Jessica Stein

Good afternoon, stickybabies. This week, I'm including stickers from Bellingham where Stranger editor Chase Burns and I spent a weekend for the first installment of our Unstreamable viewing series with B-Ham's Pickford Film Center. I ate conveyor belt sushi near the briny winds of Bellingham Bay, snagged a DVD copy of Barbara Loden’s Wanda over at Bellingham's video store Film Is Truth, and did TWO jello shots at Rumors Cabaret. In honor of this northern tour, the first five stickers in this week's column are from the City of Subdued Excitement. Thanks for having me, Bellinghamsters!

I screamed when I saw this one.
I screamed when I saw this one. JK
Chase found out the demonym of Bellingham is Bellinghamsters and wouldn't stop saying it all weekend. I love a city with a fun name! This sticker comes to us via Nathan Lowe.

"free yer mind, square"
Uhhh ok.
Uhhh ok. JK
Funny coming from a LITERAL SQUARE.

"Bread Boi"
So cute.
So cute. JK
This sticker made it all the way from Portland—thanks Bread Boi!

"See You in Space"
Imagine if we had sky rivers full of fish. Thatd be pretty fucking cool.
Imagine if we had sky rivers full of fish. That'd be pretty fucking cool. JK
An excellent drawing of noted astronaut space boy, Jeff Bezos.

"Anarchy Is for Lovers"
Oh, Bellingham <3
Oh, Bellingham <3 JK
It's true!

"Big Texas Cummer"
Ok were back in Seattle.
Ok we're back in Seattle. JK
Everything is bigger in Texas! I've never wanted a sticker so badly. Thanks for bringing this into existence, Big Texas Cummer!

She died.
She died. JK
I know this is talking about Seattle's death but it doesn't feel like it's coming from a Seattle-Is-Dying P-O-V.

"Video Surveillance"
👁⭕👁 JK
Spotted on 15th.

"Warthog Pumpkin"
I love whats going on here.
I love what's going on here. JK
I definitely would like to have this lil' warthog as a pet.

Literally going to be me during the heatwave this weekend.
Literally going to be me during the heatwave this weekend. JK
Thanks, starheadboy!

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at