Nath--you know I love you. Disparaging the wild pigs . . . oh, ouch baby.


Sounds like we need to kill and eat the pigs to save the environment. Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention, Natty!


@1, 2,

Unfortunately, feral hogs left unchecked are an environmental disaster, reproducing far outside their natural habitat and at a rate wholly unsustainable on any sort of responsible ecological basis.

A whole lot like humans, I guess.

I guess maybe we should just cede control to the hogs. Probably take a few million years, but they'll hopefully and eventually evolve to some sort of self-aware sentience, and will surely do a better job with stewardship of the planet than us.

I, for one, welcome our new bovine overlords!


@4 Porcine but I’m with you


Four legs good, two legs bad!
In other news, it's pretty pathetic when billionaires are blasting themselves into space, and anyone else on the planet is hungry.



Ha, porcine!

Was thinking about my comment a moment ago and realized the error. Was hoping to pop in here to @myself & correct it before any other comments had posted. Errors always seem more forgivable when the correction comments are in an uninterrupted numeric sequence following them.



"The bakery used a clip art stock photo of the Philly police shield for the cake decorations. Instead of the motto 'honor, service, integrity' on the shield, the version the bakery used said 'coffee, donuts, corruption.'"

a commendable
if Honest mistake hat's
off to the Decoraters tip 'em Well!


When it comes to our porcine overlords vs. our bovine overlords, you can bet that the climate impact of those feral hogs in America is minuscule next to the climate impact of beef and dairy cattle in America. Let's not let something like this before for reducing climate impacts what cutting foreign aid is for the federal budget. (And even that analogy probably doesn't do the tiny numbers justice.)

Also, I'm kinda with @2: "Those pigs are doing what they have to to survive." Now, if they're an invasive species, then that would be a good argument in itself to control their population.

BTW, this reminds me. Haifa, Israel has an interesting coexistence challenge with boars roaming their streets:


Of course, when it comes to evoking my sympathies, none of these porcine creatures has anything on Brandy, NIcolas Cage's adorable costar in the new movie "Pig."

Money quote from my review: "I came for the pig. I stayed for Nicolas Cage."


I'd be so happy of Jeff Bezos and his .0000000000000000% ilk blasted off one way, never to return to what's left of the Earth.


"... the incredibly popular British
children's show Peppa Pig has made
their children speak in British accents."

forced by a teevee show to speak British
our poor children'll think they were born
on third base or halfway Home. wait

what Part of GB?
Wales? Scotchland?
bloody fawking Liverpool?


And leave it to Jeff Bezos to blast off in an over-glorified rocket shaped like a dildo.
We really do need to blast Bezos and his .000000000000000001% ilk, along with the entire GOP into outer space, never to return. Think of all the lives saved with the sharp decrease in dicks.

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