Lambert's "GET ME YOUR MANAGER" haircut is enough to vote against.


Conservatives just love to give money to organizations - usually run by Christian charities - that supposedly help "poor children in Africa" (although what tangible good they do is questionable, based on numerous studies and reviews of their work), because it gives them an opportunity to pat themselves on the back for doing a "good deed" while knowing they will never have to suffer the indignity of actually encountering the recipients of their "largesse"; something they might risk were they to contribute to similar aid programs here in this country.


The 24 paid holidays claim strikes me as bizarre. I just really can't even imagine where she could possibly be deriving that number from. Maybe she's factoring in county employee PTO allotment and not distinguishing it from holidays, which would obviously be inaccurate and odd in it's own right, but I just can't even fathom a guess otherwise. I wonder if anyone followed up or requested clarification.


She's awful, but she's still more progressive and inclusive than some of our trolls.


What a hack. And yes, private companies are making Juneteenth a holiday.


I think it's amusing that Rich and the rest of you think anyone is District 3 give any thought to how The Stranger thinks they should vote. District 3 is primarily rural and views anything coming out of Seattle akin to the old salsa commercial when people found out it was made in New York City. I will enjoy reading Rich's snarky diatribe after the election though when both Lambert and Dunn are re-elected by their constituents similar to the way Mark Mullet was in Issaquah:


See what I mean?


Kathy sure seems scared to lose her taxpayer funded subsidy to do nothing for her district.


@6, have you tried buying a house in North Bend lately? Woke Antifa loving Techies are coming for East King County… we have weapons, votes, and money.

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