This is from my blog, Seattle Schools Community Forum about the school board races. Looks like The Stranger made the right picks.

Looking at the election results from yesterday’s primary, we see that in District 4 Vivian Song Maritz and Laura Marie Rivera beat current interim director Erin Dury handily. Maritz received 56.41%, Rivera received 23.18% and Dury received 11.10% And Dury barely beat perennial candidate, Herb Camet, Jr. - he had 8.62% of the votes.

There were 82,883 registered voters for that region and just over 18% voted.

In the District 5 race, candidate Michelle Sarju hammered her opponents. She received 81.60% of the vote with her General Election opponent, Dan Harder, receiving 13.85% of the vote. The third candidate, Crystal Liston got 3.85% of the vote.

There are 74,051 registered voters for that region and about 17.51% of them voted.


"corporate Dems who tried to pass themselves off as progressives"

Is that like the difference between Rachel Maddow (corporate dem) and Ana Kasparian (progressive)?


Wait, let’s not gloss over the fact that AGH collected $400k in taxpayer funded democracy vouchers but netted less than 3k votes???! How is spending $175/vote for a losing candidate a value to the public? It’s certainly a value to the candidate and the guys who print mailers, but, really.


@3 Maybe AGH paid himself enough to catch up on his back rent....



I can't speak for any of the other Harrell voters, but I can tell you my vote for Harrell was a strategic vote to stop Lorena Gonzalez. Actually all my votes were strategic.

My first choice for Mayor was Lance Randall. Once his campaign blew up I looked around and settled on Jessyn Farrell, who was my runner up in the '17 primary. But as the election grew near I realized that Harrell was the only candidate capable of beating Lorena Gonzalez. So Harrell got my vote, just like Biden got my vote in the WA Primary. Trump would have smashed Sanders, and to avoid that I voted for Biden. Fortunately Biden has turned out to be a pretty good President.

As for your comment about "corporate Dems who tried to pass themselves off as progressives." Well bless your heart.

Progressives, by their very nature, are prone to political groupthink but Seattle Progressives are a step beyond.

A Seattle Progressives are the same kind of Bernie Bros who attacked Elizabeth Warren. For reasons? They are as bad as Pre-Trump Republicans in that they don't actually want to govern, they just want to fuck the system up as bad as possible and then sit back and say, "see it's the system man!"

I voted for Davison to get her into the General. Pete Holmes has done a horrible job and Nicole Thomas-Kennedy is promising to do even worse. Yes, I was hoping Holmes' opponent would be a Democrat in the mold of San Francisco's former city attorney Kamala Harris. Alas, that is not to be. So Davison wins by default.


With this afternoon's ballot drop, Pete Holmes continues his miserable performance. As two other candidates offer dramatically-opposite views on how the City Attorney should behave, he's left with the voters who actually think he's done a good job. (Hopefully, they will be the smallest group.) If he does lose the primary election, voters in Seattle will have a rare opportunity to set a clear policy direction.

(It's also fun to have the target of The Stranger's hyperbolic fear-mongering in first place, at least for now.)


Curious how our Stranger Progressives react to this story on KUOW.
Why this Seattle business owner wishes there were '10 times more police officers' downtown
“We don’t want our customers having to come down here unless we can get them directly into the shop,” Boone says. “It’s a safe place. We create our own world.”

Tell me again how Dan Satterberg and Pete Holmes aren't complete failures at their jobs.

Of Course I suppose you can dismiss KUOW as a station for RWNJs, which yea, I guess to the Seattle Purists NPR is pretty right wing....


Nothing about Joe Nguyen?


@6 tldr squared - advocating for no accountability in the justice system is a losing proposition so I’ll throw out strawman, ad hominem attacks in an attempt to fool low information voters. Lol


@11 Don't feed the trolls.


Why you would vote for a middle-of-the-road, pro-business candidate in these heady days of global warming and COVID related strife is beyond comprehension. Hopefully Gonzales will prevail in the general election and some day we can get these fat cats like Constantine, Dunne and Von Reichbauer off the King County Council. One troubling problem with our society is that people go with what they know, even if it is killing them. Nice to know Lambert has the torch to her conservative, suburban ass.


First you used your magic blocking tools to block me, now I’m living rent free inside your head.

By the way about the inside of your head, while I’m a big fan of minimalism the echo in here is wicked. You should at least put a couple of bookshelves in here.


Let me take a break from my crankposting to point out something the Stranger ran an article on itself: AGH's campaign volunteers used some slightly misleading means to obtain a lot of democracy vouchers (his campaign, of course, denied this and called the Stranger racist for running the story, but I experienced one of his volunteers trying this on me in person).

Presumably, a lot of people signing over their vouchers to him didn't really know who they were going to, so of course those wouldn't translate into votes if they barely know who the guy was that they signed their vouchers over to. It just goes to show that this somewhat shady practice turned out to be shortsighted, which honestly is a bit of a relief.


I'm fairly certain that I am what Rich describes as a "safety dork" who voted as such in the primary and will likely continue to do so in the upcoming election.  I am glad that Rich and evidently a good number of others feel so safe in Seattle that laws need not be enforced.  Maybe presumptuous, but I'm guessing that a lot of people who embrace Seattle's current plight think of the "safety dorks" as a certain type of conservative villain and I think they should reconsider.

Living in the Central District, I see homes with tall chain link fences and bars over the windows, which is uncommon in other inner Seattle neighborhoods (note: these homes are not festooned with rain gardens and Sawant signs).   This is the defensive architecture of fear and exists out of a feeling that you need to protect yourself because no one else will.  This is not the architecture of the privileged.  Things cut both ways and laws, their enforcement, and justice can and do serve to protect the vulnerable.  Otherwise violence and vigilantism reign.  I'm sure you heard the news about the couple seeking their stolen speaker and shoes in a SLU homeless camp that resulted in violence and the couple killing someone with their car while trying to flee?  I don't know much about that couple, but something tells me that they might not have felt like they have the extra cash to just go out and buy a new speaker and shoes and came to the correct conclusion that there would be no recourse.  We should think about both/and solutions.  Enforce laws, get people off the street, work towards sensible criminal justice reform & compassionately prevent crime through providing resources to those who may be driven by desperation.  How I would love to see the Stranger occasionally advocate for something nuanced.  

I've recently felt a shift in my own perception of safety as a young-ish woman navigating Seattle.  Over eleven years of trudging through the City on foot and by bus, on separate occasions I've been spit on, had trash thrown at me and had a guy in a doorway shake his nasty naked genitals at me with glee.  All of these things I shrugged off, acknowledging that the perpetrators were mentally unstable and appeared to be experiencing homelessness.  I now find myself 7 months pregnant (ew, a breeder!) and a couple of weeks ago was approached at a desolate Sunday afternoon bus stop just north of Cherry on Third by an unblinking, muttering young man who fondled himself as he stepped closer to me in the enclosure.  I stood up and backed away, backed out of the bus stop and down the sidewalk as he continued to stare and move towards me until he apparently lost interest and walked away, continuing to look back at me as I positioned myself to be obscured by a post and garbage can.  The whole exchange was brief, but long enough that I had time to come to the following conclusions: I cannot fight back, I cannot run very fast right now, and my decisions could have consequences for me and the life I am trying to harbor.  Once I was on the bus, I swiftly wrote to King County Metro and suggested that they provide more eyes on the street along Third.  When I read the story about the employee of the courthouse that was attacked in a restroom recently, I was thankful that my experience ended differently and I'm glad that the victim's experience wasn't worse.  
Have some compassion for the safety dorks out there. 

Everyone's vote is important for the direction of this City and I hope that ideology will not prevent Seattleites from acknowledging that living in fear is a tragedy, that the criminally insane pose a threat that needs to be addressed, and that safety is indeed important to our collective wellbeing and communal trust.


Lorena forgot to press dial on the phone. what is she explaining, and to whom?
calm down, I know it's just a run-of-the-mill staged press photo taken by an intern...


@3 I can only speak for myself, I gave my $10 for AGH to be on the ballot at the request of a friend and was considering giving him my democracy vouchers as well, though I ended up being lazy and not sending them to anyone lol. Despite this I was not really considering voting for him (partly strategically, partly for his lack of experience), I was more motivated by wanting him to be part of the primary and to push his ideas as much as he could, since I think they're valuable to have in the mix. Some may cynically say that he's using the race for his personal financial benefit, but idk, if someone is trying to cash in by furthering a progressive agenda, personally I don't find it in me to hold it against them. I like the ideas, and at least while he doesn't have a real shot at winning, I don't care about his personal reasons for espousing them. Just my 2 cents on the matter! :)

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