Little Brownish Birds Are Just Loving Seattle's New Outdoor Dining Program



"Our age is one that is becoming exhausted with the huge sums of money and vast amounts of urban pleasures that are tossed into the bottomless and carbon-liberating hole that automobile infrastructure maddeningly demands."

& into the
Abyss we go

on Profits


Most of the urban little brown birds stalking outdoor eating areas Ive seen are common house sparrows. The finches tend towards more anxious flutter and lack the confidence to just feed at your feet and take to the table when you leave. Just waiting to hear of a berry engorged starling flock taking roost at sunset over sidewalk dining.


Would you like to sit at an outside table that rats just scurried away from? Same thing. Birds are just as filthy and carry bacteria and viruses that we can get. Outside cleaning of tables can never keep up. They shit everywhere. Like where you sit. Dine with the birds, even encourage them by feeding them, No Thanks.


Feed the birds. Tuppence a bag.