Biden says I need to wait a little more to get my grubby hands on Nandos South African-style chicken in Vancouver BC. Im cool with that.
Biden says I need to wait a little more to get my grubby hands on Nando's South African-style chicken in Vancouver BC. I'm cool with that.

Smoke from Washington fires has left us in the Puget Sound area alone for the most part and instead has made the long and dramatic trip to the East Coast. My Northwest: "Washington’s wildfire smoke ends up as far east as New York City, in addition to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and more." When will (American) people take this seriously? How can we sleep while our beds are burning like this, like so much? Washington has an estimated nine major wildfires right now. That smoke is going all the way to the Statue of Liberty.

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And the beds keep burning:

And we keep sleeping:

And sleeping. For example, here is another day in the social costs of the empty American forms of joy and recreation in the age of global warming: "Couple accused of starting wildfire during gender reveal charged in death of firefighter." The person who made this idiocy a thing, "influencer Jenna Karvunidis," is now begging American parents to stop it and just get real. The happy days are not here again.

What can we say about this story? "Man with 5 prior DUIs crashes into a pot shop in Union Gap." (Union Gap is a city in Yakima County; the damaged business is called Union Gap; the "front door, awning and wheelchair ramp" of business were hit by the car.) This is what can be said about this not unusual story:

The automobile has, from the beginning, been very dependent on a large amount of culturally permitted lawlessness. This is one of the key secrets of its success. An exceptional amount of automobile freedom from the law is needed to obscure or absorb its otherwise glaring inefficiencies. This is why subjecting our roads to the same visibility as our public transportation lines and services will almost immediately land the automobile in a zone we call "not worth the trouble."

To better understand my point of state-permitted car lawlessness:

The police can find and arrest a man for "throwing rocks and debris at cars on the freeway," but are completely in dark when it comes to all of these drivers who hit pedestrians and split.

What the hell? How is this even possible? What's wrong with so many Americans? "Nationally about 59% of nursing home staff have gotten their shots, about the same as the overall percentage of fully vaccinated adults — but significantly lower than the roughly 80% of residents who are vaccinated, according to Medicare."

Why we should not be talking about breakthrough COVID-19 cases:

The state Department of Health has reported 2,925 breakthrough cases since mid-January. So out of four million people vaccinated, a rate of .0007, 81 percent reported symptoms and 9 percent had to be hospitalized. There were 45 deaths, 31 of them had underlying health conditions.
In the game of life, these are some of the best odds out there. So, get those jabs already.

Biden and Inslee don't agree about the Canadian border. The latter wants to open it on August 9th, if not sooner. (The 9th is the day the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opens Canada of fully vaccinated US citizens.) The former wants to open it on August 21. Who is right? Who is wrong? The answer is simple. Biden is right. When it comes to COVID-19, lots of caution has been shown to work 100% better than anything else.

The GOP? The latest on the party led by a man who attempted a coup on Jan 6, 2021? They want Congressman Jim Jordan to be a part of the committee that investigates the coup attempt. And, of course, Jordan supported it.

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He did not like the price of what he was buying. He had a gun. He shot the cashier. Another sad moment in the long and bloody history of an economic system that absorbs its subjects in much the same way as Hegel's absolute, capitalism. The cashier, we are told, will live to see another day of capitalism.

Yesterday, I tried to identify a little brownish bird that's really into humans dining outdoors. I called it a House Finch. That was my best guess as a lazy and almost always less-than-half-interested birdwatcher. But I was wrong, dear reader. These little brownish birds hopping about our feet under the seats and tables of outdoor structures are House Swallows. Here is how the Seattle Audubon Society describes their diet:

House Sparrows are primarily seedeaters but also eat insects, especially during the breeding season. In agricultural areas, waste grain is an important diet component. Urban House Sparrows live off crumbs and rubbish left by humans.

The way the great Abbey Lincoln sang "love for sale" in her 1964 Belgian TV performance of Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite is exactly the way you should sing "modernism for sale". Puget Sound Business Journal has the story/song: "The glass-and-steel Norton Building, which ushered Seattle into the modern architecture era 62 years ago, is for sale." The price tag on this international style tower, which houses LMN Architects, was not found by the PSBJ reporter.