Slog AM: Seattle Police Kill Man in White Center, SIFF Is Making a Comeback This Fall, Our 51-Day Dry Streak Is Over



Weird and depressing, but not unexpected, that depraved Donald Trump fanatic Kanye West is heaped with media flourish yet again in his quest for fame and respectability.


Does anyone else see the parallels between Apple spying/reporting on child porn photos, and the reporting of photos by Insurrectionist/traitor Tyler's?

There is reason to believe this if Apple can look for child porn, that it can also scan for backgrounds including the insides of the Capitol to bust more insurrectionist traitors?

Further, if there are zero limits (i.e. not only child porn or Capitol photos) or boundaries for what Apple can include in their photo scan results, then Apple has become the photo police, reporting illegal acts.

Watch for the ACLU press release on suing Apple shortly.


SPD insurrectionists are:
Scotty Bach
Jacob Briskey
Alexander Everett
Jason Marchione
Caitlin Rochelle
Michael Settle


Way to go United and CNN!


RE: US Jobs report
«If there was a caveat about the report, it was its timing. The report is a portrait of the economy from the middle of July — around the beginning of the time when coronavirus cases from the Delta variant began to surge.»


@4 - absolutely agree! We need more employers to have the stones to do this. Glad to see the Feds are on board too (sort of). If you want to stay in your house and not endanger the rest of us, fine. But if you want to play with others, get with the program.

As to the Apple announcement, dictators the world over must be rejoicing. I'm sure Xi Jinping has already sent a letter demanding that they scan Chinese iPhones for any Falun Gong or Tianenmen Square images. Nice going, Apple.


"Apple wants to take a look at your pictures:"

A private company finding a new way to collaborate with the police state. What could possibly go wrong?

Your periodic reminder that when it comes to mass surveillance of the public, fascism beats communism every time.


Not picked up by the Stranger Slog: Couple attacked, man killed while retrieving stolen items from Seattle homeless encampment


@7: Whether it's "fascist or communist" seems antiquated for the present globe, it's about authoritarianism and the winner goes to China.


@3 - Well, that's settled! (Sorry.)


I'm sure your coworkers have a rock hard boners over the police shooting. Hopefully it turns out to be justified, which I'm sure it will.


@11 - Moi?
I don't have any coworkers. Haven't had for 10 years now. When I did, it was not Seattle PD, which seems to me to have a particularly noxious "subculture" even among LE agencies. No other agency, including ones much bigger than Seattle and much closer to DC had 6 (known) officers present there. I believe 2 or 3 was the most elsewhere and only in a couple of places.

Yeah, Seattle PD is, uh...unique.


Two of them just got shitcanned.


3 - More details:


@12, I suspect in the case of the Seattle area and Western Washington, you may be hard pressed to find qualified people for the SPD outside of the high tech professional class that the area caters to who aren't sympathetic to or aren't in league with a more right wing authoritarian MAGA mindset. You think that maybe if it set up recruitment tables at Kings Hardware or Quinn's Pub, that the SPD would get more enlightened candidates?


I had a cop help me out in a pinch in Colorado. On the way into town he tells me one of the places he wanted to work was Seattle when he was shopping around after the Academy. But he got hired and was on the job in Boulder before SPD ever got back to him four months later. Can't hired the decent ones if they don't hear back from you.


China - Communist? Fascist? The good news is you don't have to pick just one.


@8 Not picked up by the stranger because it can't possibly be true, right? People in homeless camps, I mean our unhoused neighbors or beloved neighbors that are experiencing homelessness, are all just hard working, decent people with good ethics and morals that are just down on their luck. There is no chance at all that the homeless are drug addicted, violent ex-cons whose anti-social, self-destructive behavior is 100% responsible for the situation they are in.


@20 lebensraum



Would it help your Dunning-Krueger narrative to know it was the couple who killed a homeless person?

But, hey, nice try with dehumanizing the homeless, because, as everyone knows, ONLY the homeless are "drug addicted violent ex-cons (with) anti-social, self-destructive behavior". I mean, you NEVER see that sort of behavior among the likes of people with homes, now do you?


@3 DOUG: I hope all six SPD officers (not just two--grow some balls, Diaz!) get shit-canned for willfully participating in an attempted coup ordered by Trump to violently overthrow a free, fair, and just general election.
It's time for Washington AG SuperBob Ferguson to call, "Checkmate".
May Trump and its lackeys all get permanently butt-fucked in federal prison, and SPD Officers Scotty Bach, Jacob Briskey, Alexander Everett, Jason Marchione, Caitlin Rochelle, and Michael Settle all fired without pensions.


@10 & @12 Morty: Happy retirement. You must be shaking your head over these six SPD officers facing trial for their part in the January 6th insurrection at the Washington D.C. Capitol Building.