These big boys are getting more room to play.
These big boys got more room to play today. Stuart Westmorland / GETTY

Pete Holmes thinks he might lose: Seattle's three-term incumbent City Attorney told the Seattle Times he's afraid he might get "squeezed out" of the three-way race between him, former public defender Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, and absolute nutjob Ann Davison. "I am 65. We’ll see what happens. I am at peace with what happens next Tuesday," he said.

Which reminds me.... Have you voted yet? You should vote. Here's how. And here's who.


A little clarification here: This mailer from King County Executive Dow Constantine kinda sorta maybe makes it look like The Stranger endorsed him. We did not:

This mailer from King County Executive Dow Constantine sort of makes it look like the Stranger endorsed him. We did not.
Not really that big of a deal, since he doesn't plaster his red "endorsed!" label over our blurb, but still worth clarifying I think.

Sen. Joe Nguyen, who we did endorse for King County Executive, held a press conference downtown this afternoon. He spoke about recent shootings in the county and called for more funding for violence interrupters and community programs.

Hey Seattle, do you feel "gripped" with "angst?" The "more traditionally liberal Democrats who have dominated the city's politics for so long" think you do, or so they told some D.C. journalist from The Hill who telephoned in to describe the state of Seattle politics. The piece includes some empty nonsense from the likes of Seattle Chamber of Commerce President (and former Transportation Choices Coalition development director) Rachel Smith, but Seattle state Senator Reuven Carlyle really lays it on thick. Carlyle, who represents the Ballard area in Olympia, compared some vague "far-left movement" in town to Trump, arguing that "they see words like negotiation and collaboration as euphemisms for compromise to corporate interests."

I'm struggling to describe how rich that statement is coming from the guy who still won't deny that he threatened to withhold his vote for homelessness funding and renter relief in order to pass a bill that would shield giant tech companies from lawsuits, from a guy who tried to water down capital gains tax proposals for years, from a guy who was working in the State House when Washington gave Boeing the largest tax break in U.S. history. As The Urbanist's executive director Doug Trumm explains in this Twitter thread, the premise of Carlyle's argument is bullshit. And as the Economic Opportunity Institute's director, Summer Stinson, suggests in her thread, it seems as if the real uncompromising ideologues are the ones crying about "the far-left" in the conservative press.

Hey, Seattle, are you hot? I'm hot. I got three fans going over here. If you need a cooling center, or you see someone who does, here's a map.

Let's talk about some good news for a second: Today the National Marine Fisheries Service gave our Southern Resident orcas 15,910 more square miles to forage and play, KING 5 reports. The protected waters run from Canada down to Point Sur, CA, where they hang out in the winter and early spring months. “This long-overdue habitat rule will help save these extraordinary animals and their prey from pollution, noise, harassment and habitat degradation. But we have to do more to help this endangered population rebound, including restoring the native salmon runs they need to survive," said Julie Teel Simmonds at the Center for Biological Diversity.

Public Health Seattle & King County recommends requiring vaccines for health care workers: King County health chief Dr. Duchin laid down the directive today, according to the Seattle Times. We'll see how many providers follow suit.

If you're looking for any more encouragement to mask up in public: The Delta variant is as "contagious as chickenpox" and "can be passed on even by vaccinated people." That's according to an internal document from the Centers from Disease Control, which also shows that "high viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission," which raises concern that "unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus," according to Reuters.

That data about high viral loads comes from a new report out of Massachusetts, which showed that ~75% of a group of Ptown partiers infected with the Delta variant "had been fully vaccinated," according to the Washington Post. I'm just going to go ahead and block-quote these seemingly important paragraphs, with the caveat that scientists still say vaccines work against Delta, and that masking is already working to slow the transmission of Delta in Ptown:

Scientists said the Provincetown outbreak and other recent data on breakthrough infections make clear that vaccines offer significant protection, as they were designed to, against severe illness and death but do not offer blanket protection against any chance of infection. Only a handful of people in the outbreak were hospitalized. While the data suggests that vaccinated people can spread the disease, the extent to which they contribute is not yet clear. [CDC Director Rochelle] Walensky said this week that such transmission occurs on 'rare occasions.'

A CDC internal document obtained by The Washington Post estimated that 35,000 vaccinated people a week in the United States are having symptomatic breakthrough infections, out of a vaccinated population of more than 162 million. Vaccination coverage is higher than average in Massachusetts, with nearly 70 percent of residents fully vaccinated.

Hunter Biden doesn't care what you think about him selling his art: When “Nota Bene" podcast hosts asked Biden to respond to "the people accusing him of using the art to improperly enrich himself and his family," he said, "Fuck 'em," Politico reports. The President's son is showing his paintings at a New York Gallery, and, no offense or anything, but they don't do it for me.

I'm no lawyer, but this sounds illegal: Two days after Christmas Trump called Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen at the Department of Justice and told him to, “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen,” reports the Associated Press. That would be a lame duck President sort of casually asking the nation's top cop to overthrow the will of the people, which....should come with some kind of legal consequence, I'd hope?

Bob has a thought on this:

Israel blames Iran for oil tanker attack: Every other country is still trying to determine the actual facts of the case, but Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid blamed "Iranian terrorism," suggesting that the "the undeclared 'shadow war' between Israel and Iran appears to be hotting up," according to the BBC. The phrase "hotting up" is yet another inexcusable Britishism that must be stamped out.

Perry Bacon Jr. is my new favorite columnist: I've been reading/watching/listening to Bacon since he started working at FiveThirtyEight, and I've admired his analytical powers and the clarity of his writing. His latest for the Washington Post: "We should all be woke."

Something to consider: Samuel Sinyangwe took a look at arrests and police shootings in a bunch of major American cities and found that "low-level arrests are in decline, and that appears to have helped reduce the number of shootings by police — not made violent crime worse." He continued: "Consistent with recent research, cities that reduced low-level arrests did not experience an uptick in violent crime — or murder, specifically — compared to other cities during this period."

Love Slog AM/PM?

Sir William Eyelash's new song begins as a melancholic, island-breeze breakup song wherein the singer claims a happiness that her tone refuses to support. Halfway through, the song enters a portal and becomes an arena-rock breakup anthem that I can imagine myself screaming at the Climate Pledge Arena next March , if there is a next March, and also mouthing quietly to myself in the solitude of my studio apartment. Rating: 8/10. The song works and I remain surprised by her and her brother's thoughtful talent in songwriting, singing, and production.