Slog PM: Pete's in Trouble, Mask up for the Kids, and Amazon Employees Can Keep Kayaking During the Workday Until 2022



"This week, King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht ordered all of her noncommissioned office staff at the King County Courthouse to work remotely immediately"

Wow, the Sheriff says it's too dangerous to work down there after Years of assaults and beatings and now she retreats. Model King County Sheriff. Your Job just a little over your head or have you been at sea bottom for years?


Re: Texas Republican leader who was hospitalized with COVID-19 died

That stupid asshole can’t wait to come back to life and vote Tr666p.

Meanwhile, Ted KKKruz and moRon deathSatanis vow to catch the real killer, an unemployed homeless immigrant woman named Kovide Knighteen.



Thanks for reporting on the situation at the Courthouse.

That the area around the county seat is considered so dangerous that county employees are encouraged to work from home least they become victims of violent crime is truly an indictment of Seattle.

City Hall Park should be a public plaza and a celebration of Democracy and open government. Instead it's ....

Is it any wonder that a majority of voters voted against the anarchist who wants to make it worse?


I know most of the news these days is depressing, but here's a Seattle story that made me happy, even if it might infuriate a segment of the Slog commentariat: "Is Seattle becoming a city with a bona fide bagel scene? These newest bagel shops lend street cred."

Of these newer shops mentioned here, Old Salt has made it into my bagel shop "rotation." Do have to try out some of these other ones.


@1, yeah, so much easier to abandon ship than sweep the assholes out of the courthouse area.


What point are you trying to make with the kayaking during the workday thing? The 9-5 workday is antiquated at this point, and it's pretty regressive to imply these types of workers need to be tethered to a desk in such a linear fashion to do work. If the shit they are supposed to do is getting done, what does it matter? It's often very beneficial to step away from troubleshooting problems and do something relaxing, clear your mind, and then get back to it.


RE: Dr. Duchin

""People are not stupid. People are smart. They know that when folks around them are getting sick and hospitalized, and young people are ending up in the intensive care unit with breathing tubes, you know, that’s not a good thing," he said. "And people will see that and want to protect themselves. I am convinced.""

Have you MET people??


RE: working from home

"While his direct manager seems open to the idea of letting employees keep working from home part time, division leadership has insisted workers return to the office"

In the job I had before this one (around 2010-2015), I had to wear a suit and tie every day because the CEO, an ancient relic and micro-manager, said that's what he had to do when he was learning the ropes presumably back in the 1950's. I'm was a data scientist at the time. No interactions with clients at all and practically no interaction with internal staff. Hardly even spoke to other members of my team. I just crunch numbers on a computer. But there I am, all dressed up for nothing. Wouldn't let us work from home either because "How can you do your job if you're not in your office (cubicle)?!" Yeah, who needs the internet, right? I was much more productive at home but hey, the president wants to see all his employees with their suits and ties and pencil skirts and feel like he's back in good 'ole 1957!

Division leadership is probably a bunch of people who don't have a job other than to count heads and reminisce about the days when you could call the office secretary "sweetie pie" and not get sued. Worthless.


RE: A Texas Republican leader who was hospitalized with COVID-19 died Wednesday, just days after he shared a post on social media questioning the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine.

Good riddance. Hopefully any of his friends and family who were also fascists suffered horribly.


The "just grab what need and walk out" concept at the Amazon does that work exactly? Do you have to have an account to enter the store? Because you know and I know and Amazon knows that lots of people walk into a grocery store, grab what they need, and walk out. I was talking to the manager of the College Area Von's in San Diego one day a few years back, and he told me that his store alone estimates losses of $2100 a day in merchandise. Not that Amazon couldn't afford the loss, but we all know who makes up that difference, right?

It's sad to say it because I think integrity is priceless for civilization to thrive, but I don't think you can rely on the honor system much anymore.


…and @2: FTW, Andy.


King County should consider moving the courthouse from Seattle entirely. There has been a murder in that areas, several assaults and now an attempted rape of a woman who is sever months pregnant. Yet not a peep from anyone other than Reagan Dunn. It seems pretty clear the city and even most of the county has no will to impact the "houseless neighbors" who have turned the area into a mini thunderdome. So instead of pouring more bad money leave it as is and move the seat of the courthouse to Renton or somewhere else. King County is a big place and there is no rule that says Seattle needs to be the center of it all.


@12, sounds good, just tack on a few more hundreds of millions of tax dollars to expand public transit to ensure people can still access non-central services. I mean, I'm cool with paying for that. Are you?


The city and the county have made a conscious decision to allow the area around the courthouse to be a place of human misery. The city added to it by allowing the former Public Safety Building block to sit empty for almost twenty years now while the mayor’s office played real estate developer.

Dozens of parcels in some of the most valuable land in the world - pioneer square - are taken up by bogus religious “missions” that are happy to throw people out in the street if their supplicants aren’t sufficiently Bible-addled, and even the secular human service agencies have no idea how to control their patrons.

Social service Empires were built down there in the 60’s, but this isn’t the 60’s. Time for a new way to handle these issues.


@10 I have not been but I think you need your phone with linked Amazon account to enter and take advantage of the store. Future iterations are going to use palm-scans, or some such.
Cameras and sensors track items and charges you as you pick them up. Not sure how it deals with items you shamefully put back into the wrong aisle after deciding you no longer want them lol


@13 not required at all. That’s very Seattle centric thinking. If people can get from Renton to Seattle to access the current courthouse they can easily do the reverse. There are already courthouses spread throughout the county as well

So you don’t need to close Seattle just stop making it the central hub.


Amazon won't require vaccinations. Amazon continues to burn through employees (how many of those are dead and how many get fired and how many quit?) - could they prove any further that they just don't give a shit about anything other than raking in BILLIONS? I wonder if we'll ever know many of their employees died from COVID when it's all said and done.

Ijeoma Oluo, author, who lives in Seattle posted on social media today that 5 of her vaccinated friends got COVID, THIS WEEK. The unvaccinated are to blame. The longer huge numbers in the population refuse to get vaccinated, the longer huge numbers in the population gather together (for Lollapalooza or Sturgis or whatever) - vaccinated, unvaccinated - it will make no difference. Viruses will mutate and outmaneuver vaccinations until they are stopped. The 900 people in Provincetown, MA were supposedly all vaccinated. All of people at the NBA Finals? Who knows. 500 of them have COVID now. In two weeks we'll see how many of the 100,000 people who attended Lollapalooza end up with COVID. By the end of August we'll see how many COVID cases Sturgis foists upon the nation (since it's guaranteed they're not vaccinated and the anti-vaxxer South Dakota Governor will be attending).

We are facing a long and never ending shit show of sickness and death. But hey, in AmeriKKKa the only thing that matters is freeDUMB.



Totally beat me to the punch on that one.

Re: The Late TX GOP leader. Well, duh. Of course vaccines aren't effective - IF YOU DON'T FUCKING TAKE THEM.


@7 - What @20 said.

Oh, scary fact: Abbott is not even the worst Texas politician in his own administration.


@22: There you go again, seizing on a tangential analogy to rebut the facts and only an idiot would think that makes sense.


Duck Fart dear, I voted for Holmes. I found this ballot rather bleak and uninspiring,