Slog AM: City Attorney Pete Holmes Drinks Wine While Fighting for His Political Life, Andrew Cuomo Still Has Not Resigned, The Rain Came and Went With Yesterday



I really hope the late, left-leaning votes are enough to push Ann Davison into third place. A Thomas-Kennedy vs. Davison showdown would be an ugly, smear campaign from the Right...which just might work.

Also, give all your extra money to Nikkita Oliver. Sara Nelson is nearly as terrible as Davison.


“Cori Bush’s Chief of Staff
AZ Alawieh deserves a fawking
Gold Medal.” –un-Evicted Renters EVERY-where

now let’s get that CA$H
to them Landlords

“[AR Goobernor Asa] Hutchinson is paying the price of [his Constituents’] life for his attempt at being Trumpy.”

Ah but they’re simply The Citizenry and therefore Commodities to be Exploited. “republcans” know who Butters their Toast – and it Ain’t those who gotta Work for a Living.

"I love you but I haven't met you yet."
well the Clock's still ticking
and I'm still kicking
around so you
haven't Mis-
sed me


Are we sure the guy was an anti-masker and not just a mentally-ill homeless person? Dude wearing one sock, kind of gives it away. I guess he is also anti-sock, and shoe.


@1: "Also, give all your extra money to Nikkita Oliver."

Something tells me Nikkita Oliver is not going to be lacking for campaign funds. If the conservative PACs across the country have any sense, they'll find a way to funnel funds her way without getting their fingerprints on it.

Someone who voted for Brianna Thomas and who's not exactly a Sara Nelson fan


If Sara Nelson makes it onto the council, time to stock up on enough cocaine to keep her afloat. Also they might want to look into liability insurance for all the lawsuits that will be filed by the employees she abuses.


“City attorneys shouldn’t sue newspapers.”

“Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.” -Mark Twain

If the Times was willing to issue no endorsement in the D9 (?) race, I don’t know why they endorsed Davison. She’s way nuttier than Kate Martin.


You can either be an anti-masker, or you can be a mentally ill homeless person wearing one sock, but you can't be both. These and these alone are the 2 types of people there are in the world.


And the fourth type. The crank who's hostile trigger-happy vulgar spew inundates anyone who has a different view, who thinks he alone has the final say on whatever is being babbled about.

And there's the krisofarian type who will see this comment as fodder to pounce on.


Given the super low turn out of the primary I don't know how anyone can take anything away from it other than voter apathy. I put no more stock into Thomas-Kennedy's showing than I do Sara Nelson. I do think its interesting Mosqueda only garnered 55% of the vote running against no one. If only there was a credible candidate who was willing to push her.

That being said I think an Ann Davison-Thomas Kennedy and an Oliver-Nelson showdown would provide a true litmus test of where we stand as a city when it comes to public safety and the defund movement. I think if that is how this turns out there is going to be a lot of tears on these pages in November.


How about no more elections in August at all? Maybe we'd appreciate them more if they didn't happen so often and if elections didn't fall in the middle of summer when people are away from home for weeks if not months. Also, make online voting an option.


Also, we should seriously start consider castrating every public servant with influence over women. No one is safe.


100% Agree with the Urbanist. Seattle City elections should be in even years and the mayoral election should be in Presidential years.

What would prevent the anti-mask riding bus rider from attacking the bus driver?
It’s well known that neither Holmes nor Satterberg would file charges against him.

Could that be why Ann Davison is polling so well?

And Danny Westneat is wrong my vote for Harrell was about stopping González.

Of course leave it to the purists to try to paint a moderate-liberal Democrat like Sara Nelson as a Trumper.


@14 - If the housekeeper "threw out" a check, it's your own damn fault for being a messy slob.


The Urbanist is right -- off year elections are stupid. We should also have second choice voting. Thomas is the clear consensus choice, but instead we will have a demagogue or a reactionary. The two go together, of course. You have the conservatives who vote every election, along with the activists splitting the vote, while the best candidate comes in third.


1) Indeed, early August is not a good time for a primary election--still, people should vote, not look for excuses not to do so. 2) A lot can change over the next few days, as more votes are counted. Best to hold off analyzing too closely just yet. 3) I was a bit surprised by Colleen Echohawk's and Brianna Thomas's lackluster showing, particularly Thomas's. And yet Brianna didn't seem to really get out there and fight for it during primary season. I saw far, far more Nelson and Oliver signs around town than Thomas signs, and she didn't manage to get too much press coverage. A bit bland in terms of policy and left/right identity? Experience is fine, but is it enough to sell the public on voting for you? 4) Also, I was surprised at Andrew Grant Houston's low vote total. He got quite a bit of positive press coverage and really seemed to emerge as a progressive favorite. Did his supporters simply not vote? Did Bernie's endorsement of Gonzalez factor in here? Just wondering. 5) Nelson/Oliver will be lively--and likely close. A very interesting match-up. 6) Harrell will be very difficult to beat. His numbers are strong, solid. And Harrell has deep, broad connections all over Seattle, as well as many influential friends. He will be very tough to beat. 7) Now, on to what will be a highly consequential Seattle election. And vote, people! Just remember: Donald Trump is fine with you're not voting, unless you're in his cult. Vote-and think. Politics already suffers from enough voter apathy and True Believer dogma.


@6: The Seattle Times has always supported the candidate who promises more incarceration regardless of the crime, to include children.

These are the same journos who pushed for more enforcement of bicycle helmets laws knowing the police would targeted 12 year old minority kids so they could get them into the criminal system young. The ST has always shared Davidson's view that certain groups deserve to be policed and others don't.

The ST puts the mass in mass incarceration. Of course they are supporting Davidson.


@15: "It’s well known that neither Holmes nor Satterberg would file charges against him."

True, but only because it involves violent crime. If it was a lifestyle crime with lots of asset forfeiture and grant money attached they would be fighting like Tipper Gore and Nancy Reagan and over who would get to commit their entire criminal division to prosecuting it.


@23: Parties change over the years. I am a Republican and will be patient until my party returns to sanity. Better than being a spineless independent or a (shudder) Democrat.


Looks like the Dori Monson fan club is out in force on Slog today. Per usual.

@15: James Christopher Clemmons already has charges filed against him in King Co. court, so your theory on Satterberg seems incorrect. He also doesn't seem to be the type of fellow who would be deterred by (or remotely aware of) Satterberg or Pete Holmes' lack of prosecutorial zeal. He seems like another street crazy.


@25: It's a long journey from charging to punishment, but if this indeed about punishing crazy rather than violent crime, your correct there is a better better chance they will go forward with punishment.


@24 Davison ran for City Council in 2019 as a Democrat. She didn’t become a Republican until late January or early February so that she could run for Lieutenant Governor as a Republican. She saw 1/6 and said she wanted to join that party.


Sorry, I had the wrong years. She became a Republican in 2020, not 2021. She saw all the disasters of the Trump era except COVID and 1/6 and was all in as a Republican.


@7 who says he has the mental capacity to fulfil a mask mandate, is kind of the point, while Charles paints this poor mentally ill soul as a defiant Trump anti-masker

@8 something already crawled up this guy's loose butthole today, I see



Are you sure he even knows who his dad is? I mean, there are so many possibilities...