So you're a mind reader, aye.
If someone whom I've just met starts telling me their life history my eyes would probably start to glaze over too.


"progressive champions such as Tammy Morales and Kirsten Harris-Talley"

Get the fuck out of here. Morales is a millionaire stay at home mom, turned "food activist", turned councilwoman. Harris-Talley was a temp councilwoman who was know for using consideration in every fucking sentence.

Can't wait for the world to chew this kid up and spit him out.


Above comments: people who don't live in South Seattle shitting on this kid for writing about South Seattle.

I thought it was a good article Andrew.


I've lived in District 9 for 21 years now and still would be if this redistricting goes forward.


Perhaps you are missing the fact that the proposal would offer better representation in Congress for Seattle's south end and the rest of south King County.


I'd like to see the state legislative district redistricting and King County Council redistricting bodies consider the same for their respective district map updates.


I live in S Seattle, Tammy Morales is a weak-willed wallflower, with no natural leadership qualities. As for re-districting, yes, it doesn't make sense to concentrate even more democratic voters into a single district, it's a waste of our power.


correction..."NO", it doesn't make sense to concentrate even more democratic voters into a single district....

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