Who's Making It Through Seattle's Primary Election?



We get it. The Stranger and now Ms. Tuttle do not like Ann Davison. “Nut Job” as an attack with zero the back this up is designed to get readers to dismiss her. I challenge you to show evidence that she is unbalanced. She has my vote and my dollars, and my hope she wins. The status who is not acceptable and the abolitionist is absolutely scary If one is to believe her rhetoric.


Status quo. Big fingers on small screen and no edit ability.


Bruce Harrell is also a Republican. He''s refuse to admit it and say he is running for a non-partisn office. But he is an actual Republican. the real red deal. Its a fact.


@3 someone's jumped the gun on end of the week Happy Hour. Only in the bubble of Seattle would Bruce Harrell even remotely be considered a republican. He would be a far left radical if he moved over to Idaho. Seattle politics has lurched so far into progressive, idealogical pure rhetoric most people can't even decipher between the base of the democratic party and conservatives much less full blown republicans. I read a complaint on another site about the lack of real debate anymore amongst the candidates, its just one platitude after another to placate the various interest groups whether it be the urbanists, transportation wonks, the homeless advocates or the professional activists. That's the real reason you have so many undecideds. They just can't see through the bullshit and double speak anymore. Even someone like Oliver who is about as transparent as can be with their desire to abolish the police and criminal justice system while allowing homeless camps to proliferate all over the city isn't taken at face value because they use so many buzzwords and platitudes. The political system in Seattle is broken and we are all paying the price for it.


Bruce Harrell isn't a Republican. He would kick your ass for saying that, except he is a man of peace. That is just some stupid shit, that.

Anyway, it will be Harrell and González for mayor. That was bound to happen when they announced. I'm supporting the latter, but Harrell would be better than the last several mayors, none of which had a clue how to do the job. Last decent mayor was Norm Rice, who came from the city council.

Incumbents will coast (including Holmes). The real drama is whether Brianna Thomas can make it into the general. If she does, she will win the race, as she is clearly the consensus choice. If not, then it will be a nail biter between candidates most people don't like. Damn, we really could use second-choice voting around here.


Wow, Rich, you found just about the two most obscure political consultants in the region to source these hot takes from...


I was on the fence between Gonzalez and Echohawk until yesterday when I received a brochure from the latter, titled "Emergency Action on the Homeless Crisis." Not "Homelessness Crisis," or (even better) "Housing Crisis" or (better still) "Housing Emergency." No, apparently Echohawk believes homeless people themselves are the crisis. Gonzalez it is.


Polly agrees with the foregoing comment by MarciaX, please don’t use the homeless people, who have suffered enough as political footballs to get elected. Echohawk certainly tipped her hand here, and sounded like Trump telling the citizens of West Virginia that "we love coal".

Whomever you vote for, vote for someone new, not entrenched non-performer like Durkan, who cannot cooperate with our progressive City Council and actually wants to resort to gestapos tactics to keep the citizenry intimidated and sort of detune Seattle, like when someone pees on the hot rocks in a sauna. Whew!

Speaking of fat and happy, Constantine, Dunne and Von Reichbauer need to be shown the exit door from the King County Council. The people the Stranger recommends are great, although Polly voted for Kim-Kheng Van to get some minority women involved.

That Nguyen guy sounds like a great replacement for Constantine. A good rule of thumb is to vote against whomever the Seattle Times endorses and you’re at least moving in the right direction.

Gonzales looks like a great replacement for Durkan, who needs to retire and do something with her hair.

Everyone stop harassing Sawant, who may be one of the only political leaders in Seattle who doesn’t have their tongue rammed up Jeff Bezos ass.


@3,@5 - No reason for an alleged Republican party affiliation to blemish Harrell's candidacy.

If you want Seattle to continue its depraved slide into a bloody Chicago West, vote for Lorena.


The Stranger is obviously happy with the status quo. This is as good as it gets in the ideological world of the far left I guess. Reminds me of the right wingers who dominate in the South and will vote over and over again for an ideology that actually hurts them.


@11 The "status quo" would be voting for Harrell, reportedly in bed with the dirty development monies. Or did you mean someone else? Why don't you come out of your shadows and tell us who you would vote for? I notice how no one posting here for the realtors does that.


@10 Oh, is that a jab at Gonzalez' ethnicity? I guess you are a racist, then, as others have posted.


I voted for Gonzalez too. I like her civil rights background, among other factors. And for me, it was a choice only out of the candidates recognizing the fraud that the "compassion" (my ass) charter amendment represents. Everyone on the wrong side of that line was O-U-T.


"...and more people have had the funds to max out to his campaign than to any other mayoral campaign" English, please.

As for peoples' ire with activists, "progressives" led with their chin by promulgating "Defund the Police!" Almost got Trump reelected because of it. Smooth. Couldn't have been done better if it had been done by GOP provocateurs (not sure it wasn't). It's dispiriting that the progressive movement is so inept, incompetent and egomaniacal. Its influence and persuasion are low because of it, tragically at a crucial time when progressive change is clearly the only route to democratic and climate survival.

That's what has people frustrated about "activists." When you peel away the virtue-signaling rhetoric and insufferable self-congratulation and logrolling, there's not much there there. Not much actual progress. Shoot, it was a "progressive" City Council that sabotaged police reform by approving the sandbagging Guild contract. While yet another mayor twiddled their thumbs and disappeared on police issues. Heroes.


@13 Not sure if you are intentionally being a moron or don't know what status quo means but Harrell would not be the status quo. Gonzalez apparently likes how things are going now and Harrell does not. Figure it out. Not like she has a chance in hell with the incompetent way her and the council has been handling almost everything in this city. Slogans, posturing, platitudes and nothing else while everything has been getting worse year after year.