Slog PM: New Mask and Vaccination Policies Hit Seattle-Area Venues, Bernie and Jayapal Back González, Simone Biles Is GOAT



I know truth and accuracy are rarely used by the Sawant acolytes when it gets in the way of their persecution and conspiracy narratives but two things here.

The election board suggests submitting several thousand more signatures than needed to account for duplicates and ineligible signers. The recall campaign is at 9000 and solidarity has 2000 so 11,000 which is the bare minimum. It sounds like they need another 2-3 thousand before they submit per the election boards guidance.

Voter suppression occurs when you actually prevent people from voting. Regardless of the election date everyone in district 3 will get a ballot. The fact that some are less likely to turn it in is apathy not suppression. If kshama is as beloved as she states a low turnout vote should favor her as it will be all about who can drive turnout. Perhaps she wants the nov ballet because there will be more low information voters who will favor an incumbent without thinking too much about it. In any case her claims of suppression are as full of shit as her accusations of trump voters lurking in Capitol Hill. She is truly desperate.


A really fine news roundup. And not too depressing.

Those are some super-sweet digs Oprah just sold. I wonder how much time she actually spent there. Also, I wonder what can be considered a reasonable carbon footprint for a billionaire. I appreciate that if you're a billionaire, you shouldn't be expected to live the meager existence of a mere millionaire, but how much more is "too much"--or enough that one should feel guilty?

About the Kshama Solidarity campaign… As much as I despise Kshama Sawant, the recall campaign is nothing but the shenanigans of a bunch of sore losers. These delay tactics are just shenanigans on top of shenanigans. If I were with the Sawant supporters trying to get the recall on the November ballot, I'd call the recall campaign completely on their bluff and gather all 11K signatures.

Speaking of recall shenanigans, nice segue over to the Newsom recall. I would still put my money on him squeaking through--once voters realize what the alternative is--but it's just a shame it's come to this. And it's possible right-wing radio host Larry Elder could replace Newsom while receiving only a meager plurality of the vote.

Ah, I can't tell you how often it occurs to me, "Thank God I don't live in CA."


It’s too bad STG is coddling the covid deniers. I will not be attending this show or buying more tickets until they take a stronger stance against the antivaxers.


Scientists are already sounding the alarm that we are nearing the point where if COVID is not stopped (meaning every fucking person in this country who can be vaccinated gets vaccinated NOW), the vaccinations will no longer matter - the virus will successfully sicken everyone, vaccinated or not. This is all the fault of Trump and the Republicans and their fucking sadistic, hate filled, depraved indifference to life. Imagine if another country had waged a war against this country like this, murdering over 600,000 people (most likely more) and who knows how many more to come. Russia sure picked the right asset and accurately assessed the collective stupidity of most of the people in this country.

This country will literally be destroyed completely from within while the world watches in disbelief.


Yeah, Biles is like almost as brave as Jesse Owens…


I'm a little surprised Kshama wants the recall on the General Election ballot. I would think she would welcome some low turnout special election that she can dominate with her movement.

I guess it just shows how out of touch progressives are, always overestimating their popularity with the public.

If Sawant really wants to have Seattle city elections determined by the most possible voters she would be working to hold city elections in even years, with the mayor and majority of the city council chosen in Presidential election years.


In Ballard the Public House Pub has also announced that they require proof of vaccinations.

I applaud this trend and hope that soon proof of vaccination is required for most everything.

We just need to come up with some non-digital, difficult to counterfeit cards. The traditional vaccine cards are too easy to forge and even in 2021 not everyone has smart phones.


Simone Biles is amazing and can perform the most difficult routines of all time. However, she gave up GOAT status and is out of the discussion. For example, I don’t remember Michael Jordan subbing out of the NBA finals because he was stressed out.


DanOh @8, I don't necessarily disagree with your broader point (even if it's a point I would not bother to make myself), but...

I didn't realize you were a historian of women's gymnastics. So if Simone Biles is not the GOAT, who is? Nadia Comăneci?


Send Charles Mudede back to try again, because Oprah can't resist a car-fearing communist.


yeah Simone Do it
for the Advertizers

or Not.
listen to Marshawn:

Take Care of your Mentals.

the GOAT isn't a
puppet on a string.


GOATs are subjective, which makes debating them fun. And I’m not a historian of gymnastics, so I’m not going to weigh in. However, the best athletes of all time don’t drop out of the biggest event of their career because of stress. You compete if physically able. If you suck because your mental game is off, no big deal. It happens to all the greats. They bounce back and go again and win. They don’t bail. Look at LeBron James … He’s had some mental stinkers, but still gets out there.

She’s amazing and I support her. However, it will be interesting to see if she competes in her individual events. If she does, it is a slap in the face to her teammates.


@4, If its the fault of Trump and the Republicans, how do you explain the protests in France, The Netherlands, et. al. opposing vax requirements.

Don't get me wrong, I'm with you, people should get vaxxed; however, in a Democracy, you have to get buy in from the masses. The masses have drunk the post-modern, post-truth cool-aid. Being vaxxed, or anything else is just a chosen preference. Now we reap the whirlwind.

There is no objective truth, and there is no moral code that all are subject to. You value life, others value a Darwinian culling by COVID 19. If everything is morally relative, both aren't values, they are just preferences, like a favorite ice cream flavor.


how can it be the biggest performance
in/of her Lifetime if she's still Alive?

and Micheal* played
Performed at his Best
when he was pretty fucking Sick.

Micheal was FREE
on the Court. a mistake
wasn't gonna (maybe) End
his Career. Simone is Beyond
The GOAT. she's Free to Decline

you need more than Adrenaline
and a Gift from God for

I doubt she's Finished.

*spose he's dissin her now?


"... there is no moral code that all are subject to."

the masses are about to recieve
an Education in Civics:

you may NOT kill
your Neighbor
even IF he's
a Lib.

surely there's some Morality
hidden in the message?



To be fair though, Xina was only talking about the US, not other countries. They have their own versions of Trump and his fascists they all have to deal with.

And yes, morals are just a preference, but facts are not. If you are morally in favor of destroying humanity, then not getting vaccinated works in your preference and is supported by facts. But most of these anti-vax types are not in favor of destroying humanity (or are not being honest about it), their moral preference is still in line with most others; to preserve humanity (some humans, anyway). They are refusing to believe the facts.


Why are we spelling it "vaxxed"?

If "vax" is a handy shortening of "vaccine", and "to vax" is shorthand for the verb "to vaccinate", then "to be (or become) vaccinated" should be "vaxed".

Like "tax", not "TJMaxx".


@16, You are suggesting a moral absolute. People should not deny facts. People "should" (moral absolute when that word or word's like it appear) believe the facts.

What if it's their moral preference not to believe facts? If everything is just a preference, then why does it matter if they choose to believe facts, or make up their own "facts"? Why does it matter if we preserve humanity or we don't? One preference is as good as another. It follows that none is better than any other. They are just preferences and one outcome is as good as another, none is better than another. Exist or not exist becomes "meh" in a morally relative world.


@17 -- like getting Sexxed up
we're doubling the X
'cause it's fucking

have you considered
Tripling it? hmmm?

so 'morally relative'
means amoral?
that Simplifies


Lorena racking-up endorsements but still gonna lose to Bruce, he played the waiting game. Leave the SCC looking like the only sane person in the room, come back looking like the only sane person in the room, win election, ????, profit.
Also, why is a Senator from Vermont weighing-in on Port Commissioner of Seattle? Is this, like, a really important position?


a Movement builds
from the bottom up.
just ask 'republicans.'


Aww, the anti-Seattle GOP behind the Recall Sawant has the sads .... waaaaaaah.

is there feewings hoit?

I'd recommend they drown their sorrows in a bar, but you have to be fully vaccinated to do that, or anything fun ...



Anyone is free to believe whatever they want. If someone's moral preference is to believe facts are wrong, so be it. As long as they're consistent. If they're not consistent, then their moral preference is a lie.

If you tell someone "It's a fact that there are 12 inches in a foot" and they say, "Yes, absolutely!" And then tell them "It's a fact that there are 3 feet in a yard" and they say "Fake News!" Then in my opinion, you can disregard anything else that person says. They aren't defending a belief that all facts are wrong. They're inconsistent. They're lying.

But maybe I'm not answering what you're really wondering about? Are you trying to argue that morals are absolute and not relative? Or are you saying morals are relative and therefore we might as well all be nihilists? Not sure I'm reading you correctly.