to get vaccinated only impacted themselves and similarly dumb cohorts, but the more the virus circulates the greater the chance of mutation, etc.

Sorry, these people are simply stupid.


Kind of funny how the people who are so convinced of their significant intelligence compared to their opposite political tribe are totally incapable of thinking of any method to persuade those who think differently than them other than calling them dumb.



If the stupid fits wear it, motherfucker.


I am vaccinated (I presume you must have known that due to your superior intelligence), and as I understood getting people vaccinated was the goal, but perhaps for reasons I am incapable of understanding, persuading people to take this vaccine must a backseat to the more important task of calling people with different opinions stupid.


@4. Sometimes the difference of opinion makes you stupid because it kills you and those you love.


@4 I don't hear any suggestions from you. Just condescending and judgmental statements.


Fine them. Just like with seatbelts. You can't talk people out of stupidity. But you can make it harder for their stupidity to affect everyone else.


Well, I think quoting the translated musings of Augustine on death was at least an interesting and creative suggestion. For my own part, I might attempt to persuade a Trump supporter with the fact that Trump himself took the vaccine, and has consistently recommended that others do so. That seems like a good start, and would involve real communication, although it would leave less time to inform them how much smarter you believe yourself to be than them. But maybe it would be more persuasive to call them names, and tell them they're stupid and dumb for not sharing your Correct Opinions?


@8. Trump supporters respond to abuse and bullying, that's why they love Trump.


That's why the Vaccine Lotto is brilliant. It successfully leverages the high overlap in the Venn diagrams for "people who can't accurately assess the relative risks of getting vaccinated versus contracting Covid" and "people who can't accurately judge their statistical likelihood of winning the lottery."


As usual Charles missed Brandi's point entirely because he once again has his partisan blinders on. Brandi is not defending nor suggesting you try to reason with loonies on the far right. No her point is Inslee assuming everyone that is not vaccinated is some Trump crony is pointless and counterproductive not to mention entirely incorrect. Charles buys into that logic. I guess he also accepts that the black and hispanic communities in King County who have the lowest vaccinations rates (64%) must be full of Trump supporters, the farm workers over in Yakima (50% vaccinated) all are driving around with their MAGA hats or the progressives down in Tacoma (50% vaccinated as well) are secretly in league with Ted Cruz. Maybe if we had a real leader for a governor instead of some hokey used car dealer then we could actually engage people and get them vaccinated instead of using it to further politicize.


Why should we listen to someone who actively supported police who were in DC as part of an armed insurrection against our Democracy?

You do know who Brandi is with, right? I don't mean her media employer, I'm referring to her personal relations.

The only thing that works with anti-vaxxers is DO NOT LET THEM INTO YOUR EVENTS until they are fully vaccinated. Make them wait in very long lines for the very few spots you don't have actual customers in. P.S.: They undertip.


"... sounds like there’s a fight
inside fox management over whether
to kill off their audience, or not…" @theRickWilson

boy hard to make That call...
have they straw-poled trumpf
yet? seems like he oughtta get
a small Cut of their Life Insurance


@4 -- well that's a
fucking Bingo.


@10 -- what if they happen
to find out Vaxlotto's Over?


@9 -- touche


@7 -- It is not like seat belts. It is like drunk driving. Someone who drives drunk is way more likely to kill themselves than anyone else. But they are still more likely to kill someone else than someone sober.

But hey, it is just a choice. Go ahead and drive drunk. You'll excuse me if I call you stupid and an asshole when you do that. I'll be wearing seat belts, and driving as carefully as I can. Of course if you happen to kill my kids (who can't get vaccinated) or my uncle (who is immunosuppressed) don't be surprised if I kick your ass and piss on your grave.

But yeah, fining them would be a good start. Maybe we should give the cowards a free lollipop when they get a shot as well.


or we wait till
the Vax's Approved
and then herd them up

they can have their own Island!
Mercer or Bainbridge or whatever's
handy . . . Whidbey's real nice. plus Jets


Plus one of my former neighbors moved to Whidbey to live the simple life, so I'm sure he'd make them cupcakes @17.


At this point there are basically 2 groups of people who have not been vaccinated: people who want to get a vaccine, but have a hard time doing it due to disability, work schedule, language barriers or other extenuating circumstances; and anti-vax morons who have convinced themselves that they shouldn't get vaccinated because of some whack conspiracy theory.

The first group can be reached and vaccinated with a bit more effort.

There is little Inslee or Biden can do about the second group. There is no logic in the anti-vaxer belief, so you can't make any kind of logical appeal to them. They believe the science is a hoax. They are getting their info from right wing nutter preachers, politicians, OAN, and Facebook crackpots. They are unreachable through any kind of sensible approach. You can't reason with them.

There have been a few talking heads in the last day or two saying that we need to be nicer to the anti-vaxers and try to understand their feelings. I say that's bullshit. Trumpers have been sucking at the test of Trump bullying for 4 years, and they love it. They don't respond to niceness from the left. They scorn niceness from the left as a weakness. They would rather die just to own the libs. How do you reason with that?

No amount of niceness or reasonableness from Inslee or Biden can break through the wall of crazy that is Faux News, and the right wing conspiracy loons that tell them that they'll grow a third eye or that Bill Gates will inject a microchip in your arm if you get vaccinated.


@2 (and others of your ilk): The big problem with arguments like yours is that prominent right-wingers themselves -- you know, the ones who should be experts at persuading vaccine-resistant members of their own political tribe to get their shots, are instead actively trying to dissuade them! If they were leading by example then I'd totally grant that they might be worth listening to on this point. But no, they are deliberately spreading falsehoods and confusion in an orchestrated effort to prolong the pandemic, having decided that the political damage they think it will cause Democrats is worth the deaths of thousands of Republican voters. Why on earth should any sane progressive take advice from them?


The philosophical deconstruction of semantics around memory and what the actual process relating to recollection of a past event amounts to is pretty freaking interesting and fun to think about, though I think Sartre simplified this whole stupid shitshow a lot more succinctly.

Hell is other people.


@8 I'll call you pile of dog shit, how's that?

The litany of lies, fallacies, false equivalencies, bad faith and mind numbing stupidity in your discourse in this thread doesn't deserve civility (faux or otherwise). It deserves nothing but direct contempt. Just like the Death Cult you are making apologies for.

Trump took the vaccine deliberately in secret with no video of it.

And no. He doesn't "consistently" tell people to get the vaccine. He mentioned the vaccine in a few MSM interviews when he could self servingly take credit for it, but then pretty much ignores it. And in fact still implies COVID19 is a hoax and allows all his proxies to spread anti-vax propaganda with no refutation.

This is no surprise since Trump flirted with anti-vax positions in 2012. An anti-vax president and young earth creationist vice-president sure were great choices to have leading a nation during a pandemic that required adherence to modern medical science.

If Trump was interested in getting his followers vaccinated he would set up vaccination sites at his rallies, but he doesn't. If Trump was interested in getting his cult vaccinated he would record PSA's. But he doesn't. So go fuck yourself with that bullshit.

The governor of this state literally offered a chance at winning a million dollars for people to get a free fucking vaccine. All through this pandemic his state's health official have spent tens of millions on outreach efforts specifically in eastern Washington. And you know what GOP politicians in the Red counties have done? Organized boycott and protests.

One would think that saving other people's lives would be honor enough. But we're actually giving cash incentives and still the Rightwing can't see their way to save the lives of their own family members.

These are the sociopathic Death Cultists you are carrying water for.


Jay Inslee has done a masterful job guiding this state through the pandemic. That is a fact. Washington State is in the god damned text books now in terms of public health during a pandemic and is widely touted and recognized by epidemiologists all over the world as a success and model.

So when anyone criticizes Insee on the pandemic and vaccination efforts we can immediately dismiss them as lying partisan fuckstick.


@2, @4, and @8: You are aware that Trumpty Dumpty's idea of a cure for COVID -19 was hydroxychloroquine, if not Clorox bleach. And Trumpty Dumpty, in a typically vain attempt to impress his dumbest of MAGA fans, got free treatment in a private wing at Walter Reed Military Hospital (good luck, veterans, on getting the same high quality treatment at Walter Reed after serving the U.S!), then called the pandemic a hoax, upon landing back on the White House lawn to the cheers of his most woefully ignorant of MAGA tools.
Trumpists and their sympathizers like you are in dire need of an anti-Trump vaccine, preferably administered right in the butt. If nothing else, it might finally wake you up.

@23 Professor HIztory: +1 Agreed and seconded.


@* and every other dog shit Trump apologist here

"A bizarre (pro Trump) fringe group that calls itself “America’s Frontline Doctors” filed a motion in federal court on Monday against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the parent agency of the FDA, to seek an injunction that would halt all vaccinations for covid-19 in the country."

Want to take three guesses on which end of the political spectrum the partisan hacks who are funding these lunatics, on which websites and social media accounts promote these lunatics?
It's not BLM or the Democrats or the Socialist Workers Party. It rhymes with Shmipublican Schmarty.

The MAGA cult and the GOP literally want to end vaccinations.

Yes. But I guess the governor of a US State with globally recognized pandemic recovery and vaccination successes is the problem, right? (Or. No I guess it's also black people).


In my experience attempting to have this exact conversation with some members of my own family, it's an exercise in pointless futility. They refuse to listen to reason, they don't care about the facts, they're convinced COVID is either a complete hoax or that they are somehow immune to infection. "I haven't caught it yet, so I'm probably not going to catch it now," is a common refrain I've heard from a few of them. And all this despite the fact other family members have contracted COVID and one has died (they insist to this day he never had COVID, that it was just "pneumonia", and went to far as to try - unsuccessfully - to browbeat the attending physicians into changing the cause of death on the certificate.)

So, I've simply washed my hands of it. They know how I feel, I know how they feel, and I've told them flat-out if they're going t take their chances to not expect any sympathy from me when - and the way the Delta and Epsilon variants are spreading, it's very likely a matter of when - they do contract it.



So far as I'm aware, almost all of the FAUX NEWS talking heads, as well as most GOP members exhorting people to "exercise their freedumbs" by not getting vaccinated - have already been vaccinated. If that by itself is not enough to give their credulous, slack-jawed followers pause, why do you think anyone else telling them otherwise would?


If they walk like a Trump and quack their hamberder-holes like a Trump, then it doesn't make any substantial difference whether they voted for or otherwise support Trump - they're a Trumpazoid in spirit, if not in actual fact.

As for Hispanics/Latinos, recent polls indicate they're the one demographic most eager to get vaccinated ( but there may be all sorts of reasons why they haven't been able to do so, not the least of which being the inability to take time off from their jobs to go get vaccinated combined with not being able to take time off if they suffer from a severe reaction to the vaccine.


@27 wrong. not getting vaxxed is not the same as being a Trumper. Stop with that shit. It's not helpful at all. You admit there are legitimate reasons for the low vax rate in the latino population so how is calling them Trumpers helping solve that? It's not. It just makes you and Charles feel morally superior so check your privilege and advocate for solving the problem instead of buying into Inslee's partisan bullshit.

Pierce County has a population of 877K, that is bigger than the bottom 16 counties combined. If you were just to get Pierce up to 75% vaxxed (they are currently at 50%) you would move the overall state vax rate 3 pts. That would do far more benefit than worrying about some Trump voters sitting on a farm out in Okanogan (total pop 42K). You're smarter than this, stop buying into the bullshit and focus on fixing the real problem here.


99% of the deaths are from the UNvaccinated, Charles. You were too eager to get to the name-dropping and quote spewing to correctly convey your own argument, it would seem.

Kruse really hasn't been paying any attention the last 12 years, if she thinks there is any responsibility with those of us on the end of the political spectrum that comports with reality to be ecumenical. I remember four years of "fuck your feelings!" in reply to every call for decency, empathy and reason, and that was after eight years of racist dog whistles in response to the first Black president. These credulous buffoons have had 18 months of daily COVID death tolls at the top of every news segment (though not on FOX, I'm sure) to understand the situation, it's being given away for free, and there was even a multi-part lotto to entice them, but if we ask them reeeeaallll nnnniiiiice, maybe now they'll finally get vaccinated? Fuck off, Kruse.


Nobody is calling minorities with low vaccination rates "Trumpers," asshole. You're the only one constantly beating this racist bullshit and attempting to derail the blame.

Of Washington State's 7.6 million population 69.3% are white, dipshit. That's 5.2 million people, dumbfuck. 69.3%!

Almost all of those refusing the vaccine are white and in the red Trump supporting counties. FFS only 32% of the white people in Adams county and only 44% percent of the white people in Franklin County have gotten the vaccine. Outside of the more liberal east side counties like Spokane county the vaccination rates are uniformly lagging. In direct relationship tot he anti-vax propaganda put out by the republican establishment there.

So the white MAGA Death Cult is far more of a problem spreading covid19 than the tiny minority of vax hesitant minorities, which is largely due to access and historical suspicions.

So fuck off with your apologia and derails. Especially since it's the MAGA Death Cult literally feeding, funding, and spreading the anitvax propaganda through their institutional machinery.

Minority populations are not going on god damned Fox News, OAN, Newsmax spreading these messages nor are they hiring and funding special interest groups to sue state health departments and the federal government over vaccinations.

RepubliQans ARE.


@29 Kruse is a crass partisan opportunist and rightwing apparatchik. The only reason she pretends to be somewhat "centrist" is because she knows where she is and is playing to those "let's be civil" dog whistles is only to avoid the liberal outrage and getting her kicked out of here.

But if she was in Idaho or Orange County she'd go full Trump.


@31: Yet another point you've made in this comment thread that I can't disagree with.


@30 you are such an asshat. The only one dog whistling here is you. Franklin has 92k people and Adams 19.5K. You could vax 100% there and it would barely move the needle statewide much less make a difference to more populated areas. So if they want to stay unvaxxed who cares, if they get sick so be it. Focus on where it matters like Pierce. But I guess those are all Fox News viewers as well. Smh


Those were only two examples, you trolling lying dumbfuck.

And we can add demographics and logarithmic spread in a dynamic connected society as some of the many things you’re too fucking stupid to understand.


Btw Einstein. Over 42% of Pierce County voted Trump in 2020.


ok numbnuts here is some more data for you. In King County there are currently 1,449,647 people who have been full vaccinated (75% of the eligible population) according to the state dashboard. That means the 25% who are unvaccinated equate to 483,216 people. In the 2020 election 270K people voted for Trump in King County. Assuming 100% of them are unvaxxed (which of course is not accurate but I'll humor you) that still leaves 213K non Trump voters who have yet to get vaccinated. Again those 213K people are more than the entire population of your lame ass examples in Okanogan and Franklin. In fact they are more than the entire population of the bottom 13 counties combined and if we could vaccinate those people that would move the state dashboard 3 pts unlike your shit examples.

You are so busy have a jerk fest over Trump you are missing the point entirely. Vaxxing people in the urban core is far more beneficial for your logarithmic spread than some yokel out on the farm with his Trump sign. You are literally stepping over dollars to pick up pennies. Hope you get some therapy for your TDS someday.