Elliott Bay Book Company will close a section of 10th Ave and welcome all ticket-holders to hang out with author, restaurant co-owner (Delancey), and podcast co-hoster, Molly Wizenberg. She'll read a little from her second memoir, The Fixed Stars, now out in paperback from Abrams Press, and chat about it with Matthew Amster-Burton, her co-host on Spilled Milk. (The funny food podcast celebrated its 500th episode today. Congrats!)

The Fixed Stars shows how sexual fluidity and the vicissitudes of romantic relationships put the lie to the idea that our destinies remain fixed according to some pattern drawn up by old Greek dudes. Her lively and engaging prose takes us through the beginnings of her hetero marriage, her many-gendered queer awakenings, her journey through motherhood, and all the while challenges the notion of a static self. Press materials indicate that Oddfellows Cafe, Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge, and Poquitos will offer "special drinks" related to the program. Hard to think of a better way to celebrate slipping your ballot in a dropbox at the last possible second, you lazy-ass!!! (Of course, you could save yourself the anxiety and just vote at lunch today. If you haven't fulfilled your civic duty yet, here's The Stranger's cheat sheet to make your life easier.)

The outdoor reading and discussion begin at Elliott Bay Book Company on Tuesday, August 3, at 6 PM. Tickets range from $5-20, with proceeds going to the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. Find tickets here.