I love.
I love. JK
I saw this beauty last night at Pioneer Art Walk and it’s for sale at Greg Kucera Gallery's ArtREsource Lives Again sale, located in a former artist studio space adjoining the gallery. The Shunga "Bento Box" woodblock print from c. 1900 could be yours for the price of $400. The ArtREsource sale is full of works from Kucera's personal collection that he's selling in preparation for his move to France later this year. I'll have more on the art walk later today, but let these other erotic prints at the sale whet your appetite until then.

Sorry this is off center.
Sorry this is off center. JK
Woman masturbating with pestle by Eisho, 1830's
Color woodblock

Double your trouble!
Double your trouble! JK
Man licking fingers with man/Two men kissing with woman by Kitagawa Utamaro, 1790s
One color woodblock

I love Roger Shimomura.
I love Roger Shimomura. JK
"Seven Views of a Japanese Restaurant #6" by Roger Shimomura, 1979

Its more subtle, but no less erotic to me.
It's more subtle, but no less erotic to me. JK
"Perseus & Head of Medusa" by Mike Spafford, 1994


Its beautiful!
It's beautiful! JK
Deborah Bright's The Passionate Camera: Photography and Bodies of Desire is mine, but there are other books and monographs on erotic (and non-erotic) subjects for great prices. Spice up your coffee table game!

More soon. Sorry, Mom!