Slog PM: Smoke From Washington Wildfires Hits NYC, Inslee Unhappy With Biden on Canadian Border Closure, House Sparrows Love Human Crumbs but House Finches Do Not



I suppose he could have been ruminating over inflation with the high cost of cigs and booze at a 1st Ave convenience store, and perhaps more philosophically about capitalism, but more likely he's just yet another very dangerous and disturbed individual who has multiple anger issues of which economic theory is only one of a multitude of trigger points. And the clerk will not just yet live another day with ubiquitous capitalism, but more days with his family as well.

Nevertheless Charles, I enjoyed your milking of the event.

To the Pike Place Market car bigots:


Grouchy PM roundup. So much for a little lightness and frivolity. Everyone is selling gloom and doom!


Charles we know your trust fund allowed you to spend your wayward youth reading Kant, Hegel, and Schopenhauer rather than working. But even you should be able to understand why it is easier to catch someone who does the same thing, over and over again, from the same place, repeatedly, than it is to catch someone, who does one thing, once at a random place and time, and never does it again.

Speaking of your trust fund. Surely the Stranger can't pay you enough to both live in Seattle and take jaunts to British Columbia for lunch, so I take it you still have those ill-begotten capitalist dollars?


So wait: is it a sparrow or a swallow? That didn't clear things up at all.



If it's a swallow, is it an African or European swallow? And is its unladen air-speed velocity of any relevance?


Another tiresome post from washed up Chaz. His columns are no longer "hot". SAD!!!!



And yet here you are commenting on a "tiresome post". If it's soooooo tiresome, why are you wasting your no-doubt otherwise valuable time to bother posting?


@7: At least I know I'm a comment section crank! I'm not sure if you're as self aware.


@8: bingo retort



It can't be an African swallow, they're non-migratory.


Cute pic, Charles.


that bitch.