Essentially Charles is saying private transportation must be outlawed.


I found it interesting that these systems are popular in NYC and Tokyo - two cities frequently cited as having decent public transportation networks. And yet people still have their cars....


Remember, all the subways will be flooded in port cities over the next couple of decades.

Having a car downtown won't help you.


@1 -- correct 'cause transpo
can Only be possible thru
infernal combustion.

your miss- and mal-'information'
campaign is Truly Appalling.

oh btw and didja know
you don't gotta
Cuss to be


Mr. Mudede is correct, people tend to cling to the old ways, even as forest fires move toward the cities and the death toll from heat prostration escalates.

With inflation and taxation eating away at middle-class paychecks, soon automobiles will be a luxury of the wealthy, who tend to operate in a separate economic and political sphere.

The familiar sight of a single-occupant big truck, comparable to a military vehicle as mentioned in the article, may indeed become a thing of the past as price inflation drives the cost of motor vehicles ever upward, out of the reach of the average middle-income consumer.

Elites may in fact favor price escalation as a means to reduce fossil fuel consumption because they are not price-sensitive due to higher incomes. They may in fact support the reduction of fossil-fuel exploration for instance, and advocate for price-inflation as an environmental policy tool.

Mass transit may actually provide some relief from carbon monoxide pollution, although most modest earners have been driven to the outskirts of the Seattle metropolitan area, making mass transit less appealing, although the continual expansion of Metro and Sound Transit services may provide some improved transportation options in the years that hopefully lie ahead.

At any rate Mr. Mudede makes a compelling point in that we are still celebrating the automobile, which is an instrument of death and environmental destruction, when we should be bicycling, using mass transit and that proven method of walking.


I lived in an apartment in Tokyo that had one of these. Worked great.

As for not having a car, that's great when I'm at home in Seattle; but doesn't work to great for the weekend get out of town. Try taking the bus to Ocean Shores -8 hours for a 2:30 drive!


@11: "...the infrastructure that is needed to the electrical grid to charge all these cars..."

This. Can you imagine the impact to California's electrical grid in its current state if everyone with a 9-5 office gig wanted to plug in and charge their cars at the same time in the evening?


charging stations
at work!

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