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Another way of looking at it is that there are 418 fewer people with substance abuse disorder camping out on the sidewalks and parks of Seattle.


So we're just going to ignore the fact that a tandem truck driving team just ran down and helped capture the most notorious rock thrower assaulting drivers on I-90. Way to ignore what's actually happening in the city.


@2 and the fact that anyone with a shred of logical thinking knew the rocks are being thrown by the assholes “camped” next to the highway.

Before anyone west their pants, yes, the people camped out throwing shit at cars are assholes. Reason number 7,899 why condoning camps like this and tent lifestyle is a horrible idea.

It’s shocking nobody has been killed by one of these idiots.

What’s not shocking is that the stranger barely mentions this situation, the Times as well.


@1 Gross


We should be looking at making it illegal to possess, distribute or administer naloxone except in limited hospital situations. Stop trying to make taking drugs "safer", The CIA should earn it's keep again and infiltrate the drug market with the aim at making using drugs have a 1% chance of death. The problem would be gone in a year.


@4 Just like you ignore the homeless criminals, right Professa’ History? Or haven’t you noticed that The Stranger specifically is not reporting any news that involves crimes or violence occurring by the homeless or in homeless camps? Oh wait, you won’t answer cause you don’t want to accept the truth.

That’s some distorted history you’re teaching.


@7 Some people will grasp at any at any reason to advocate the same policy towards the homeless they always do: get the cops to persecute them so savagely that they don't dare show themselves in public. Then we can all pretend the problem doesn't exist.

People with homes commit crimes too, you know. Now tell us all about the Homeless Industrial Complex, please.


@5 Yes they are.


@8 "get the cops to persecute them so savagely that they don't dare show themselves in public."

You say that as though it's a bad thing.


@6 Agreed. Naloxone only makes the situation worse. It's use by first responders should be banned.


Several psychopaths in the comments again.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to remove them.


@12 -- terminate
the Terminators

i Like it.


11 you’re a disgusting person

6 you too



"The problem would be gone in a year."

No it wouldn't. Statements like that are incredibly naïve, akin to "The troops will be home by Christmas."

Brute force only gets you so far in addressing a problem like drug addiction.


I had one of my most fondly-remembered evenings at R Place (and elsewhere, afterward). At least they're not completely out of business; their website says that E Pine was actually their second location, and currently they are scouting for their third.

I always assumed Toby was more of a grouch, but the comments here clinch it: he's a monster.


@7 come on now, that isn't entirely true. Probably every 20 incidents the stranger will throw in a "hey, come on now stop that". Typically goes like this: couple weeks of arsons in the International District, one line in slog "stop setting fires in the International District". Couple weeks of trying to smash people's faces with rocks through windscreens, "stop throwing rocks at vehicles". Joking aside, all the news outlets around here cover the debris throwing quite heavily. Komo's chopper pilot probably getting OT over it lol. Plus, it doesn't really fit with the stranger's whole anti-car schtick to cover the plight of these affected drivers.

Someone should tell Ms. Franz that your typical Eastern Washingtonian gives zero fucks what the government says they should do. Really, if she wanted people to not go out there and start fires then reverse psychology might be her best bet. "Inslee said we all gotta go out and start irresponsible fires, you guiz!". Some dipshit in Quincy: "Fuck that liberal! I'm staying my ass home on this here couch and drinkin', 'merica!"


@4 Dafuq? Oh well, I guess you've got me. It turns out I'm Paul Manafort!

You may think you know who I am, whom I voted for, etc., but you don't, and your stridency makes you look REALLY stupid.


@6 & 11: I see, you propose that first responders, whose job it is to save lives, stand back and watch someone die when they have the tools to save them. So, manslaughter, or negligent homicide?
Yeah, you're a pair of shitty people.



Most drugs are lethal if taken in large enough quantities (Hell, di-hydrous oxide, a substance necessary for life, is lethal if you ingest too much of it.) And yet people continue to use them, just as they have since the first human OD'd on swallowing too much of some plant in an effort to experience its psychoactive effects. So, why in the world would you make the ridiculous assumption that making drugs MORE lethal would have any appreciable deterrent effect? That's basically what's already been happening since the introduction of synthetic Fentanyl, and yet guess what? People are still doing drugs.



Well, they don't have any problem with cops murdering innocent People Of Color, so at least they're being consistent in their belief that anyone who doesn't look, think or act exactly like they do should be considered a sub-human not deserving of basic human dignity, compassion or even the right to live. As @12 alluded: psychopaths gotta psychopath - it's just what they do.


@19 - I would rather our tax money be spent on "Cleanup On Alley 3" than wasted on EMTs just postponing the inevitable.

As far dissuading people, if the risk were high enough then perhaps people wouldn't start. If not, well no loss, they'll just be around causing problems for a lot less time.


@6 and @11: Get serious help, both of you.

@4 Professor_Hiztory and @13 kristofarian for the WIN!

@18: Keep swinging, maybe you'll give 'em a cold.

On a positive note: Yaaaay that The Showbox is back!!!