Re: The Cannonball Run.

Personally, I prefer the earlier, more obscure and definitely less celebrified 1976 "The Gumball Rally", starring Michael Sarrazin and also based on the Cannonball Baker race. It's less over-the-top/slapsticky, and features early screen performances by Gary Busey and the late, great Raúl Juliá, who gets to voice one of the genre's most classic lines. After ripping the rear view mirror off his Ferrari convertible and tossing it behind him he shouts out: "The first rule of Italian driving - what's behind me is NOT important!"

Also, it IS streamable on YouTube, Vimeo, et al...


The fact that Peter Jackson's old movies are almost entirely out of print is an ongoing tragedy. More people should have the experience of Meet the Feebles.


I still remember Dead Alive for the deeply uncomfortable zombie sex scene, and the line (from Paquita, I think), "Your mom ate my dog!"


Man, I vaguely remember Cannonball Run, and pretty much exactly as Jasmyne describes it.

I'm not a car dork and certainly not a fast-car dork, but this short read about a guy renting and completely renovating a new Mustang in order to break the coast-to-coast record during the pandemic is pretty fun.


@4: "Consensus among those who know him is that Ashmore, while batshit crazy, is not a liar"

Did the entire thing for under $3000. And I thought America forgot how to laugh and have a good time during the pandemic. Fun read.

You know, there was a sequel to Cannonball Run, unlike Corvette Summer and that's not even counting the Smokey and the Bandit spin off. It was a very different time........

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